Michigan to Give LED-Light Up Bracelets Away to Fans on Saturday

By DJ Byrnes on September 6, 2013 at 9:30a

Donuts apparently aren't enough of a lure to get Michigan folks to attend their football games. Michigan will be giving away LED-light up bracelets to fans upon entering Michigan Stadium for their game against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Is there anything more hokey than give-aways to fans in order to achieve some uniform look within the stadium? At first, I was baffled by Michigan giving away things that are trademarks of raves, but then I remembered the alcohol-and-weed fiesta some Michigan students tried to throw earlier this year (they were arrested) and it all made sense. 

Regardless, it's amusing to watch what depths Michigan will plunge in order to create some sort of atmosphere in their industrial warehouse of a college football stadium.

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cjmgobucks's picture

Raves are packed with hallucinating idiots.  scum games are packed with delusional idiots.  Sounds like splitting hairs to me.  Same same...

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I read on another board that TTUN will be giving away free Molly on 30 Nov to help keep fans happy during the annual beat down by Ohio State.

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If our offense plays like they are today against SDSU they might need to pass out something even stronger lol.
They are all already as delusional as somebody in the midst of a crack binge...

cajunbuckeye's picture

Psychedelic donuts?

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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1. Going to look like someone dropped a glowstick in a giant toilet bowl from the Goodyear Blimp
2. Nothing wrong with the occasional "Alcohol & Weed fiesta" !!
3. BOSS: "Michael, can you step into my office?"
INTERN: "Sure, what's up boss?"
BOSS: "I need you to order 110,000 glowsticks and I need them by Saturday, mmmmmkay?"

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Rave bracelets, 12-0 rings for fictional championships, blah blah blah.  Can Michigan just play OSU now so both fanbases have something meaningful to ridicule each other over?  I can't wait another 80-some days for The Game already.

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26-21 meaningful enough for you? :D

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Yes (grumble grumble)....

60% of the time it works.....every time

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Hey - they were totally legitimate winners of the Leaders Division! Dammit. 
Also, can someone tell me what the key rattling thing is about up there?

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I never liked it, but the idea behind the keys is that you rattle them right before....wait for it...a "key play". I always liked the marshmallow tossing tradition much better.

60% of the time it works.....every time

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They're free with each September Heisman ballot. 

Hello_Heisman's picture

Think I saw Braxton Miller's name on the ballot this year, now that you mention it.
By the way, why do you guys always accuse Denard of being a 3-time September Heisman winner?  I've got him down as a 2-time winner at most (2010 and maybe 2011).  Last September was pretty horrendous for him against Alabama and Notre Dame.  The clear September Heisman winner for 2012 was Geno Smith.

60% of the time it works.....every time

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I think they're getting Denard confused with Tate (from 2009). So three years, but 2009-2011. I remember him having possibly more hype that year than Denard had the next two. I know that's difficult to quantify, but the Force(-ier) was strong with that one.
Taters gonna Tate!

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This comment is severely under-rec'd.

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How in the world can donuts and bracelets be inspirational? "Come on guys. We've got to win this for the fans. Did you see all the bracelets and donuts out there?" TTUN is cheesier than the state of Wisconsin.

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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when you go 8-5 gotta be creative to get the attendance numbers up

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I'm afraid this may draw attention away from their fluorescent "maize" pants.

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Am I the only one who thinks this would look great in the shoe.  Instead of "striping" the shoe and not having most fans in the correct color give the lights that are the correct color.  

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I understand the hate, but I disagree with most of the comments.  This could be great exposure for scUM.  Does anyone remember the first white-out at Penn State?  That was pretty cool looking and I bet recruits thought so too. 
I don't know how the bracelets will look considering the stadium will be lit up, it could be a flop or it could look absolutely awesome.  If it does look good, the result of the game doesn't matter but you can guarantee they will get a lot of publicity with highlights shown everywhere.

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I'm hoping the lights are turned off during the MMB's "Beyonce" performance.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

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I'd be more interested in turning off the audio, during a "Beyonce" performance.
For any of the Buckeye faithful who think that this sort of promotion is needed (!?) to put patrons into otherwise empty seats, get real.  Scalpers have been getting anywhere from $750 to $100 per ticket.  There will be something like 114,000 people in the Big House.  Numbers that nobody else in college football can touch.

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Size doesn't always matter.

Sofa Kingdom's picture

I'll take quality over quantity...

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On seats where you can only put one butt cheek.  What a huge mistake of a stadium.  I haven't been there since the remodel, but from the outside it looks like a minor league baseball stadium and on the inside it's the perfect place for a terrorist attack.  Takes forever to get out of there.  The Big Outhouse.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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I was at that PSU/OSU game, and was appalled at the fan reaction after the final whistle.  We had beers thrown at us, waters dumped on us, and had to basically fight our way to our friend (a PSU student from our home town)'s dorm room.  Awful experience.  I have rooted against and despised PSU ever since.  

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in their industrial warehouse of a college football stadium.

^This. Lol.


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Sweet mother of Sandusky, if Michigan Stadium is "industrial," what the heck is Penn State?

Penn State:

And one of the best-ever photos of Ohio Stadium:


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Agreed, M Man.  Beaver Stadium has to be one of the ugliest scrapheaps in all of major collegiate athletics.  I actually realy like the red brick motif outside of the Big House, I think it's quite eye-catching.  I wish that the 'Shoe's exterior would've been better preserved when the upper seats were added, but c'est la vie.  At least the arches were maintained.

M Man's picture

You responded before I could make one edit, in which I wanted to point out that I had no cause to rag on Ohio Stadium.  (I found that 2006 picture of the 'Shoe with our equipment truck parked outside by complete accident.) The Ohio Stadium Rotunda is one of the great, thrilling elevation views in all of college football:

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That is a great shot.  I love the way that it looks like the storm clouds are gathering overhead.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Great photo!

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Beaver is bad, but it isn't Neyland bad...that's hillbilly engineering at at it's finest.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Even M*chigan trucks are ugly. :/

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I absolutely cannot wait until some numbskull throws one of these onto the field.

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woah...that could be a sh*t storm

M Man's picture

It might be a Numb Skull Session.

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i hate that i must root for michigan against the irish. at least the michchicken team is in the big 10! irish think they are to good to be in a league....wipe off the crap on the end of your noses.....


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Yeah, because drugs and alcohol are nonexistent at OSU

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Is there anything more hokey than give-aways

I see what you did there. Well done my friend, well done.

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You mean the yellow pom-poms are now out of style?

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No matter what they give away, missagain still sucks!

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it was cheaper than giving away donuts. Hoke decided he wanted them all

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It's cool if they want to do this a keep sake from the game for there fans is a descent way to reach out and show appreciation. But they sell out every game they don't need to do this they want to and thats cool. It does seem hokey a little bit but why do we care what they do up there anyways.

Buckeytrips's picture

and here I thought the key thing was that the students wanted the future valets in the blue uniforms to get their cars for them.

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Honestly as much money us fans pay to watch a game they should give us all free stuff at every stadium. I still have a few white towels they gave out years ago. I'm not sure I would want a bracelet. But when your helmet is a maxi pad with wings I guess a bracelet is fitting. 

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