Clemson Edges UGA

September 1, 2013 at 8:23a    by Johnny Ginter    

I really, really like Tajh Boyd and think he's essentially Troy Smith 2.0, but to be fair, the real star of this game came from the losing side.

Todd Gurley had an excellent season in 2012, and started 2013 with a bang by racking up 154 yards on only 12 carries. QB Aaron Murray also threw for over 300 yards in a losing effort, so the concern for the Bulldogs will not be their offense. They have plenty of weapons, and it looks like Richt is figuring out how to use them.

Their defense however might need some work. Clemson repeatedly was able to extend drives on 3rd down, and found success running right at the Georgia d-line. I don't think Ohio State would've matched up well with either of these teams last night, but Georgia is going to have a terrible horrible no good very bad time in the SEC this season if they can't straighten their defense out.



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I was rooting for Clemson not only because I hate the SEC, but my neighbor is a huge Clemson fan and was at the game (his dad was an alumni). Obviously ESPN was showing a ton of SEC coverage (and at the end of the LSU/TCU game, one announcer even said 'Well, the SEC took care of the Big 12 tonight' or something like that). But with Georgia, Mississippi State, and Kentucky all going down, Alabama only mustering 208 yards of offense (their least since 2008) against the Fighting Beamers, and the Money Badger Johnny Foosball celebrating w/ autograph and money-in-the-hand mimics, I was pleased with this weekend. 

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Agreed on OSU. Fairly certain we would have lost to either of the teams yesterday.

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Indeed, especially against Gurley...Not sure we'd be able to handle an RB like that, at least for a while until we iron some things out in the front 7.

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I would agree that Boyd didn't play his best game, but he played very well.  His wide receivers dropped many balls yesterday and he had to throw the ball away on a few occasions because Georgia had very good pressure.  In my opinion he basically won the game for Clemson.  He consistently put the ball in a position to be caught, and he picked up some tough yards rushing, including two touchdowns and the key first down at the end of the game to seal the victory.  If Gurley wasn't hurt earlier in the game though, it may have been a different story.  They couldn't stop him all night.  It seemed like every time he touched the ball he was running for daylight.  His second touchdown run was a thing of beauty, but then again Clemson's poor tackling did help.  It was a great game.

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I can't say OSU would've lost to both these teams like y'all can. Different team, different mind set, different game plan, different crowd hostility. All of which can DRAMATICALLY change the outcome of a game.

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This was a great game. Always good to see the SEC lose.

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" no non SEC team has beaten two top 10 SEC teams in consecutive games "
I keep on hearing this and think that it is one of the most dumb fact/stats I have heard. The same can probably be said about all other conferences because.
What team normally plays consecutive games versus teams from the same conference, and if they have it is doubtful that both teams were in the top 10. So the oppurtunity for a non SEC to even be in the position to play two consecutive games versus SEC teams is very rare. The only school that I know who normally plays consecutive games versus teams from the same conference is ND. 

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Never mind the fact that Georgia is #5 in the preseason poll.  Totally irrelevant considering they hadn't played one game yet this season.  Good chance Georgia has 3 loses by the end of September.  Could be very similar to that preseason hype top ten ranking Ole Miss was given a few years ago.  So, totally agree with 3CENT a dumba$$ stat.

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I love how on the preseason predictions some of the talking heads had Georgia in the BCS championship game.  Not with the defense I saw last night.

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This was the best game of the weekend by a country mile. Really enjoy watching Clemson play and there loss to a completely inferior team would be a lot more heart-rending if they weren't trying to compete against Ohio State for a spot in the national title game.

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I agree completely. That game and atmosphere was unbelievable last night. I would be rooting for Clemson if this was next year and we didn't have to finish in the top 2.

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Aaron Murray may be on his way to a Matt Barkley kind of mistake. 

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Wow. The meltdown from losing the game is amazing. A UGA fan calls into a radio station crying and exclaiming their season is over with SCAR up next. And now they want to fire Mark Richt, whom I believe is a damn good coach. 
Also what's up with UGA faking injuries...

Other then that, great game by Clemson. They sure do look like a national contender. 

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The 'fake' injury was also apparent in the Cal v NW game last night. Although a couple were the real deal, a few were obviously to slow down the offense & get the D a breather
since we play both, interesting to see if either does it to us. 

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Looks like WR Malcomb Mitchell is out for year. Hurt his knee in celebrating UGA's opening touchdown. 

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The atmosphere looked incredible there. I can definitely see why they are recruiting so well 

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Todd Gurley Is my favorite RB. He reminds me a lot of Trent Richardson. And although I feel they can be much over-hyped, I'm not exactly an SEC hater, so I loved Trent even before the Browns got him.

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Well being that I was there last night, I figured I should weigh in on this.  The atmosphere was amazing and I was thoroughly impressed with how loud it got in there.  It was deafening for most of the game.  I'll admit I have not been to a night game in the Shoe, but Death Valley has to rival how load it can get in the Shoe.  
I completely agree with the Troy Smith comparison.  I thought that when we were recruiting him out of high school.  I thought that Boyd was very resilient in doing what was needed in securing the victory.  
Gurley was an absolute beast. It seemed like every time he touched the ball he was getting at least a couple of yards.  In the stands injuries don't get announced,  so we were joking that he was still catching he breath after that 75 yard TD run.  

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Boyd was impressive. This has no bearing on anything but I thought he looks a little like Tyler Perry.

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I don't understand why some are writing Georgia off. If they win out, they're going to be in the national title game.

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Not if there are two undefeated BCS conference teams out there.

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If one of them happens to be Louisville, Georgia is jumping them.

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Clemson worries me more as a recruiting rival than a potential NCG matchup. Wins like this, under the lights, are the kind that get kids to take the plunge, like Nebraska for us last year. Was thinking about Raekwon McMillan while watching this game.

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word on the street is that Chad Morris got 30 phone calls from recruits after the game telling him that Clemson is in their top 3.  
Whether or not anything comes of that is yet to be seen but I agree with you because Clemson is a Southern school that does it the right way.