Ohio State's 40-20 Win Over Buffalo in GIFs

By 11W Staff on August 31, 2013 at 6:23p

It wasn't always pretty, but Ohio State did score some style points in their 40-20 win over Buffalo to open the 2013 season.


Braxton Miller and Devin Smith got the party started early, hooking up for a 47-yard touchdown 4:20 into the game. Smith now has 11 career touchdowns, averaging 40 yards per score.

Here's another look. Expect to see these two hook up often this year.

Ohio State converted a two-point conversion to take a quick 8-0 lead, with Kenny Guiton taking it in.

Poor Drew Basil.

Dontre Wilson's first touch as a Buckeye. So close to taking it to the house.

Miller found Chris Fields at 7:05 of the first quarter to put Ohio State up 15-0. The Buckeyes were good on another two-point conversion to take a quick 16-0 lead.

Jordan Hall goes 49 yards untouched to give the Buckeyes a 23-0 first quarter lead.

Ron Tanner with his first career interception early in the second quarter.

Dontre Wilson in a quintessential freshman moment, coughing the ball up. To Urban Meyer's credit, he put Wilson right back into the game.

Khalil Mack is a beast. Here he is stepping into a screen for Wilson and then outrunning Wilson and Miller – both burners – 45 yards for a pick-six. Mack finished the day with 9 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 2.5 TFLs, 1 INT and 1 TD. Good luck with him, MAC.

Wilson's first kick return as a Buckeye – good for 52 yards.

Jordan Hall's second touchdown of the afternoon, good for 37 yards. Hall finished with a career-high 159 yards and two scores on 21 carries.

And finally, smooth jazz as Kenny Guiton comes on to relieve Braxton Miller and finds Chris Fields for a 21-yard touchdown.


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SilverState's picture

Can't wait to see more of Dontre.

kalabuckzoo's picture

He's got to be on the field in situations where he doesn't get the ball though.  Every time he entered it was clear it was a package play designed for him.  hence the pick 6.

HotSauceCommittee's picture

I agree, if it wasn't every time it was every time but one. He was the slipperiest player on the field today. 

d5k's picture

I disagree, the pick six was simply Khalil Mack reacting and sprawling like an olympic wrestler when Mewhort tried to cut him, then getting hit in the chest with the ball, not guessing that the screen was coming.  Mack is a stud, seemingly can play any linebacker position from 4-3 MLB to 3-4 OLB.  Beyond impressed with his combination of skill and athletic ability.  McShay's comparison to Clay Matthews is spot on.

kalabuckzoo's picture

no way.  i watched that replay over and over.  he knew where that ball was going.  he did not engage the line to get pressure he was actually stepping backwards away from the block, which is why the cut block didn't work.  mack's body was already moving back towards the line of scrimmage before braxton makes the throw.  and yes, that dude was amazing, all over the place.

741's picture

I was sampling the new stadium concessions and missed Dontre Wilson's fumble... all I saw was the magic! Our new Teddy Ginn right there I think. GO BUCKS.

Lomar's picture

Jordan Hall is living up to his bidding.  The amount of optionality Herman will have on play calling with Hyde back and Hall also in the backfield is just crazy.  The good kind of crazy.

InHartWeTrust's picture

Plus Smith back...his options are insane.
Hall, Hyde, Smith, Wilson, Ball, Dunn, EzE.

Crimson's picture

For a first game, I'd say that we should all be very, very excited about Dontre Wilson.  Yippie!

lamplighter's picture

What, me worry?  Little nervous about the D - can't wait until the others are back. 

hspbuy1's picture

This team, hitting on all cylinders, is gonna be great to watch!


oregonianbuckeye's picture

Great work here. Thanks!

jlsohio's picture

You have to win the first one to win them all. A win is a win. Bring on San Diego State. Good game Hall.

IBleedSandG's picture

Dontre is gonna be such a weapon this year. His combination of speed and wiggle is pretty damn impressive. The fumble sucked but he is a true freshman. Besides Hall, the offense was pretty meh after the scorching start.
I think the O really missed Lindsley after they took him out.
The defense was pretty underwhelming as well. Just didn't seem like anyone really made any big plays. Spence flashed a few times, and it looked like C. Grant was around the ball a lot. Armani looked more like Kenneth Cole out there. Thank God we can throw an All American back in the line-up next week.
Will be looking forward to Rod Smith's return as well.
I expect a much better effort vs SDSt.


nm_buck's picture

Good assessment. 
Gotta hand it to Buffalo... they came in fired up and played a great game.  The MAC better look out this year. 
Guiton came in, as usual, and looked like he was a starter.  Love that guy. 
First time I've ever seen a team go with the direct snap on the offset formation... they got the look they wanted and all blocks were made.
Every receiver in the lineup got balls thrown at them.  Braxton was making his progressions despite that pesky Mack being in his face all day.  He's made huge strides in seeing the entire field.
Looking forward to seeing Wilson mature.  Glad to see Meyer get him right back in the game after the fumble... wonder if Tress would have done the same.
I'd say of all units, our lines on both sides of the ball looked not quite prepared for Buffalo.  They'll get better.  In spite of a few disappointments there's a lot of good things to take away from this game.  Bring on SDSU.

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

will0327's picture

You see the cuts Dontre was making ......WOW those are "i can take 5 yard hitch and turn it into 6" type of cuts and speed scary


Mirror Lake Jump's picture

Can't believe Dontre got tripped up on his first play. Thought he was going yard.

4thandinches's picture

In the first gif it looks like Braxton may not give the ball to Hall. But Hall just seems to say, "you are not going to read this read wrong" and stole the ball from him.  

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

Brohio_born's picture

I don't mean to continue the Dontre train, but wow. In my opinion he makes this good offense into a great offense if he can be on the field for more then a handful of plays. Once he is established I think defenses will be forced to adjust to him which will open up everyone else. There is no reason he shouldn't have stats on par with De'Anthony Thomas.