Preview: Buffalo at No. 2 Ohio State

By Kyle Rowland on August 30, 2013 at 9:15a
The chase begins...
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College football’s season openers differ drastically from other sports. When the Major League Baseball season begins and the NFL kicks off, every team has hopes of winning a championship. It isn’t like that in college football. Teams across the country might have expectations for a winning season, but not everyone is thinking national title.

Case in point: Buffalo, Ohio State’s opponent on Saturday. The Bulls have struggled since Turner Gill left after leading the program to a MAC title five years ago. Jeff Quinn has them on the upswing, but all goals stop at winning the MAC East. Saturday’s game will have no bearing on that.

For Buffalo, it’s collect a hefty paycheck, don’t have any injuries and don’t embarrass yourself.

“It’s almost like it’s a sense of urgency,” said senior wide receiver Alex Neutz. “It’s a sense that this is a bowl game or bust kind of season. The only way to cap off my career is a MAC Championship and a bowl game. I think we’ve all set this in and it’s the only thing that’s going to satisfy us.”

The scenario in Columbus is far different. A trip to even the Rose Bowl – for the Rose Bowl Game, not the national title – would be viewed as a letdown. Everything is on the Buckeyes’ side to make a national championship run.

Step 1 is Buffalo.

Opponent Breakdown

The outlook for Buffalo begins on defense, where it not only has the services of a possible first-round draft pick in linebacker Khalil Mack, but also 10 players who have started. Still, Mack is where the opposing game preparation begins.

He was a tour de force for the Bulls last season, finishing with 94 tackles, including 21 for loss and eight sacks. He’s never failed to have at least 14 tackles for loss in a season and is credited with 11 forced fumbles. He’s a one-man wrecking crew much like Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan, who almost singlehandedly beat Ohio State in 2009.

“They have one of the best linebackers [in the country],” said Meyer, referencing Mack. “He’s No. 2 on the board as far as the NFL Draft. No. 46, tremendous player.”

Mack was lightly recruited because he only played one year of high school football, so he accepted his lone scholarship offer. Now he’s a Butkus Award candidate and a lesson for coaches that taking a chance can pay off in a big way.

Khalil Mack is the truth

“The attention he gets is great for the program,” Quinn said. “Allow your play on the field to speak to the scouts. He’s a great teammate, the kind of guy who makes others better.”

The linebackers playing alongside him – Lee Skinner and Blake Bean – have no choice but to improve. The focus on Mack means they need to be sharp.

Buffalo defensive coordinator Lou Tepper is a familiar name and face to Ohio State fans. He spent nine years at Illinois, including six as head coach. Tepper’s last trip to Ohio Stadium resulted in Eddie George’s career day of 314 rushing yards.

The Bulls use a unique 3-3 base defense, one of just three FBS schools that use the formation. In Tepper’s first season last year, it wasn’t until the midpoint that the defense started feeling comfortable with the schemes. They would end the year with the MAC’s second-best defense overall and against the pass.

“Not that our scheme’s better than anybody else’s, I don’t mean that, but it’s a little like getting ready for the wishbone,” Tepper said. “If you’ve got five days to do it, we gain an advantage.”

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller said Wednesday that he wants to throw the ball as much as possible Saturday. That could prove difficult due to Najja Johnson and Cortney Lester in the defensive backfield. The duo makes up the top tandem in the MAC. They finished 1-2 in interceptions in 2012.

Where Buffalo has a noticeable weakness is on the defensive line. Defensive end Colby Way is the only returning starter, though lineman Kristjan Sokoli has reportedly been a surprise player during fall camp.

The Bulls return every skill position starter on offense and quarterbacks Joe Licata and Alex Zordich. Neutz had 1,000 yards receiving last year and running back Branden Oliver rushed for more than 800 yards, despite missing five games. Oliver averaged 5.5 yards per carry, while backup Devin Campbell was no slouch, rattling off 4.4 yards per carry. He’s a versatile weapon as a pass-catching threat. 

Licata will be the starter at quarterback after taking over for Zordich near the end of 2012. Quinn was much happier with how Licata controlled the offense. The evidence was in his record as a starter, 3-1. Don’t be shocked if Buffalo flashes the pistol formation.

On special teams, the Bulls have a pair of Central Ohio cousins in Tyler Grassman and long snapper Corbin Grassman. They’ll have some pressure on them this season as the Bulls finished near the bottom of the country in net-punting in 2012. But the main concern there is the coverage unit.

“That team last year saw a way to win some key games, but this year’s team needs to learn how to win a championship,” Quinn said. “And that’s the mind-set of those players in there.”

Buckeye Breakdown

Offense, offense, offense. That’s the name of the game these days. It’s no different in Columbus. But Urban Meyer is eyeing improved play from the Ohio State defense as a main factor in the team’s success in 2013.

It used to be a given that the Buckeyes would roll out 11 starters, some new, and the unit would continue to put up gaudy statistics, placing them among the best in the country. The last two years have resulted in a far different picture. In last year’s undefeated season, Ohio State surrendered 23 points and 359 yards a game.

“One thing about the Ohio State defense, for a decade there, it was about as good a defense as there was in America,” Meyer said. “For the last two years, it hasn't been that way. So I’m anxious to get it back there to the Ohio State level.”

SPEED FOR DAYSWilson is hoping for a fast start.

In November, the Silver Bullets ranked as the second-best unit in the country. The hope is the foundation has been laid and improving upon that will follow. There are seven starters missing from that group, though, including a handful of leaders that carried the team through adversity.

Youth and inexperience dot the depth chart, but the coaches remain confident in the finished product. The defensive line has become a strength with Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence reeking havoc on the ends. Linebacker Ryan Shazier is one of the top defenders in all of college football, although the guys beside him are shall we say green. The secondary, along with the offensive line, is the most veteran group on the team.

Even with John Simon, Zach Boren, Etienne Sabino and Johnathan Hankins cashing NFL paychecks – some larger than others – the defense is pegged to be improved.

“I’m very comfortable with who they are as people and the way they practice,” Meyer said. “However, there is nothing to gauge it upon other than practice.”

That’s why the jury is still deliberating.

One crack in the armor came in practice this week, with backup defensive lineman Tommy Schutt going down with a broken foot. It caused moments of panic for Meyer and the defensive staff. That is until Chase Farris came to save the day, performing at such a high level in one practice that it settled nerves and reestablished depth on the D-line.

“The game is won up front, whether it’s offensive line or defensive line,” said defensive coordinator Luke Fickell. “We’ve got eight or so guys who can roll in there and we’ve got some young guys with incredible talent. We’re going to put some heat on those guys as well. I can assure you this – these guys are going to rely on each other and have faith in each other.”

With doubts about the linebackers, the quality of defensive line play could ease the pressure. On Monday, Meyer said it’s the one area Ohio State is trying to solidify.

“We want to be an aggressive defense,” he said. “So we’re playing some more man coverage than we did a year ago because I think we have the personnel to do that - just more aggressive.”

The dime formation will mean one less linebacker on the field – Curtis Grant in favor of Josh Perry. It puts the onus on sophomore Armani Reeves, who will be starting his first career game in place of the suspended Bradley Roby. With five and six defensive backs on the field – the brainchild of Everett Withers – the objective is to overtake opponents with athleticism, speed and ferociousness.

“I think we’re going to be a faster defense and hopefully more aggressive,” Meyer said. “Last year we started the season as a bend-but-don't-break defense, where it seemed we were always on our heels. That’s not the kind of defense that anyone wants.”

How it Plays Out


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The theme of the game will be Ohio State’s offense. Braxton Miller will be running and throwing with successful results. The running backs will get their share of yards, as well. Buffalo’s defense should be stingy in the MAC, but not against one of the top teams in the country.

You can bet with Urban Meyer firing a warning that slow starts aren’t acceptable this season that the team will heed that message.

Miller will draw attention from fans – everyone wants to see the improvement with their own eyes. But Dontre Wilson and the defensive line will steal the show. Much like Maurice Clarett did in 2002, Wilson has the potential to set the tone in his first career game.

It’s not entirely unrealistic for Wilson to get 10 touches. That means 100 total yards is within the realm of possibility. If he nears or eclipses the century mark, expect the hype to reverberate with a mighty cheer.

Adolphus Washington, Noah Spence and the rest of the rebuilt D-line also have the ability to send notice to the rest of the country that the Silver Bullets are back.



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BuckeyeSki's picture

I've been waiting for this article since November 2012. Right after I bought my 12-OH shirt as Hyde bled the clock. FOOTBAW!!!!

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Merry Buckeye Football Eve everyone!!!

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And a Happy Urbsmas to you and yours!

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I find myself Wanting, i find myself wanting so much!  F Michigan and bring on The National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes!!!!!!

Michigan Sucks!

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I think you just need to get the ball in Wilson's hands and try to let him build some confidence, a la Michigan lock Laquan Treadwell last night. I'm just praying we don't have a slow start. We have played down to these teams in the past, that is no longer acceptable

vitaminB's picture

I spent 30 minutes last night looking up Dontre Wilson highlights.  Can't wait to see him.

Buckeye06's picture

Awesome to have the previews back and even more amazing to have the foozball back tomorrow
One question: will you be bringing bloggers from our opponents in this season like you did last year?  Those are some of my favorite pieces of the year

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Oh. My. Football is here. Yay!

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Cant wait to see Wilson play!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!


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That Number 1 jersey is a nice buy this year get Roby and Wilson, 10 isnt bad either

Michigan Sucks!

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Can't wait to see this offense!

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It's finally here - the Eve of College Football
Sorry boss, I won't be doing.... well, pretty much anything today!
Step one in the Chase towards 26-0 starts tomorrow at high noon in the 'Shoe!!!
...I may not be able to sleep tonight...

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It's going to be a blood bath.

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Bison burgers and buffalo skin rugs for the first 200 ticket holders

There can be only one

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Ladies and Gentlemen... You may commence with final countdown!!!

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I have a feeling the offense may still sputter in the first half..just a weird defense. Braxton needs to be patient and take the short stuff. The Bulls will do everything they can to prevent the big play so it may be just hammering at them for the entire first half. It wouldn't suprise me if special teams get's two scores. I love hearing Urban state that nobody want's the 'bend but don't break 'defense. I think that's what Luke was basically taught and what he goes with

droessl's picture

With Buffalo using a 3-3 defense, would it be possible that our OL can drive to the LBs quicker and make for more 7-8 yard carries where they might be 4-5 yarders against more traditional defenses? 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Buffalo was 55th in rushing defense last year, while not exactly playing a bunch of awesome running teams. And with Buffalo playing a 3-3 "stack," with the DTs in tight, and/or 5-4, and constantly shifting around, I feel the Buckeyes' power run game should be able to feast on the Bison's defense on the edges. Especially when they're running to the opposite side of Mack, guys like Dunn and Ball should do a lot of damage against this type of defense.  

81Alum's picture

Buckeye Football is back! The anticipation for the season is finally over - It's been a long off season. Can't wait to see the improvement in Braxton and the receivers, and Washington, Spence, and Shazier toying with wreaking havoc with opposing offenses.

Bigbutterbuckeye's picture

As much as I both expect and desire to see a gaudy performance from the offense, establishing that everything is alright in Silver Bullet land would really make me happy.

ESPN starting the SEC channel to concentrate on the SEC is like Baskin-Robbins starting a new store to concentrate on selling ice cream.

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So pumped!! It's almost here. 
I want to see the defense make their offense tap out. I think on offense we are fine. It's the d I want to see. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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I always forget how much I miss these when the first one comes out for the new season.
Is it 5 o'clock yet? I've got to get out of work and get ready for the game already!


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The downside of working 12 hour 3rd shifts on the weekends is that I am suppose to sleep during the day. I guess for the next 12 weeks I will be going to work completely exhausted and/or slightly hungover.

InHartWeTrust's picture

3-3 front bodes well against the standard up the middle read Urban loves, but with the two big RB's out, I expect lots of edge running...and big gains.  I think we will have a big day on the ground, allowing Braxton adequate set ups to burn them with the deep ball.
The two things I am most excited about, in order, are seeing Wilson in action, and seeing how the DL and Grant/Perry perform.  O-H!!

DannyBeane's picture

I can see Hall and Wilson carving up their defense like a Thanksgiving turkey.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

56-10? I hope they do hit that pick of yours.  But if the Buckeyes don't match that prediction, then what? Will it be a catastrophe if they win only by, say, 35-10? Or even worse, Buffalo scores more than 10, say 14 or 17? Just sayin.... I don't want the fans out there to get too excited about the team and its potential for greatness until the game is played out.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Fair enough, but you don't make a prediction with the intent of keeping the readers from getting too excited. You predict what you think will be the "median" scores for the two teams. In this case, Ohio State 52, Buffalo 14.

rhutchjr's picture

All this first game stuff is cool but means nothing. There is only one thing that counts, and I heard its possibly that it could happen twice this year(?), I just want to BEAT MEAT-CHICKEN no matter how many times we face them! (then Alabama).

Toledo, a good place to be FROM

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Not sure why, but this is probably the most excited I have been for the Buckeyes to start the season.

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

This dude that sits by me just walked by and said "don't be surprised when Buffalo destroys you guys...then San Diego State the next weekend."  Then proceeded to brag about how USC "spanked" the Rainbow Warriors.  I politely told him that was something that wasn't something one dude should say to another dude, totally ignoring his comments about buffalo and SDSU...

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I am anticipating this football season more than any other, simply because I have the opportunity to share this one with the 11W family since joining in January.

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I can't believe it's only 3 hours and 15 minutes until kickoff! Happy Buckeye Day everybody!!!