Webb, Knox, Samuel, Holmes and Booker Appear on Updated Rivals100 List

August 19, 2013 at 12:16p    by Jason Priestas    
Damon Webb checks in at No. 32 on the updated Rivals100

When the last Rivals100 came out in late May, only one member of Ohio State's class, cornerback Damon Webb, made the list, checking in at No. 35. With an update to the list today, Webb is joined by four future teammates, each of whome decided to commit to Ohio State during the summer.

Webb jumped three spots to No. 32, and is joined by guard Demetrius Knox (35), athlete Curtis Samuel (44), defensive end Jalyn Holmes (50) and linebacker Dante Booker (71).  Knox moved up 52 spots from No. 87 to earn his spot at the top guard in the nation according to Rivals, narrowly edging out California-native and Buckeye target, Damien Mama.

Two other Buckeye commitments, Dante Booker and recent pledgee Curtis Samuel, each made big moves of their own. Booker jumped 37 slots to No. 71 in the Rivals100 and Samuel moved up a whopping 72 places to enter the top 100 at No. 44. The Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, N.Y.) speedburner has impressed each and every place he's been this summer, Ohio State identified that early and made their play, which is likely why Samuel is now an Ohio State commit.

"Samuel is very explosive, and he's a guy who turns the corner very quickly so he can make players with the angle on him look slow," Rivals.com lead analyst Mike Farrell wrote. "He's sure-handed, he is good in space, and he's a threat to go the distance on every play." 

Alabama led all teams with eight players on the list, while Texas matched Ohio State's five for second place. Michigan has two recruits on the list. The Buckeyes have a very good chance to make more noise on this list as they are in excellent shape with No. 11 Damian Prince, No. 18 Raekwon McMillan, No. 24 Solomon Thomas, No. 54 Marshon Lattimore, and No. 67 Thomas Holley.



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Love it. Real good chance to add four more in Price, McMillan, Lattimore, and Holley. My guess is that all nine of these guys will be solidly in the top 50 after their senior seasons are over.

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I think we will get McMillan, Prince and maybe just maybe Lattimore. The more and more I hear it sounds like hey and Smith will go elsewhere. Maybe even the team up North. I think we need just one more Lineman(Prince) for me to feel absolute with this class. Meyer and that speed!!!!!!

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If Lattimore goes to UM, I'll eat my hat.  Omm nom nom.

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That Urban is really good at this recruiting thing

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I find it interesting that Mike Farrell mentioned the Opening as a reason for Samuel's increase, after ESPN blocked rivals staff from coverage

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Good Point.  However, I am sure they found a way to get someone in there in order to get information.  Maybe not someone employed by rivals but someone from 247 or Scout to give them the info.

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all you have to do is look at the results from the opening. Samuel ran a 4.36

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Yeah but the services are usually very reluctant to admit that they use data from other services.

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You must have an ex-girlfriend stalking you. lol

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That would mean one of would have to learn how to use a computer

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4 more names on that top 100 list that will more than likely end up good guys, pushing the total to 9.

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Love it. 
On another note, in fear of reprimand, is UM close to getting hand? Having the top two would be stinkin impressive, although I feel Hand plays like our guy Diesel.
I think Damon is gonna come in and be a baller

I like football

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It is very possible OSU ends up with 10 of the top 100 on both rivals and scout.  
It is also possible ESPN ends up with 0 OSU commits in their top 100.  

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Interesting....  ESPN RecruitingNation announced today that they are shutting down their team forums on Monday, Aug 26.


Considering all that vitriol and BS it probably makes good legal sense to pull the plug.

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Must have realized marketing written content almost exclusively to a fan base that is illiterate does not pay.  In other words SEC fans like pictures.  

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Pretty hard to argue with that, especially if you've seen the "Ducks going down" video on "Buckshots"

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I could def see Webb upped to a 5 star when the final ratings come out. He's only been playing DB for a year and he has dominated all the athletes he competes against. Wait ill he dominates over his senior season. 
Jamarco Jones will also be bumped into the top 100 of Rivals after his senior season. He had surgery and has been unable to camp much and didn't get the exposure at the camps that Rivals puts a lot of stock into over the summer. 

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Wow.  Potentially ten out of the top 100 is a first, I believe.  Hard to imagine that we would have 10% of the top talent coming in, but that is entirely possible.
Go Bucks!

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Our team is going to be an unstoppable juggernaut once we get the linebacker situation sorted out. What's that? We have potential to score on every play from any position in the field? Good luck! Oh wait? Our back field can lock down the air tighter than the Libyan no fly zone? Ouch. Our linebackers can run faster than your wide receivers/running backs? Ridiculous.
And to think the B1G has to play against us year after year. If they want to upset us they have to get better so Ohio State is unintentionally dragging the rest of the b1g up with them. To the SEC, all empires eventually collapse. Your time is coming.

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Absolutely right, Danny.
If the rest of the B1G doesn't start paying for good coaching staffs, getting rid of dead wood (goodbye Kirk Ferentz!), update facilities, etc. they will be wallowing in mediocrity for a long time.
As much as I loathe the skunk weasels, I hope they are always good, that way, beating them is that much sweeter (wasn't the '06 game amazing?)!

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Looking at "Ohio St" next to Samuel's name makes me smile.

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