Deshaun Thomas Bound for Spain

By Kyle Rowland on August 15, 2013 at 8:12a
Spanish Conquistador.

When Deshaun Thomas was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, there was speculation about whether he would play in the U.S. or Europe. The Spurs were also after Syracuse's James Southerland, who said he would not go to Europe. Thus, Thomas was drafted. And it looks like he will be playing the coming season in Spain.

Source: @BBaptistHoops

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

DT is the Junk Yard Dog.  Guy is the ultimate buckets man.
Enjoy a year or two in Espana, take in the sights of Europe and we'll see you stateside soon...

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Best of luck Tank!

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Was hoping he'd make the League, but keep at it DT! I'm rooting hard for ya! Consumate Buckeye!

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Just hope he is able to balance his family life with playing ball overseas. Good luck, Tank!

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Good Luck, DT!


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Food for thought...
Now that he's playing in Spain, do we refer to Deshaun as Tank or el Tanque?

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awesome. El Tanque for sure!

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Más puntos por favor! 

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I've never been to Spain.
But I kinda like the music.

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Say the ladies are insane there,
And they sure know how to use it...

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El Tanque esta siempre abierto!

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Think he will find a place in the NBA someday. Teams always have a roster spot for guys who can fill it up.

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Anyone read the comments from fans? Lol, needless to say they're excited

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Best of luck overseas and also enjoy the ride, beautiful country and a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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He gets BUCKETS!!!!!

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Le Tanque will actually be playing ball in France--not Spain--per the Dispatch.

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Vaya con Dios, Tank. Or adieu, whichever the case may be. Hope to see you back soon.

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Not surprising.  Thomas was a great college player, but there is no role for him in the NBA really without a lot of improvement.  The pace of the game will be problematic, he can't do anything off the dribble, and will have to develop three point range.  Matta has done a great job of stockpiling solid players at OSU, but Conley aside (who plays a premium position and is an elite athlete) he doesn't recruit NBA players.

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Matta has recruited SEVEN 1st round NBA draft choices in 8 years at Ohio State. He will have another 1st round draft choice next year.

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There just aren't any spots on a roster that went to game 7 of the finals last year.  DT tore up summer league.  His move to Europe is not a knock on his ability.