Ohio State-Louisville?

By Kyle Rowland on August 12, 2013 at 11:09a
Charlie Strong is a former Meyer assistant at Florida.

Ohio State and Louisville are close in proximity, but they haven't played since the 1992 season. That game featured a wrestler at quarterback for Louisville. 

With Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong coaching the two schools - and being the best of friends - a showdown could soon be in the offing. Rick Bozich, of WDRB in Louisville, recently spoke to Strong about the possibility

"We talk a lot," Strong said. "I have asked him to play me. I don't know if he will. I don't know if he wants to. But I'd love to."

One scenario would pit the Buckeyes and Cardinals together in a neutral site game at Paul Brown Stadium. Whether it's a home-and-home or one-off game at a neutral site, I think both fanbases can agree that they'd be in favor of a marquee matchup.

Strong said he asked Meyer for a game more than a year ago.

Said Strong, "Before we got in the ACC, I was like, ‘We need to play a big-time opponent … Urban, why don't you play us?' He said, ‘Let's think about that.' "


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FROMTHE18's picture

after Bridgewater leaves, I think Louisville will just be a good team. I think Teddy has brought an interesting dynamic to that team and I dont see this as a 'marquee matchup' in a couple years. If we are successful this season and with the return of scholarships, our recruiting classes will consistently be at the top of college football and I dont think Louisville really recruits on an elite level, relying now on transfers. If this were to happen, I think Buckeyes and by a big margin.

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This might not be a marquee matchup for us, but it should be a decent OOC game as long as Strong is there.  He has certainly elevated the profile of the team and has started pulling in some nice recruits.  I think Louisville would actually be a nice addition to our early schedule provided that it happens in the next two years before Strong moves on for a better offer.

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

I agree here.  And hell, let's sign on for a home and home.  Let them move their home portion to Cincy - or even try to make it work at their Pappa John's stadium.
I also think this would be a nice game to add while keeping a marquee match up in the early OOC games as well (ie, Va Tech, Okla, Texas, whomever you get the point). 
That would have to shut up the schedule cry babies.  I'd like to have that we'll take on any challengers to the title type image...if you're good...we don't care about the low budget squads.

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I'd be up for a home and home with Louisville. I went down to their stadium a few years back to watch them play Pitt (one of my best friends went to Pitt) and it's really not that bad. It's no Shoe by any means, but it wasn't a bad place to watch a game. Plus they serve beer. Craft beer at that. I was drinking IPA's and was pretty tanked by the end of the 3rd quarter.

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Amen to the craft beer brother!

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Whoa Buck, IPAs!?
I'm sold.
Their stadium is pretty close to Churchill Downs too. I wouldn't mind going down there, getting schwilled on bourbon, betting on some ponies, then heading to a night game there to torch some craft beers.

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Yeah, it's all pretty close. I remember we stayed at a hotel within a short walk to the stadium and for a pretty decent rate. It's not all that close to downtown, though, but cab ride wasn't awful and the bars were open down there until like 4 am as well. Granted "nothing good comes after midnight" unless throwing back some good drinks with some buddies and watching one of them chug a cup of mustard to win a $50 bar tab is considered bad...hahaha. It's a good a city so yeah, definitely would be game for that home and home.

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I see the same thing happening Fromthe18.  And you know what?  Bring it on.  It may not be that big marquee matchup in a couple of years, but it'll still be a good early season test.  Certainly beats MACtion.

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There is a pretty good shot we will play Louisville for the title this year IMO,  We have a favorable schedule, if they play like they did against Florida, I cannot see them losing a game. 

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I wouldn't mind adding them to our Non-conference schedule more often, along with WVU.  Both those schools are good, but are not usually great.  Not a knock on them, and Strong may have L'ville going into the great path.  Solide OOC game, and if we plan to win national titles need to beat good teams on the way

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It sure would beat thrashing the lower half of the MAC every year. Since fans are willing to pay top dollar to fill the shoe regardless of the pathetic opponent, we deserve better competition in the early schedules. And, I do not care that the $EC schedules the same way as justification.



I was at that 1992 game in the Shoe. Joey Galloway got hurt and we needed a late defensive stand to keep from losing. I think the final was 20-19. I'd be all for playing them.

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I like the thought of adding a school this close in distance.  We are going to have some recruiting battles with Louisville (James Quick), this might give us the edge if we can beat them in these games.  
The last time they were really good, they had a couple of quarterbacks in Brian Brohm and Stefan LeFors.  I think some  people undervalue Charlie Strong as a coach and a recruiter.  I think he is going to have them competing in the ACC as long as he is there.

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Do they play Cincy ever? They aren't challenging the Bearcats to a rivalry?

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Until they leave for the ACC, they play Cincy every year for the Keg of Nails trophy, and it's one of Cincy's biggest rivalries for football.  As of yet, they haven't announced continuing that series when they are in the ACC.

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While we are at it, can we play UK, too?


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We should do a yearly football and basketball game against them. Think of the recruiting tool Matta would have with that!

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"Oh it's already been Broughten"

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You're a cheer-tator

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I think Louisville can stay competitive as long as Strong is there. Could be an interesting matchup and a nice OOC game. I say let's do it

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The success of Louisville will ultimately depend on their success in the ACC - more exposure, expanded geographic footprint and better competition.  

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I'm all for it. Home and Home.
We play at home in the shoe.
They move their home site to Paul Brown stadium to accommodate the fan bases. Works out perfectly (and yes my thinly veiled argument to move it to PB Stadium amounts to 10k additional seats).

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The earliest we could play them is 2015 Both Bridgewater and Miller will be gone by then

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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According to Tim Brando this morning, we'll be playing Louisville on January 6th in Pasadena.  I'm sure no one on here would argue with playing then and there.  Although I think it's a bit outlandish to assume the entire SEC will have at least 2 losses and Louisville holds up, crazier things have happened. 

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Agreed, a 12-1 SEC team gets in over an undefeated Louisville team.  Regardless of what they did to Florida, the SEC King and 6 in a row has merit, and Louisville can blame only themselves for that schedule. 

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I would agree with you unless Louisville absolutely demolishes everyone

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I agree! Breaking the SEC stranglehold on the NCG has to be done on the field not at the ballot box. Take last year, if it had been ND vs Ohio State that would have been a travesty IM

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CC's picture

Actually it will be done by a computer if it happens this year.

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Blame themselves? They've tried to get elite teams on their schedule for years. 

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Let's not get into a strength of schedule war, as we don't look too good by that measuring stick.  Maybe we beat Louisville, but not whatever SEC team you're imagining.

JLBNYC's picture

Id be fine with U of L.  Not the marquee OOC game that OSU needs, but a solid one with a program that has been on the rise.  Id rather see games like that than multiple MAC games.  IMO - there shouldnt be more than one MAC game per year.  I have respect for the MAC but the national perception isnt great. Also, I think OSU is in a no-win situation with the MAC schools  = 1. beat them badly, and its simply what OSU should have done against a weak team;  2. play a tough/close game and OSU takes a hit for not doing what it was supposed to do;  3. lose, which has happened to others, and its a dark day that will be relived on highlight films for years!
I'd rather see BCS conference teams. 

Jimmy's picture

I would love to see a home and home with the Louisville home game played at Papa John's stadium.  I live and work in Louisville, so I have some selfish reasons for wanting the game played down here.  I'd love to get to a game without driving 4+ hours.

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Think this would be a good game to add to the schedule.

1967Buck's picture

  Agreed, Like to have them on the schedule.

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Make it happen Mr. Smith

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I'd be okay with that match up.  

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I don't see them being any better or worse than a few of the teams we play anyways. It might make for a nice change? I'm in for whatever. As long as it is TOSU and football I'm in. 

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I think Louisville will be a good program as long as they have Strong. That appears to be for a while.  He turned down great jobs this year to stay put.  I think people forget how great they were under Petrino.  They had a few really nice teams back then.  They can draw nice players down there.  A home and home would be awesome.  It would really hack off UC fans too if Ohio State bypassed playing the bearcats for the Cards. 

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All for it as long as it is a home and home.

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Lets make it happen.

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Don't think OSU could afford a one -time neutral site game in 2015. Remember only six home games the following year. Offer $1.5M to play in Columbus in 2015 (I bet on Hawaii for this open date) and the promise of a home and home in the next decade. 

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