Noah Brown Is Number 18

By Jeremy Birmingham on September 9, 2013 at 8:21p
New Jersey's Noah Brown Has Committed To Ohio State

A day after returning from Ohio State on his official visit, Noah Brown has committed to Ohio State tonight. 

The Sparta, NJ (Pope John XXIII High School) star senior became the latest Buckeye commitment today and secured his spot in the now rapidly-filling 2014 recruiting class. Brown visited Ohio State in late July and immediately named Ohio State his favorite, but after a few months of consideration seemed to be trending towards his home-state Rutgers. After announcing early last week that he'd be visiting the Buckeyes officially this past weekend for the San Diego State game — prior to the September 12th decision date he'd set  —  Brown decided to end his recruitment and commit to the Buckeyes, despite Rutgers surge.

"I had wanted to make my choice before my season started, and the visit to Ohio State this time just reassured me that Ohio State was the place for me," Brown said of the choice. "I feel very comfortable with the choice because I am comfortable with the staff as people. The football program is incredible, the 'Skull Session' just showed how much the fans there feel about Ohio State, and overall it's just such an incredible place."

"Sitting down with Coach (Urban) Meyer and really getting to know him on this trip," the wide receiver said of what made the choice clear after his visit. "I got to see that he's really genuine as a person and I know that he will know do what he says about me and their plan for me in the offense. The Buckeyes said (in July) I would be an 'X' receiver in their offense, someone who can occasionally line up in the slot to create mismatches against linebackers. I feel comfortable at that spot."

It was not just Meyer that had Brown feeling so at ease with his choice.

"It was great to sit down and get to see how (Buckeye wide receiver coach) Zach Smith handled the wide receivers in their meeting room," he said. "He was a great teacher and brings a lot of energy to the room. He's young and can talk about something and also show you what he's talking about."

While he will be a wide receiver at Ohio State, Brown is another athlete that could play a number of positions for the Buckeyes if the situation warranted. He could line up at running back or safety if required, according to his high school coach at Pope John, Brian Carlson.

Brown provides Ohio State with a big-bodied wide receiver.Noah Brown will play the "X" wide receiver at Ohio State.

"He can play wide receiver, he can play strong safety, he can play running back," Carlson told the New Jersey Herald last summer. "There are a lot of spots for him."

Brown's value to a football team is greater than just his physical talents. He's a leader on and off the field who handles his academics with the same fervor he handles defensive backs. There's nothing he doesn't do that's not done with one goal: be the best and do it with class. Brown doesn't disappoint often in that regard.

"A lot had to do — especially in this day and age — with character," Carlson added in his talks with the Herald. "There are a lot of great athletes, but character is really important."

It was not just a football decision for Brown, who takes his work in the classroom as seriously as he does his work on the field.

"They have the best balance of high-level academics and elite football that I have seen," Brown said following his July visit. "They have a beautiful campus and great facilities. I really got a good look at all aspects of the program."

The Noah Brown File

  • Size: 6-2/212
  • Pos: ATH/WR
  • School: Pope John XXIII (Sparta, N.J.)
  • Composite Rating: ★★★★
  • Composite Rank: 26 (ATH

Now that he's a Buckeye, Brown's recruitment is finished. He won't take any other visits and intends to help Ohio State finish out his 2014 recruiting class in style. He knows that this moment means he can finally take a deep breath and focus on his goal of winning a state title as a senior.

"It feels great to finally have this over with," Brown said tonight. "I've had the idea of deciding before my senior year and I wanted to make sure that was the case. I am truly blessed to be in the situation I am in and I think I've worked hard to accomplish these things, but it's good to have it finished."

Brown become the second player from the New York/New Jersey area to commit to Ohio State, following Curtis Samuel's decision a month ago. While Rutgers enters the Big Ten next year and continues to make a push for the area's top talent, Ohio State continues to pursue tight end Mike Gesicki from Manahawkin, New Jersey and Brooklyn defensive tackle Thomas Holley from the area as well. Brown says there has not been much in the way of discussion about the group all heading to Ohio State together, but he's happy to think about the possibilities. 

"I know that Rutgers is having a great class and I am really happy to see them doing well, but this choice is about my future," Brown added. "I know I could have been comfortable there but for me Ohio State is the right choice. I've only talked to Mike (Gesicki) a few times and haven't really talked to Curtis or Thomas before, but I am sure it will be discussed in the future about us maybe all going to Ohio State."

Brown is Ohio State's 18th commitment for 2014.


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What does grey box mean?  I've see it on here a few times. 

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@BuckTheWorld - The background for breaking news stories on this site by the 11W staff is gray (hence the Gray Box of Awesomeness OR the Gray Box of Despair).

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Funniest GIF I have seen in a long time - nicely done!

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It means there is a commitment, which the text is in a grey box. 

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Doesn't always mean a commitment, the tat5 incident was a grey box, tressel's resignation was also a grey box.  Grey boxes aren't always a good thing.

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Great news!
Really impressed with this young man's maturity and obvious intelligence.
I think he's absolutely right (tho I'm exceedingly biased of course) that tOSU has the best mix of elite academics and athletics.
Urban is recruiting great athletes AND great people.

I hope Bucktheworld didn't get a dv for asking that question. There are some real trolls doing the dv hustle lately...

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I fully agree.  The mix of athletes in this year's class is outstanding!  We've got 18 and this class is already awesome. 
Welcome to OSU Noah!  Can't wait to see you in Scarlet and Gray!!
Go Bucks!!

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That looks like Kenny G on the sax in that video.



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this is Awesome.   Welcome aboard!

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Urban Warfare

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Guess he couldn't wait until Thursday! I freakin' love this staff!!!
Welcome Mr. Brown.

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Welcome to Buckeye National Noah Brown!!!!

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Ok, this may be the best GIF ever.

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Is it normal that this scares me a bit?

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"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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Woooo! Before paid site got it too LOL

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Woah ... no rumors floating around, just getting straight to it, huh? I like it.

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Buckle up BIG - it's going to bit bumpy the next few years.
Welcome aboard Mr. Brown 

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I scrolled through just to find this one ......classic 

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  Now thats funny right there, that video is just a little crazy HaHa . Welcome to the family Mr Brown. Go Bucks!!!

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Enough said...

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Welcome to the Fam. Noah!!

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I love her!

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Grey Box of Joy.
With this class filling up so quickly, it will be kind of disappointing to miss out on those February commitments (ie: Wilson, Mitchell & Bell last year). But I suppose this is the preferable situation.
Welcome aboard, Noah!

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Welcome to town Mr. Brown! Congrats on your commitment!

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I love these surprises. Awesome news!!!

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God damn I need to learn to check the front page before I make a forum thread. Birm is always ahead of me.

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Sparta, New Jersey...same hometown as Chris Jent

I'm just happy to be here

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Color me surprised!

Okay, not that surprised.  Welcome to the Buckeye Family, Noah!  Amazing!

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Sweet!  McMillan next, please.

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I will say it again biggest N.Brown fan. Him and Lonnie "That's Nice"



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Can't believe Noah turned down Rutgers after this gem:



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DJ, pleeeeze tell me that was sent by dime deranged fan and NOT the coaching staff!

*edit* Of course, that would be "some" not "dime" (damn autocorrect)!!

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation Mr. Noah Brown!

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Hells to the mutha----in' YEAH!
I've been on E-Dubs all day long and then try to watch a Reds game and I miss this party? I love Urbz stockpiling athletic talent of this caliber.

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Nice.  welcome to the family Noah.

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We're gonna need more footballs. 

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How about more seats in Ohio Stadium?



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Mr. Brown ... welcome to WR U.  Hopefully many scouting reports and championships in your future.

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We might have the next Anquan Boldin.

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welcome to buckeye nation noah. glad your here. :)

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Yippee Ki Yay!

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Oh Hell Yeah!!!

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Oh yeah!

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Yes...It's all coming together...

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You are lame if you tweet!

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Welcome to the show Noah, you have the opportunity to be a star, a big bright shining star at tOSU.

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Sorry, don't follow recruiting too closely, how many spots does OSU have for the 2014 class. Must be getting near capacity. Where does that leave the Glenville duo of Lattimore and Smith as well as Raekwon? I assume all are must takes and attrition will get you under? Any other targets likely at this point?

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Dam hats of to all these GIf's some of them are just priceless that's about these grey box's is seeing the GIF's that come alone with them. And Welcome Mr Brown you have found a home and family that well always stand behind you.

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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Already recruiting too:

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ha, that is bad assed.   Been a Buckeye for a few hours and already doing work

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Noah is calling the herds into the ark. You go Mr. Brown!

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Well played - that actually made me laugh!

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I agree. I like it when new recruits like this are so committed that they start recruiting other players to OSU. Rather than keep taking visits to other schools around the country.



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This is awesome!!!!

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and... Match!

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AWESOME!!!  Welcome to the Buckeye Nation Noah!!!  You are going to have 4 great years!!!

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I love it!! I am glad he is a Buckeye. I was worried for a second. 
Did he walk with the players and coaches into the skull session ? A young man wearing a tee shirt and shorts was shaking everyone's hands. All of the players were dressed up. And I didn't recognize the kid. And I could tell he was on cloud nine. I'm curious if it  was him or not ??

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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That's great news. What position does he play? I don't see it in the story, nor any of his size dimensions.

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Wish I had a gif for "duh".

Edit: 'Duh' wasn't meant towards you, Toledo. I was refering to Brown wanting to play for Buckeyes over Rutgers. But to answer your question, he is playing WR.

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Now it is time to see how angry Rutgers fans will be.

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Man, that kid has some jets, don't he?

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation Noah. You have a new home here in the GREAT MIDWEST!! :)


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Good get, welcome NB!

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Welcome Noah!!! Yayyyyyy

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Noah. I did not know that I could like Noah even more, but his drive to excel not only on the gridiron but academically appeals to me greatly. If there were any doubts whatsoever concerning the strength of his character, this sentence should disperse it: "There's nothing he doesn't do that's not done with one goal: be the best and do it with class."
Our class generally impresses not only with its athletic potential, but with academics and strength of character as well.

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

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WWooooooo, party time! Welcome to tOSU, Noah Brown!!!

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"Downtown" Noah Brown!

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I flew in to CMH from Jersey on Friday afternoon and Noah was on my plane! I am glad he had as good a time at the game as I did!

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes!