"The Truth About Aaron Hernandez and Urban Meyer"

By Vico on July 14, 2013 at 10:32a

Buddy Martin, who published the Urban's Way book in 2008 that chronicled the period of Florida Gators football between 2006 and 2008, is coming out swinging on behalf of Urban Meyer. Citing his unparalleled access to Florida football during that crucial stretch between 2006 and 2008, Martin is saying that Meyer's "trial by media" is a trial without a real charge, and a trial without a foundation in fact.

The post from Buddy Martin is rather extensive and is worth a full read. Here is an excerpt.

So if Urban Meyer is undergoing Trial by Media, what are the charges? That he harbored the criminals? That he knowingly coddled renegade athletes and looked the other way at their indiscretions? Or that he was loose with facts about his intentions to leave the job at Florida and therefore hypocritically portrayed his program as clean when it was overrun by the criminal element? To the well-informed those charges are almost laughable.

If Meyer was harboring criminals or hiding axe murderers in helmets and pads, I must have overlooked them.

Now Meyer is being characterized by some critics as someone who recruited troubled players and allowed them to run amok – not at all what I saw or heard.

As a matter of fact, the “30” which is often used to define the Meyer as the number of players who had been arrested was not even the most in the SEC. That distinguished achievement belonged to Georgia.

There was this huge controversy over how Meyer left Florida for Ohio State, which some critics have tried to lump together with his Aaron Hernandez connection as Acts One and Two of a morality play. But if there was a conspiracy to fleece The Gator Nation and play a Jedi Mind Trick on the fans by pulling off a disappearing act from Gainesville, I’m sorry – I totally missed it, too.

How (do) I know? I lived in his world for almost 12 months.


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Bud Martin....troll proof!

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The 0 is silent.

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To this, I can only say: Huzzah!!

"Maybe the Big Ten is not that bad. Maybe it's pretty damn good.'' ~ Urban Meyer

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Thank you Buddy. Will SI and ESPN now listen to the voice of reason?

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Yea, When pigs fly.
The Geico Pig doesn't count though.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Thanks for picking this up, 11W Staff.

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Video: Urban Meyer denies blame for Aaron Hernandez - ESPN

Copy editor who made this tag line is a major troll. How about saying " Urban Meyer discusses relationship with Aaron Hernandez"

High and tight boo boo

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Just a drop in the bucket, but a drop that is just.

Thanks for your objectivity Buddy Martin, a rarity in the world of today's sports "journalism".

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This fella is one refreshin sonofagun, aint he? But unfortunately, the truth don't matter too much round these parts.  Nope, sometimes you can hear it a-whisperin in the ole' saloon late at night when ain't nobody in there, makin them hairs on yer neck stand up, but that's all yer gonna get round these parts here. There ain't no such such thang as truth in this here world of sports journalism!  Daggummit! The day ESPN offers this feller an opportoontee ta speak his mind, is the day Buffla Bill rides back inta town as a gosh dern ghost.  And I ain't no damn fool believin in that otherworldly hogwash, so ya'll run along now and remember what ya'll heard here today.  The truth fer sure, fer sure.
however, I take quite the assuage in knowing that at least one person will stand on the side of the great Urban Meyer.  It is abstruse to pretend to understand how a man can be convicted of enabling a homicidal tomfool without anything even nearing what would be considered a preponderance of evidence.  Furthermore, if Urban is to be tried in the public eye, then all sides should be heard before he is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  And to be sure, there is most certainly reasonable goddamn doubt.
If this was a trial, this journalist would be the star witness.  He was apparently the fly on the wall for an entire year.  Anyways, this shit is ridiculous.  I will ask once more, WHAT THE F**K DOES THIS MURDER CHARGE AND UPCOMING TRIAL IN MASSACHUSETTS HAVE TO DO WITH THE COACH OF A SCHOOL IN OHIO, WHO WAS IN OHIO WHEN THIS DUMBASS PULLED THE TRIGGER?