Shawn Boone "Loves" Ohio State Visit

By Jeremy Birmingham on June 22, 2013 at 12:08a

There has been a flurry of Ohio State recruiting action over the last week and while it seems to have culminated in the commitment tonight of quarterback Stephen Collier, there were two visitors on campus last night and today from Florida that Ohio State is hoping to have involved in the 2014 class.

One of those visitors, three-star safety Shawn Boone, came away very impressed by what he saw from the Buckeyes.

"I loved it there," Boone said. "I could definitely see myself playing for Ohio State."

Seeing Ohio State up-close-and-personal was a unique experience for Boone, who has offers from the Buckeyes, Florida State, Arkansas, Ole Miss and more than a dozen more. For the 5-foot-10, 185-pound safety, the best part was being able to hang out with the coaching staff. 

"It was great to talk to Coach Meyer," he said. "He's a very real man, and he's very up front. It was also cool to talk and hang out with Coach Vrabel. He's a cool dude and honestly I couldn't believe I was in the same room as one the best linebackers to play the game of football."

Whiel he admits that he didn't know what to expect heading into the visit, Boone now can say he knows what to expect from future trips he'll take.

"I had high expectations going in and it just overwhelmed me, it was amazing," he said of Ohio State. "It will set the bar for my next visits. I'm going to Ole Miss and Mississippi State next week and then Arkansas July 20ht. I am hoping to get to Tennessee, Florida State, West Virginia and North Carolina State, too. I hope to decide after my season."


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Well we need safeties and we would reeeeeally love to have his teammate in Columbus for good, so this is good news by any standards

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Well with McLaurin's impending commitment, I think that shuts the door on any chance we had with Johnny Dixon unfortunately.  Unless Dixon takes Curtis Samuel's spot.  Who knows.  My head is spinning with this recruiting stuff, I need to take a step back and let the picture clear up a bit.  I highly doubt the staff would take a commitment from McLaurin if they thought they had a real shot at Dixon and/or Samuel.

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This is why Urban gets the big bucks!

ONE Not Done!

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Getting a kid from Palm Beach Gardens would be huge. There is a ton of talent in the area. I don't  ever remember a player from North Palm Beach committing to tOSU. 

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11W is killing it with coverage. Thank you!

Buckeye For Life