Al Borges Compares Devin Gardner to RG III

By Kyle Rowland on June 12, 2013 at 3:30p

Some eyebrows were raised when Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges recently made statements comparing Wolverines quarterback Devin Gardner to Robert Griffin III, a former Heisman Trophy winner and instant NFL sensation. 

“He’s not really like anybody I have had,” Borges said. “I’ve had so many prototype drop-back passers. He isn’t like (former Auburn quarterback) Jason Campbell, who was athletic but he really wasn’t a runner. I haven’t had a lot of real runners. He’s different. He’s hard to compare to someone else. He’s more like an RG3 type of guy. He’s a little taller than RG3 but plays a lot like him.”

The comments aren't near as ridiculous when you see them in context, and it's not rare for coaches to compare their players to superstars. Still, Garnder has a vast sea of improvement to undergo until he's worthy of an on-point comparison to Griffin.  


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Grayskullsession's picture

He may play like him, but Gardner couldn't even sniff RGIII's jock strap.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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"You may run like Mays, but you play like shit."

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+1 for the 'Major League' reference.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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First thing that popped into my head upon reading that as well.  Nicely played.

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..Can't run as fast or throw as good of a ball. And, that's really not that big of a slam on him either.
Bottom line, he needs to be able to stand in the pocket and hit his receivers for their offense.

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Go home Al, you're stoned.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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They might both have knee injuries by the end of the year if that's what he means

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Well, he almost got the ball past the 50 in the second half against "Ohio," so there's that..


tennbuckeye19's picture

So is he saying Gardner is a mobile quarterback? A dual threat? I didn't really observe that from watching him last season. 

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Go home Borges.

Before you end up like this kid:

Passed the FUUUCK out

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Yup, that's the ticket!  Just like RG3!!! 
Now I spend my time thinking about who Braxton plays like.  Wait, I think I got it, Braxton plays like, ..... wait for it ..... Braxton Miller. 
Hate it when a coach compares a player to someone who played before them.  Bad enough for the fans to bring up Percy H or others when describing a player.  But, a coach? C'mon man.......
FWIW, I don't like it when our coaches do that about our own players. 

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We should ask Zach Boren what he thinks about this comment..
oh wait...

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I happen to be a very big fan of this picture.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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I would love to know what Zach is saying to Devin in this pic.  I'm sure it was good.

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You know who might be a better comparison is a different 2012 first round draft pick: Ryan Tannehill.  Both are 6'4", were athletic enough to play wide receiver (but not superstar wideouts) and both began playing QB mid-season and performing well.  (RT went 6-1 in 2010, DG went 3-2)  Tannehill had a higher completion percent (65% to 59.5%) but Gardner had a better QB rating (137 to 161).  Both had near identical TD/INT ratio (about 2.2 TD per Int)
However, the similar rushing numbers are what really stand out.  Tannehill, though athletic enough to play wideout, only rushed for 76 yards during his half season (1.5 yards/rush)  Gardner ran for 101 (2.1 yards/rush).  After Tannehill got more comfortable as full time starter and grasped the offense, his first full season he ran for 306 yards (5.3 yards/rush).  It wouldn't surprise me at all if Gardner put up similar rushing stats this year.  But, he's not a track star like Denard, and he's not a sharpshooter like RGIII.  He's not going to put up RGIII numbers.      

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"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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Well, they both have two eyes....that's where the similarities end.

jaxbuckeye's picture

Say WHAT!?  Time for old Al to retire. What an insult to RGIII. I know Gardner was highly ranked in HS, but the few times I've seen him play QB, he wasn't even good enough to call pedestrian.  In the tOSU game he was absolutely terrible.  I must be missing something because TSUN fans won't shut up about him. 

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Only SOME EYEBROWS were raised?....................Really?    Al better be ready to submit to a field sobriety test

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

My guess would be the NW, and South Carolina games.

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so when he said Jason Campbell was "athletic but not really a runner" he's just saying Campbell is also black, right? 
Can the lazy labels of "athletic" for black qb's, and "scrappy" for white PG's stop? 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Maybe Borges meant that, if RGIII were operating within an Al Borges' offense, that RGIII's numbers would look somewhat like Gardner's numbers?