Ohio State Has Bradley Roby at a 4.26, Braxton Miller at a 4.32 in the 40

By Jason Priestas on May 30, 2013 at 2:09a
Braxton Miller runs a 4.32, but Bradley Roby runs a 4.26, according to Ohio State

Ah, the Urban Meyer 40 shrine. As coach of the Florida Gators, Meyer posted 40 times for team leaders in Gainesville's Heavener Football Complex. The listed times were all remarkable, if just a tad unbelievable. Four Gators were on record as having sub-4.3 40s, which would translate to the four fastest times at any given NFL Combine.

While not exactly approaching peak truthiness, the board is great for morale and even better when showing off a football facility to impressionable young recruits.

Thanks to a tour of Ohio State's Woody Hayes Athletic Center from noted quaterback guru George Whitfield Jr., we now see who sat atop Meyer's 40 shrine from last season in Columbus. All-American candidate and cornerback Bradley Roby leads all Buckeyes on the board with a time of 4.26 in the 40. That's blazing, and again, would have been the top time at the 2013 NFL Combine. Quarterback Braxton Miller, second on the list, checks in with a 4.32, with corner Doran Grant matching him. Rounding out the top five are wide receiver Devin Smith at 4.33 and linebacker Ryan Shazier at 4.35.

Further down the list is tight end Jake Stoneburner, with a showing of 4.40. Compare that to Stoneburner's Combine time of 4.65.

While it may not be as easy as adding .25 to everyone's time, as in Stoneburner's case, it's helpful to understand that while the Buckeyes do indeed have several burners, they may not be quite as fast as advertised at the WHAC.

Still, it's a great barometer of who the fastest players on the team are, and in Roby's case, that's quite the honor.

Here are a couple of other photos from Whitfield's Wednesday visit to Ohio State.


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Awesome... Simply Awesome!

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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The people, the tradition, the excellence.....

The speed!

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^best comment. I snorted

OSUinFl's picture

Shazier runs a 4.35 wow.

cajunbuckeye's picture

That's the name that really stood out. A linebacker that can run stride for stride with anyone on the team is unreal. "Damn" I can't wait for fall.

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Still not fast enough to beat Lolo Jones

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~Bo Schembechler

Buckeyejason's picture

Riggghhhtttt....believe it when I see it at the combine. Shazier low 4.3's at a supposed 230+ lbs? 


Citrus's picture

I have an easier time believing the 40 time over the 230 + pounds.

otrain2416's picture

Obviously these numbers are to impress recruits I'm sure it was on the track and hand timed

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Eh. Its all fluff. What difference does it make. If Shazier is a 4.5 and OSU says he's a 4.35 it doesn't impact his play on the field. He isn't any faster or slower than he really is despite what the staff says. They want to fluff numbers, knock yourselves out.

BuckeyeEmpire's picture

Forget the obvious, the really impressive thing is that Shazier is the 5th fastest guy on the team.  That's scary. 

osu07asu10's picture

Exactly! Obviously those are some favorable hand timed 40s but the ranking of the players is accurate.

Also, tOSU has long been known to have a "fast" surface and quick 40 times (a Lichlicter specialty) however I think there is some credence to the fact that when these guys are timed at tOSU they are in their comfort zone, probably not running after a work out.

At the combine, guys are nervous, being poked and prodded, out of place, and going through other workouts that lead up to the 40 so it has probably an equal impact on their times (for the worse)
Stoney tOSU: 4.4
Stoney combine: 4.65
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Ummmm... I LOVE the Buckeyes, but Braxton is not that fast, neither is Shazier. Braxton is so quick and can stop and cut almost on a Barry Sanders level but anyone who has watched him a lot has seen that he does get caught from behind too much for a guy with 4.3 speed.
i think it would be safe to say you can add at least .1 to all these times and they'd  still be a little off.

D. Anthony

brandonbauer87's picture

Great point about Braxton getting caught from behind. I had the same thought. 

Defend Youngstown's picture

Add about 0.10-0.20 to these and I believe them. Roby is the only one who I think is a sub 4.4 guy. I wouldn't be surprised to see him lay down 4.38-4.39 at the combine. A lot of NFL scouts believe Shazier is a high 4.4 guy. Which is still blazing fast for a LB.

Defend Youngstown's picture

Also, if you look to the right, how about Tyvis Powell tearing up the 20 yard shuttle as a redshirt? Not bad for a 6'-4" DB.

rdubs's picture

He did the same thing at Florida, add about a tenth or two and that is what they ran at the combine/pro-days.

Buckeye06's picture

Official times for those guys at the combine:
Rainey - 4.36
Murphy - 4.32
Harvin - 4.41
So for those 3, average about .11 to .12 slower than the posted results

yrro's picture

I don't think it's entirely unreasonable that out of running drills like that regularly, on a fast track, that someone might squeeze out a personal best .2 seconds faster than they run on demand at the combine. Most buckeyes drop a tenth or two running at OSU's pro day compared to the combine as well.
I don't think Braxton is that fast, either, though. He got caught from behind too many times. Compare to the real track stars like Denard, who was just *gone* if he got that far out. Not that I'd trade the two any day of the week.

+1 HS
rdubs's picture

One could argue that getting caught from behind is an indication that his 40 is that fast, but he can't maintain it.  His initial burst gets him to the second level, but he can't sustain that pace and gets caught.

OSUs12-OH's picture

I agree with everyone above that these 40 times are off.  But has anyone had a good coach that they've played for or coached with?  This is what good coaches do...they motivate in all sorts of ways. Whether it's intrinsically or extrinsically or a combination of both.  If it got two NCs in six years at FL...I'll accept it at OSU and we'll see what the final result is;-)

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ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Of course it's fluff.  It's probably not far off of what they actually would run...probably a tenth of a second or so. 

Class of 2010.

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Ha, Brax runs a 4.32 and Shaz runs a 4.35??
No way, but nice try! I'd be shocked if both were under 4.45...4.5 seems reasonable.

buckeyenut10's picture

I'd believe Harvin runs a sub 4.3. Some of the other times...maybe not so much.

Gametime's picture

Getting caught from behind is more a factor of gassing out while you're running for a while. Running for  40+ after you shake a few guys gets really exhausting toward the end of the run. So it's not really a function of his speed, but his stamina that Brax gets ran down.
Besides, even if these are inflated 40s - that doesn't gauge who the fastest players on the team are, merely who ran the fastest 40s. As we all know, Game Speed includes agility, awareness, quickness, and reaction time. 

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Squirrel Master's picture

Exactly. It is hard to run a 4.3 after a quarter of play and getting hit a few times. What is on the field doesn't really mean much.

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brandonbauer87's picture

Everyone else is on the field playing for a quarter too. I think 4.55 is about right for Braxton. 

Squirrel Master's picture

cornerbacks don't take hits like a QB would. Not to mention, running away from someone is harder to do than running at someone. Especially when he has to juke a few first then try to pick up speed.
I'm not saying Braxton does run a 4.3. I'm just saying the whole "he gets run down from behind" crap has nothing to do with 40 times. Especially when its a QB that has a million thoughts running through his brain while he is trying to escape. It is totally different than a WR who streaks down a sideline barely touched.
I think Braxton is faster than a 4.55. Tightends and Cam Newton runs a 4.55. Braxton is faster than that. Just not a 4.32.
EDIT: Also, I only care about the first 10 yards. Not the end of the 40. I bet you any money Braxton can compare with most in those first 10 yards. His burst and acceleration is better than his 40 speed.

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brandonbauer87's picture

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Most would say catching someone is harder because you don't know when the other person will change direction. We'll find out in a couple years at the combine but I think Cam Newton vs. Braxton in a 40 is a very even race. 

Squirrel Master's picture

Catching someone from behind would be harder, if it were from directly behind them starting at the same speed. Most defenders though are either already coming at the offensive player and/or using an angle. It is harder for an offensive player to outrun someone with these factors. Show me a play were Braxton was run down by a defender directly behind him in the first 20-30 yards. Most of the time its from someone who was either already going or had a good angle on him. I know this because he has scored touchdowns by outrunning people.
4.32 might be ridiculous but pulling a 4.55 out of your ass is just as bad. Give me a break. Tightends and Linebackers run that. Braxton is so much faster than that.
Again, I could care less about the 40 time. I know Braxton is fast. I don't need to see a 40 time to prove it and I don't care about it. How often does a QB run more than the first 10 yards? not very often. What matters most is that Braxton can gain the first 10 yards just as fast as anyone.
You know, because a first down is...

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USMC11917's picture

Ill have to watch it again but what about the long run at Nebraska?

USMC11917's picture

B.Miller is fast and more so agile and quick. He is not 4.3 fast. He has been caught from behind several times. I can't see a low 4.3 guy being caught from behind. Overall, I am glad to see the focus on physical improvement in speed, power and health on this team. I really did think that there were multiple people on this team that were faster than Miller. I guess I am wrong.

SPreston2001's picture

Yeah no way Brax or Shazier are 4.3 guys. A 4.3 is smokin fast!!

Doc's picture

I love seeing the behind the scenes pictures more than anything else.  A glimpse behind the curtain.  The 40 times maybe fluff, but it sure seems like Urbz and co. have positive motivation everywhere you look.  Man, I can not wait for the season to start.  This off season is killing me. 

CJDPHoS Member

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Squirrel Master's picture

Those times could be possible if what Urban is really doing is taking some tape of these guys running, cut the fastest part of that run over a 40 and timing that. Running free and with a goal in front of you like an endzone could get a player to run faster than trying to run on que at the combine knowing you have to impress. Its a ton of pressure and some of those players just run to get a decent time to secure a draft grade. I'm sure many try to run as fast as possible to prove something but perhaps Chris Rainey knew he wasn't going to get picked higher if he pushed it and ran 0.1 faster. Likewise with others.
Let me put it this way, Percy Harvin was going to be a first round pick no matter what. So for him to try and run any faster than he did would mean nothing for him. So I could easily say he probably didn't try as hard as he could have.
The combine 40 is crap anyways. It says nothing. Marquis Goodwin was the faster WR this year and he was drafted after the first 2 rounds by Buffalo and probably won't amount to more than a special teams player.
I much rather have a kid who can play than a kid who is just fast.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

SilverState's picture

Whitfield's tweets today:

SPreston2001's picture

No way in hell these times are accurate lol. 

Buckeyefan52's picture

Yeah everyone is talking about Shazier, but if you look at the full picture..STONEBURNER, who was a TE, ran a 4.4. Good enough for 8th.. That's crazy!

MN Buckeye's picture

Love the images.

DefendYoungstown's picture

Who cares what the 40 times are, do we every compare 40 times to determine the outcome of a game???  What you do on the field triumphs anything on a wall of numbers...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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I used to love 40's when I was a young man...Olde English was my preference, but a St Ides every now & again was great too. 

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harleymanjax's picture

I always preferred MICKEY'S cuz you could get it in a 64oz bottle!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

Poison nuts's picture

Oh yeah - almost forgot about Mickeys! Oh to be young & hangover proof again...

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Edward Fortyhands always seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the night. . . . .

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