The 2013 Lee Tressel Award

By Ramzy Nasrallah on May 8, 2013 at 10:13a

The award is presented to an area scholastic coach for "dedication to both the coaching and education profession." You can see the previous winners here.

Meyer credited "the best group of seniors (he's) ever been around" and thanked Tressel for recruiting them to Ohio State.

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It seems from the video that it was presented to Urban Meyer from Jim Tressel?

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Fixed. Thanks - names the up mixed and fast too it typed I.

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This is hell for dyslexic people like me.

I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.


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It made perfect sense to me.
I am dyslexic.

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Well put, Addman1405.
Said the dyslexic, after finishing the book : "Well, that didn't end like I thought it would". 

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I checked out the source video and their tagline seems to indicate that was the case. 11W will probably fix their tagline soon enough. (hint hint)

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I've always thought Urban doesn't seem to be a big fan of Tressel. 

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Based on what? Meyer has had nothing but great things to say about Tress.

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Just body language and the way he says things. He's smart enough to not say anything bad about him but I don't think they're going to be comparing game film anytime soon(Cooper).

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maybe the awkward tickling of the ear?

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I think he has a lot of respect and appreciation for Tressel as a person and as a coach.   But given how outspoken he was about a culture that was okay with just being okay when he arrived, given some of the staff that Tressel kept around year after year when they weren't performing, and given that the violations cost him a title shot in year one, I can see where there's some things that he and Tressel would disagree on philosophically where football is concerned.    It's a delicate balancing act to follow a guy who is flawed but beloved.  Coop failed at it miserably in following Earle.   JT got to follow someone who, for all his wins and great players, the city and fans never really took much of a liking to.   Meyer knows that Tressel was a big part of making OSU a national power again, but he also sees where he can take them much further.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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To be accurate, though,  Urban didn't follow Tressel.   He followed Fickell.
Saying the culture needed to be fixed after a 6-7 season was absolutely justified -- They would not have been 6-7 if Tressel was still in charge.
I think the awkwardness right now has do with OSU vs. Tressel, not Meyer vs. Tressel

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He should LOVE Jim Tressel and Karma. Urban's Dream Job opened up at the exact perfect time for him. If Tressel didn't have to step down when he did Urban Meyer might not ever have been THE Head Coach at The Ohio State University.

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that's not Karma.
That word is one of the most over and misused terms of modern day.

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If anything it should be the other way around. Urban embarrassed Tress in 2007 on the national stage for a National Title. And now Urban has the job Tress wishes he still had. Urban should love the guy lol

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Urban's always got those mesmerizing ties.
I would have liked to see a hug-it-out session after the presentation of the award - a lot of college football victories between those two regardless!

I like football

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Two classy cats right there.


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If only Tress and Urban could BOTH be at the best damn University in the land, tOSU. could you imagine the recruits we could get then. I'd stick Tress in charge of special teams and defense only.

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A video of pure awesomeness.

Class of 2008

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Hey, this has dropped off of everyone's radar. Does anyone know if UFM did add Jim Heacock as a football ops analyst (non-coach) like Saban has been doing for a couple years now in Tuscaloosa?
It was rumored about 6 months ago but I never saw anything final on it.

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The Tressels and the Meyers were already familiar with each other.  Shelley Meyer talks about it a bit  starting at 3:53 in this video:
Also notice that Tressel seems to pull a prank on Urban at the beginning of the video (tickles his head)

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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^^^ THIS^^^ One of THE best interviews done about Urban and Ohio State. When someone tells me that Urban won't be around long at Ohio State, I tell them to go to YouTube and find this interview. Urban's wife said the minute she heard about Tressel stepping down she knew they were moving to Columbus. She called the Ohio State job, the job that Urban had dreamed about since he was a young boy.

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*high pitched voice* Ackwarrrrrrrrrd!

Our Honor Defend!

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Where can I hear Coach Tressel's bit?

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This was really cool to see. Thanks to 11W staff for the clip.

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Hey, just getting the two guys together in the same room was awesome.  They don't need to be friends, but a little love on both sides goes a long way.

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Though Urban Meyer accepting the Lee Tressel Award from Lee's son, Jim, grabs attention, theirs was a quick transaction made between smiling parties at the Northeastern Ohio Chapter of the National Football Foundation's Scholar-Athlete Awards banquet.
Afterwards, Jim Tressel said it was anything but awkward. "I've known Urban for a long, long time," Tressel said. "When was a young guy coming up, I was leaving Ohio State just as he was coming in as a graduate assistant. When he was at Bowling Green, I'd see him. When he was at Florida we'd bump into one another whether it was at a convention or recruiting."
"No, there's nothing uncomfortable there. I'm still a Buckeye. I'm always rooting for the Buckeyes."

Full article at FoxSports Ohio


"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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Are you sure that's Tressel? Sounds too straight forward.

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It has to pain Tressel terribly to watch Meyer, the fact that he stands next to him, presents him with awards, haha tickles his ear...just shows that JT always was, is, and always will be a great buckeye 

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