Report: Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman to Retire

By Kyle Rowland on April 18, 2013 at 3:35p

Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, the leader of the Ann Arbor university since 2002, will retire July 31, 2014, the University of Michigan announced on Wednesday.

Coleman is currently the chair of the influential and exclusive Association of American Universities. Every Big Ten institution is a member except for Nebraska. She led "The Michigan Difference" campaign that raised $3.2 billion, the most a public university has ever raised.

She has been criticized by Michigan fans for her handling of the NCAA ruling against the Fab Five and her hand in hiring Rich Rodriguez. 

Source: @mikerothstein

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I absolutley love Mary Sue for hiring RichRod. You are a true patriot to all Buckeye fans.....

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She hired RichRod by the transitive property. She hired Dave Brandon who in turn hired RichRod. Therefore, by the transitive property, she indirectly hired RichRod. She also indirectly hired Brady Hoke if you use the same philosophy.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Bill Martin was the Michigan AD when Rodriguez was hired.  Dave Brandon was a later-hire.  By all accounts I am aware of, including at least one member of Martin's off-the-record (to avoid public meeting act scrutiny) advisory committee of former football players, the Rodriguez hire was a great surprise to Michigan insiders and was not an initiative by Mary Sue Coleman.  It was a largely solo maneuver by Bill Martin.  (Martin, incidentally, was not hired by Mary Sue Coleman.  Martin was serving as Michigan's AD before Coleman arrived in Ann Arbor, with Martin having been first appointed as interim director by then-President Lee Bollinger, who is now Columbia's president.)
Coleman did take an active role with Martin in the late stages of the process before Rodriguez was given an offer and quickly accepted.  Coleman personally met with Martin and Rodriguez in an office owned by Rodriguez's attorney in Toledo immediately prior to the hire.
Coleman and Martin together became infamous in the telling of the story by John U. Bacon in his remarkable book Three and Out.  It was Coleman and Martin who, it is said, promised Rodriguez that Michigan would take care of his WVU buyout.  And they later had to renege their promise because they had not cleared it with the Michigan Board of Regents.
In any event, Rodriguez was hired in late 2007, and Dave Brandon was hired as Michigan AD in the summer of 2010.  Rodriguez was dismissed by Brandon in January of 2011.

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Thanks for clearing that up. What would we do without your insight?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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So the president of AACC s retiring.  Good luck to her, I guess.

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