Eleven Dubcast: Hoosier Hold 'Em

By Johnny Ginter on March 7, 2013 at 2:30p
WHEREFORE ART THOU, TOM???None too happy with Mr. Crean

This may surprise you, but we here at the Eleven Dubcast are not huge fans of Tom Crean.

Yes, we won the game (which we break down in glorious detail), but our OSU media bros lost in that they were forced to wait around until 1:37 in the morning to get disinterested quotes from a coach who apparently couldn't be bothered in the roughly two hours after senior day ceremonies.

Oh also, a gigantic snowstorm was blowing through, forcing many OSU media members, including our own Kyle Rowland (who we interviewed last night), to stay overnight in Bloomington and then rush to Columbus in the morning to cover the football team.

Point is: Tom Crean is a gigantic egotistical baby who owes these guys an apology for acting like an ass every time he gets outcoached and loses a game, like he did on Tuesday.

Also spring practice started! Hooray! Plus Ask Us Anything, which was the sweet calming danish of zen to counter our raging spicy curry of anger. Soothe us more by submitting your questions to elevendubcast@gmail.com.

0:23- Sarah and I break down the Indiana game, and then I decide to go completely off the rails about Tom Crean because seriously, screw that guy.

11:34- Kyle Rowland! Who at that point had about 4 hours of sleep in two days, but still gave us a kickass interview. Spring practice, who looks good, who looks better, Indiana, and yes, Tom Crean sucks.

31:13- Ask Us Anything, and boy howdy did you guys ever this week. You can find out our 40 times and how much we can bench press this week (slow and not a lot)! Also the secret of Aaron Craft's rosy cheeks that I've been hearing so much about lately.

Music for the Dubcast this week was Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun by the Beastie Boys, Sing A Simple Song by the Budos Band, and Widespread Panic's One Arm Steve. And that does it for this week, see you next week!


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penult's picture

John Beilein calls Ohio State "Ohio" like a douche.  Ohio taught him a lesson last year in hilarious fashion (thanks, NCAA selection committee), but it still makes Beilein a douche.  Clearly, he's not as bad as Crean and Ryan, but the team he coaches for is not the only reason to dislike him.

Sarah's picture

Seems like he does it now because it's Michigan's current shtick, not because he's being a troll like Brady Hoke or disrespecting Ohio State. He's always been pretty complimentary of Ohio State as far as I recall. 

DetroitBuckeye's picture

He actually corrected himself on that over time, he didn't ever really do it and it just seems like something that he was told to start doing.  Also he isn't really a Michigan guy so it wouldn't really make any sense, he's from New York and went to school in West Virginia not really a Michigan connection.  

Sarah's picture

Okay, I feel bad because after we recorded, I realized I misspoke when I said I'd never met Jeff and Chad, when I meant I'd never met Derek and Chad. I have met Jeff at E2B, so I'll revise my answer and pick him as the broad jump champion.

Unky Buck's picture

Can I recommend The Black Keys - Ohio? It's a B-side to the Brothers Album and clearly not a very well known song because of it.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

Unky Buck's picture

Or even Just Couldn't Tie Me Down

I figured I'd stick with The Black Keys since that's what you had mentioned.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

Johnny Ginter's picture

well, we use "ohio" as our victory music on the site during football season. just couldnt tie me down is a great song off my favorite black keys album (although im partial to till i get my way)

Unky Buck's picture

Nice. No need to get repetitive then. Till I Get My Way is an excellent song as well. This and Attack and Release are 1a and 1b for me...I love both of them.
I could probably spout off another 10 songs or so from them that would work for what was talked about, but I'll just let it be, lol.
They have the most songs on my running playlist (training for a marathon, so I need a lot) and they're the best to run to by far and I have yet to hear an album that I actually dislike. I'm hoping that stays true when they release their next album later this year.
I'll end the music thing here though, haha, as I can go on for a looooooong time about it.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'