11W Recruiting Notebook: Predicting The Class

By Alex on January 23, 2013 at 1:30p

Recruiting is a vital part of the college football world and is considered the "life blood" of every program across the country.

Big visitor this weekendDontre Wilson is set to visit Columbus this weekend

Woody Hayes used to have a saying that "anything easy ain't worth a damn" and that certainly can be held true when it comes to the process around pursuing the nation's top high school prospects.

Just when it seemed that everything was coming into place for Ohio State right after the new year, multiple developments have occurred in the last few weeks that have made the picture more hazy as we stand just two weeks away from National Signing Day.

Sitting at 22 commits and a class that is ranked in the top five in the country, nothing bad can possibly happen to the Buckeyes, even if they weren't to get another pledge from their remaining targets. That scenario is unlikely though, as there are a number of talented prospects still interested in playing for Urban Meyer and vice versa.

Predicting who those players will be is the tough part though, even with the reality that OSU likely only has room for two to three more signees in the class.

In this edition of the 11W Recruiting Notebook, we gather the recruiting staff together and take our best stab at predicting how Ohio State's recruiting class of 2013 will finish when players sign on the dotted line two weeks from today.

Dontre Wilson, ATH, DeSoto (TX)

Alex: Wilson is supposed to make an official visit to Columbus this weekend. If he makes it as expected, I am calling him to flip from Oregon to Ohio State, giving Urban Meyer another dynamic playmaker for his offense.

Derek: I see Dontre taking his planned visit to Columbus this upcoming weekend and I think it results in a verbal commitment. Ohio State is the pick.

Miles: I think the Chip Kelly departure had a big impact on Wilson. He's visiting OSU this weekend and I wouldn't be surprised if he committed and I think he will at some point in the near future. He could be a slot receiver or running back for the Bucks.

Darren Carrington Jr., WR, San Diego (CA) Horizon

Alex: The Buckeyes visited him yesterday and were able to make plans for him to visit. An offer has not been made yet and I don't expect Darren to end up at OSU, even if it does come at some point. If he actually makes the visit I will follow this one more closely, but for now I'll go with Carrington sticking to the Ducks.

Derek: It could be any West Coast team for Carrington, but I say he sticks with Oregon.

Miles: I think Carrington stays committed to Oregon when his recruiting process comes to an end, despite recent news he may take a couple visits.

James Clark, WR, New Smyrna Beach (FL)

Alex: This one is interesting as what once looked like a non-story could turn into one quickly. Clark was supposed to visit Florida this weekend, but is thinking about checking out Columbus instead. If that happens it is game on, but right now I am thinking he picks Clemson if there is room for him and the Gators if the Tigers can't fit him in.

Derek: This is more of a mystery than it was last week, as he may now take a visit to Ohio State. If he does, the Buckeyes become the favorite, and I see that happening. Ohio State is my pick.

Miles: I think it's Clemson or Florida for Clark. In the end, I see him choosing Clemson.

Corey Smith, WR, East Mississippi Community College

Alex: At one point it seemed like a formality that Smith would be in this class and that still could be the case. On the other side of the fence though, the Bucks are offering a bunch of receivers late for a reason. This is tough to call, but as of now I see Smith ending up at Mississippi State or Tennessee.

Derek: The longer this one takes, the more likely it seems like the Buckeyes and Smith cannot make it work. I think he stays with his Mississippi State commitment.

Miles: Smith is an Ohio boy and the Buckeyes could use a receiver that can come in and make an immediate impact. The JUCO receiver is their guy and I think Smith goes to OSU.

Cameron Hunt, OL, Corona (CA) Centennial

Alex: The Buckeyes were sitting in a good place following Hunt's official visit to Columbus a few weeks ago. Michigan got its sixth offensive line commit, turning Hunt off there, and Chip Kelly decided to go to the NFL, leaving Oregon, Hunt's supposed favorite, without a coach.

OSU in the Hunt for this 4-star OLCameron Hunt is a top target for OSU

Things changed a bit this past weekend as Mark Helfrich, the Ducks' offensive coordinator, was promoted to head coach and Hunt's visit to Eugene went fantastic.

He is claiming that the Bucks and Ducks are his favorite, with an official visit to California on tap. Hunt originally committed to the Bears under Jeff Tedford, but I think this one is down to OSU and Oregon, with the Ducks winning out in the end due to proximity to home.

Derek: I am hearing Hunt had a great visit to Oregon and see them as the favorite right now. Oregon is the choice.

Miles: I think the Bucks could get him, but it seems like Dan Skipper is higher on the priority list right now. I am going to say Hunt lands at Oregon.

Dan Skipper, OL, Arvada (CO) Ralston Valley

Alex: I prefer Hunt as the offensive lineman the Bucks take in the class, but it looks like Oregon made a strong move this past weekend. As per the above, I am saying Hunt to the Ducks, so I think Skipper becomes a priority and the official visit this past weekend may have convinced him that Columbus is where he belongs. 

A visit to Ole Miss is on tap for Skipper this weekend and they are a dangerous player, but I am going with Ohio State in the end.

Derek: If Ohio State continues to push for a commitment I think they can get him. In my opinion, the Buckeyes will make an even stronger push than they are now if they cannot get Hunt. I think that happens and Skipper ends up at OSU.

Miles: From talking to Skipper, he seems to be very high on the Buckeyes. Ohio State wants another offensive lineman in this class and I think they found their guy.

Vonn Bell, S, Rossville (GA) Ridgeland

Alex: The good news for Ohio State fans is that Bell did not give a verbal pledge to Nick Saban following his official visit to Tuscaloosa last weekend. Urban and the Buckeyes are still in this and are fighting every day for Bell, but it still looks like a slightly uphill battle.

Up next is a visit to Tennessee, but barring a miracle, Butch Jones doesn't really have a chance. Bama and OSU will fight until 10 AM on February 6 for Bell's signature, but I see Saban edging Meyer when pen goes to paper.

Derek: I think it'll be a tight race until Signing Day, but I see Alabama winning out in the end.

Miles: I've always felt Bama held the lead and I don't see that changing over the next two weeks.

Corn Elder, ATH, Nashville (TN) Ensworth

Alex: If Ohio State wanted Elder they could get his verbal pledge today. The fact that he is keeping UCLA, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and others waiting until he hears from the Buckeyes if there is room for him is telling on who his favorite is.

That being said, I think Dontre Wilson possibly committing to OSU soon makes it difficult to bring in Elder and the Nashville native will have to go to one of his other choices. I think he ends up staying close to home and picking Vanderbilt.

Derek: I think a commitment from Wilson could push Elder out of the picture for the Buckeyes. UCLA, who is second on the list, would get a nice player in Elder if this happens.

Miles: I think if the Buckeyes want him that they can get him, but I just don't think there's enough room for him. UCLA is the pick.

Tyrell Robinson, ATH, San Diego (CA) Lincoln

Alex: The Robinson twins were set on Oregon, but Chip Kelly's departure has them looking around a bit. With Mark Helfrich being promoted to head coach in Eugene, it looks more and more likely all they are doing is "just looking".

Meet The RobinsonsTyrell and Tyree are happy with Oregon

They canceled their visit to Columbus this coming weekend, so it appears the Bucks are out of it. Washington and USC are other schools being mentioned and if there is a sleeper pick here it may be the Huskies.

In the end though, I like Oregon to hold on.

Derek: I doubted the planned visit to Ohio State would ever happen and I guess I was right. I say he sticks with Oregon.

Miles: I think both the Robinson twins like Oregon enough to stick with their commitments. Watch for visits, but it appears all is well in Eugene when it comes to the super twins.


Alex: You can pretty much say "see the above", as both Robinsons will be attending the same school. The key here will be seeing where they actually take visits, but as I said, it looks like they are all Oregon.

Derek: The Robinsons are a package deal and since I have Tyrell sticking with Oregon, I think Tyree does the same.

Miles: See the above. All Oregon.

Ryan Timmons, ATH, Frankfort (KY) Franklin County

Alex: I think with Wilson in the class it will be hard to take Ryan Timmons, but the staff did visit him yesterday and supposedly came in with an offer, although I am not sold it is of the committable variety just yet.

With the recent offer from Florida, the staff has to be wondering if passing on Timmons may be a mistake, but I think in the end there just isn't enough room and he stays in state with Kentucky.

Derek: I think he tries to stay close to home if Ohio State isn't an option. Mark Stoops' club has a lot of recruiting momentum right now and I think Timmons is buying into that, so I am going with Kentucky.

Miles: I felt Kentucky was the team to beat until the Gators offered a couple of days ago. If the Buckeyes' offer is legitimate I think they'll have a very good chance, but for now I say Timmons lands at Florida.

How We See It

Alex: Ohio State finishes strong with Dontre Wilson to play the slot role and possibly handle return duties, Dan Skipper at offensive tackle, and possibly one more player-either Vonn Bell or Corey Smith if they can somehow land the former or clear the latter's transcript issues. 

Derek: OSU finishes with Dontre Wilson, James Clark, and Dan Skipper, giving the Buckeyes 25 verbal pledges comes Signing Day.

Miles: The Buckeyes finish strong with Corey Smith at receiver, Dontre Wilson as a versatile athlete, and Dan Skipper at offensive tackle.


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ODEEZ330's picture

I think wilson bell hunter and timmons sneaks in. I would love to get carrington he's special on the outside.

stark county football

ATXbucknut's picture

I'd be happy with any scenario to finish this class.  But no last last last minute surprises on the horizon? What if Skipper and Hunt both go elsewhere? Do we take the kid who was committed to Cincy or do we forget signing one more OL this year?

bucknut8's picture

As much as they want another OL for 2013, IMO I dont think its the best thing to reach for an OL if Skipper & Hunt go elsewhere. Id much rather bank that schollie for 2014 and bring in a legit tackle whether it be OOS or Trout/Richardson. Skipper & Hunt are solid last minute options, but after that I think we need to let it go and bank it.


Northbrook's picture

Of course they won't take someone who doesn't stand a good chance to contribute. This isn't the first rodeo for Urbz and Staff.

macbraddy's picture

Sounds like an amazing class! Hopefully Bell decides for the good guys but I like the secondary class without him. Meyer and Co. are relentless . I love it!

Go Bucks!!!

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Alex -- I remember you saying after Bell's visit to tOSU that there were some reasons and what not to why you believe he's not going to be in this class... What were they?  Or have you already stated why else where?

Alex's picture

I really can't say as I don't want to abuse the trust of someone who told me info in confidence....this one is not over though and Urban is doing a great job...I just feel like it's Alabama, but Meyer has pulled off this type of upset before

kareemabduljacobb's picture

That's cool then, I won't twist your arm... hopefully that source of yours ends up being wrong.  I agree though, this will come down to the wire.   Can't really tell what the kid is thinking right now, but it's definitely down to OSU - Bama. 

Ahh Saturday's picture

Alex, in the Timmons thread you made a casual comment about Munger possibly not being part of this class. Did I misunderstand you, or is that a real possibility?

Alex's picture

I mean anytime a committed player takes a visit elsewhere you have to be worried. Everyone kind of let it go once "all was well" once he returned home and spoke to OSU, but what has me a little concerned is that his cousin Marcelys Jones is now all of a sudden offered and interested in visiting FSU.

Could be completely off here, but my intuition has that as a little fishy. Something is or was going on with Munger and while I'm not sure exactly what it is, I wouldn't bet my life on him being in this class. 

Still think at this point he's in, but wouldn't bet my life on it.

rdubs's picture

In the recruiting world I wouldn't bet my life on virtually anything...haha

Poison nuts's picture

Marcelys Jones - our very first 2014 commit? Teammate of Marshon Lattimore? Same guy yes?

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Alex's picture

correct...didn't mean to scare anyone and I think Jones ends up at OSU....but he did recently receive an offer from FSU and is considering camping there this summer

Poison nuts's picture

Thanks for clarifying. Did sound a tad concerning for a moment there...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Ahh Saturday's picture

I realize this is a '13 thread, but since you brought up Marcelys Jones I have to ask, wth is going on there?

Joe4's picture

Do you see Munger and Jones as essentially a package deal, so if we were to lose Munger, Jones would be a goner, too?  I was looking forward to Jones recruiting for us! 

Alex's picture

Don't think they're a packaged deal by any means. But they are cousins so found it interesting. I think Jones is a safer Buckeye than Munger.

703Buckeye's picture

Alex, What's the deal with Munger? I know he's visited FSU but I thought it didn't mean much.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

Alex's picture

as of now he's a Buckeye and OSU has an in-home this week I believe...I just said I didn't have the best feeling he was 100% signed, sealed, and delivered...if he was why visit FSU? I think the in-home will seal it or will allow Munger to go elsewhere

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Who replaces Munger if he decides to go to FSU?  Do we go after a DT late, or do we bank the scholly?

Alex's picture

not sure we go after another DL...you know Meyer will look to just bring in the best players he possibly can though...I would personally bank the scholarship as we can surely use the space in what is looking like an epic 2014 haul

Joe4's picture

Alex, thanks for all your hard work.  I appreciate the way you not only post great recruiting articles but then get to work in the comments and answer specific questions.  What a fantastic site! 

rdubs's picture

Wow you guys are confident about Dontre.  I hope you are right, he has been one of my favorites despite not picking us a while back.  Losing Bell would be a lot easier to swallow with a big flip like Dontre (I know they don't play the same position, but both have impact player potential).

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I've got to be honest... I have no idea who we will land come NSD, but I trust the staff. 

tennbuckeye19's picture

You're not the only one. Whoever we end up with, I'm good. I think this is a heck of a class already.

rdubs's picture

agreed, if we pick up Skipper and Timmons or Elder before signing day, I would be okay with "just" that given what we already have and who we are high on in 2014.

UrbzRenewal's picture

Best guess: Dontre Wilson, Dan Skipper, and Ryan Timmons. Based on everything we know, everything I've read, and message board rumors. So I guess I'm most similar to prediction to Alex.

bucknut8's picture

As much as I would love to have Wilson & Timmons in this class, as I really like both, I just dont see both coming in here. I cant see Meyer taking Marshall, Elliott, Jacobs then taking Wilson & Timmons.
Im not trying to be rude or ignorant in anyway because Id love to have both. but, I just cant see Meyer wanting 2 more guys that can play the slot or "The Harvin" position.
Because many people have been saying Marshall will play that position very well in Meyers offense. But many others have also said that they wouldnt be suprised to see Elliott line up there also (while still play RB), and then Jacobs is also a slot WR. Timmons is being recruited for this position as well & Wilson is being recruited to play that slot position along with possibly RB.
I would LOVE to have Wilson & Timmons in this class. But idk how its possible to take this many prospects for this position when only 1-2 guys that can be playing that position on the field at once.


Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Well... He has offered Timmons and Wilson both, so apparently he can see them both going to OSU.  I see Jacobs redshirting. 
I also could see where they make the 5-11/6-0 guys WR's...  I've stated before that I don't see the need for 6-3 to 6-5 guys in this offense.  This offense is based on spreading the field and speed...  He could line up 5 wide with all of them being 6 feet and under. 

bucknut8's picture

Yah thats true to. but im going off of in most cases scenario.
I thought about the same thing but figured Meyer has been high on taller WRs & that he plans on having some in his offense.


1MechEng's picture

Gut feeling:
Elder, Timmons and Skipper. Smith's transcript causes him not to be accepted. Bell chooses Bama. Carrington, Wilson, and twins stay in Oregon. Hunt chooses Ole Miss. Clark to Clemson.
What I really want:
Bell, Wilson, Skipper, and Carrington.
C'mon Urbz and staff! Finish up strong!

DefendOhio's picture

Did I miss something on Wilson? Seems like you guys think he has a solid shot at OSU.

rdubs's picture

My guess is the visit.  If he wasn't serious about considering us he wouldn't bother visiting (even if it is paid for, it isn't very convenient).  The rest is Urban's recruiting magic.

buckeye76BHop's picture

Miles: The Buckeyes finish strong with Corey Smith at receiver, Dontre Wilson as a versatile athlete, and Dan Skipper at offensive tackle.

This from Miles seems the most feasible to me at this point...I noticed only one of you thinks Bell could be in this class....interesting.  

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AJBor41's picture

Confused...in the article, Alex, you say that you see Bell going to Bama and Corey Smith ending up at either Mississippi State or Tennessee.  Then in the summary, you say we end up with Wilson, Skipper and either Bell or Smith depending on certain issues?

Alex's picture

Yep I think they get Wilson and Skipper and that there could be room for a third.

I think they want that third to be Vonn Bell if they can pull off the last second upset. I think if Bell goes to Bama they want Smith in there, but transcript issues of credits transferring may not clear.

So that leaves one of the other prospects. I guess what I was saying is I think we get Wilson and Skipper. After that if we can take one more the preference is Bell or Smith, but if they can't get either they either bank the scholarship or take a Timmons/Elder

GV9's picture

Fun recruiting wrap-up prediction roundtable here.
Enjoyed the exchange and will look forward to seeing who gets it mostly right in the end.  

SilverBulletNYC's picture

Give me Carrington, Smith and Hunt. I don't like our chances with Bell and if we are recruiting Dontre Wilson as a WR, I think he stays at Oregon. I also wouldn't be shocked if we lose a recruit before NSD.

The South will NOT rise again!

WezBuck28's picture

Is anyone else worn out from all of these guessing games? NSD can't come soon enough!

Poison nuts's picture

Could literally not agree more. Feb 6 - come on down!!

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Jugdish's picture

Hopefully they all sign February 6, but what is the last day for signing?

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

Poison nuts's picture

April 1 - this year...I believe it varies yearly.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

buckeyedude's picture

April 1st? You're fooling, right?



Poison nuts's picture

Haha - sounds like it but nope.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

cinserious's picture

If your initials are T.P. its whenever you want baby!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

sfgoody's picture

Alex, have you heard any more about the rumor surrounding the not so mysterious olineman that may be transferring? IMO that makes the munger/hunt/skipper scenario even MORE important as we close the class. Also, if we did lose Munger, do you see the staff pushing to get one more commitment to fill that slot or maybe bank it til '14? I think they will get 3 more no matter what, and could have Timmons if they wanted as a 4th, but miss on the others regardless of our space.


L-TownNut11's picture

Ok, what happens if we sign more than 3 guys....Wont that put us over 25 guys, and therefore be "oversigning"?  Basically, what is the final number we can sign before we get labeled as oversigning?  I know some guys left the program so that factors in..........

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Right now we are at 82 schollies which is our max with the sanctions... If we sign 3 more we are over our limit but there are supposed to be more people leave before fall camp starts.  So... Yes we are oversigning.

Nick's picture

The staff already knows who is leaving most likely so as long as we are 25 or under we are not oversigning

Catch 5's picture

It really depends on your definition of oversigning.  Most people look more at the 85 (82 currently for OSU) limit than the 25 yearly one.  If OSU has less than 25 in last year's class, then it can back-count any signees who enrolled early to that class and not count against this year's 25, meaning you can easily sign more without violating any rules (see Texas A&M this year)

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

buckeyedude's picture

Just curious. When do the new NCAA recruiting rules take effect, and will this mean "Urban unleashed" recruiting? Hopefully he'll keep his contract with his daughter and not burn himself out. 



Smanpoint10's picture

i hope he can keep his contract. i am a bit worried about it too

cinserious's picture

Actually Urbz' contract clearly states that if there are any 'drastic' changes to the NCAA rulebook, then his family contract can be amended as well. Its under rule 248c [bylaw 30].

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Dublin68's picture

Skipper and Timmons

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Does the whole Munger visiting FSU have to deal with anything along the lines of he wants to play defense for sure?  I know it's widely rumored that he could potentially be put on the OL at tOSU, so I'm wondering if maybe he only wants to play D?  If anything, it would have been an nice lil vacation in a warm climate. 

Alex's picture

FSU is recruiting him at OL so I don't think so

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Ok, well there goes my theory haha.  I wouldn't mind seeing him end up on the OL though.

Alex's picture

two more spots are now open....O'Connor is transferring and Crowell medical hardship

Gfunk61's picture

Alex- do you think Urban knew for a while about these 2 players transfering and accounted for that in this 2013 recruiting class? 

Alex's picture

Yeah I think he had a pretty good idea

O'Connor was home sick....having to sit out and get micro fracture surgery didn't help his adjustment any

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Damn, losing O'Connor hurts... We're definitely going to need to start landing some players on the OL

USMC11917's picture

Was there a reason for O'connor transferring? We're not exactly deep at OL and he appeared to be a promising recruit last year.

Troy0782's picture

I would love to land Bell but based on everything I've read about his Bama visit it seems like he's all but gone. The fact he had two meals at Saban's house and he/his parents were quoted as saying they got to see a "different side" of Saban and Bell speaking highly of Saban's "plans" and how he can see why they keep winning National Championships is pretty definitve, IMO. I've let go of that pipe dream but am optimistic on the prospects of Wilson flipping though. In Urban, I trust.

KeithMC33's picture

That's unfortunate about O'Connor, he was a nice pick up last year. I believe we plucked him from Penn State, right? Hopefully we can have an relatively injury free year for the O-line again next year.

USMC11917's picture

I think he was a Psu commit and memory serves me he is from Colorado.

SilverBulletNYC's picture

We definitely need depth at O-Line. I wonder if that Gator transfer is still a possibility...

The South will NOT rise again!

KeithMC33's picture

Great call Silverbullet! That is a good question, and hopefully he is still in play, even if it's just for some additional depth!

1MechEng's picture

Rumor has it that S Jamie Wood may also get a medical hardship due to the repeated shoulder injuries (and subsequent surgeries) he has suffered. That likely opens up 1 more space for Urban this year.
Link to Wood information: http://theozone.net/recruiting/2012_13/Rosternumbers.html
On edit ... it looks like this is old news (Jan. 13th). Sorry folks!