Men's Basketball Open Thread: Missouri-Kansas City

By 11W Staff on November 23, 2012 at 5:55p

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There have been some odd plays by OSU. They have been going out on the baselinee twice now. Otherwise, the D looks better, and the O is coming along. Thus far, looking good.

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UMKC has missed 9 of first 10 shots. Looks like they wanna play up tempo so should be a high scoring affair tonight. 

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Nice block by Williams.

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That was a sick block by Amir. UMKC can't keep on shooting that badly.

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I think the team could be pretty good. Smith is a plus player. Craft and Thomas are elite. Ravenel is decent. Thompson and Scott are good defenders, even if neither of them can score. That's six players who can really contribute.
We'll see about Ross and Williams.

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any streams out there? can't get service through b1g2go.


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Only song on DeShauns pregame playlist

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www . first row sports . eu

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Craft's offense is looking great thus far. We'll see how it holds up at Cameron. 

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Rock me Amedeo and Trey M. sightings!

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Trey was doing a good job on the defensive end. It's encouraging to see.

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Scott just had a couple of great back to back steals and scores. Nice!

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Scott went to the Craft School of How To Play Basketball this summer from the steals to the powerful layups. It's been great to see. Hopefully they can take this momentum to the Duke game and smash them.

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I love it! Having a back up for craft badger is a great asset. I know last year I was on pins and needles when craft badger would have to sit with some fouls.
It's nice to know there is not a huge drop off anymore.
I hope so! It's going to really tell us how far along this team is this year.

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Granted, it's the Roos but I like the fact the team is not taking them lightly. They are playing hard and just dominating all facets of the game.

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Dear BTN why do you make it easier to watch your programming on a pirated feed?

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It's nice to see an OSU team not playing down to their competition.

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So Meyer was there during halftime. I wonder what his speech was... I'm so fired up for THE GAME tomorrw. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Muck Fishagain, screw scUM, we don't don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, 'Cause we're from O-HI-O.

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Nice speech by Meyer at half and the team is beating them by almost 40 points. Free fries are in the future.

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trying to find the video of the speech... hope someone is able to post it prior to tomorrow's game

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See if BTN has a short video on the site. They showed something during the  game.

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Scott is going to be really good.  Maybe not this year still, but by next season he will blossom into a true scoring threat.  He can get to the rim at will, but is still a little tenative at times.  

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Who's the scarlet mamba? 

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I imagine it's really difficult to get amped up when youre known as the kangaroos

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Definitely love the way that we are playing right now.

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Congrats to Mr. Shannon Scott on his first double-double during his OSU career.

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There's the exclamation point.