Mirror Lake Jump 2012

By Johnny Ginter on November 21, 2012 at 5:46p

Last night we went down to Mirror Lake because we heard that there was some kind of pool party or something? Anyway, it was pretty crazy (and though I tried to make sure the footage I used was safe for work uuhhh who knows for sure, really), here's some of what we saw:

In all seriousness, this is an awesome, awesome tradition, and it's nice to see that the students are carrying it on to the hilt. Well done, ladies and gentlemen. Music is from the always excellent High Street Stompers with their terrific cover of "I Wanna Go Back To Ohio State."


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Amazing. The fact you can hear the screams get louder and louder as you get closer makes it that much more intense. Go bucks!

I like football

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Ah, to be young again.

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I'm a sophomore, and I've jumped both years I've been here. Last night was about ten times as crazy as last year's was. Last year, I think I jumped two or three times, and then left. This year, I jumped 7 times, stayed around, and watched everyone go crazy. So pumped for The Game.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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It's always better when it's a home game.

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Take advantage of the years when you're physically able to stick around that long. In 2008 it was bitter cold and snowing. One jump was plenty that year. 

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2008 was the year I jumped. Oh-how-I-miss-Ohio State!

How firm thy friendship... OH-I-O!

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The 2008 jump was brutally awesome. I lived on Maynard ave that year (the walk from mirror lake had to be a mile away) and remember the snow coming down, I broke both sandals I had on --they stayed taped on-- and trying to stop in every couple restaurants on High street to run hot water on my hands/use the hand dryers. Epic event for an epic week

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TUCK FTUN!!!!!!!!!

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I was last in Columbus during a December post-regular season. I visited Mirror Lake and was so tempted to jump in all by myself in the middle of the day in a business suit.

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"I don't see what the big deal is with the Mirror Lake jump. I went down there, and it was impossible to do laps. I got so tired of yelling at people to get out of my lane, that I just went home. Totally overrated" -*ichig@n fan, probably


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mirror lake was an absolute blast this year. i was in the water for at least a good solid 20 minutes straight just running around in the water. this was my 3rd year jumping and probably the most fun yet. also we had a *ichigan fan in our group and he passed out at least an hour before the jump which we all found pretty funny

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OSU daughter graduated in June, was able to make it back for Homecoming, but is really missing the Mirror Lake jump fun and Beat Michigan Week. Is quite jealous of her friends at OSU who are still there that made the jump this year. Sounds like the weather was a bit more hospitable thisyear as compared to last year. Not surprsising what a 11-0 season + decent weather can do for a Mirror Lake jump. USC daughter just doesnt get it, poor girl.

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It was 55 degrees last year...

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Enjoyed being in town for T-giving and drove north on High around 10 pm. Surprised to see police directing traffic at 12th. They didn't do that when I was in school. In fact, I think people jumped in Mirror Lake only one year while I was there in the 90s.
With 5 OSU grads in the car, we were tempted to head over but I think we all felt a little old to go down. Had we been able to head west on 12th, we probably would have joined.
As an aside, for all you beer lovers, a new brew-your-own and bar will be opening, hopefully by the end of the year just south of (what was once the ghetto-) Kroger on High. It's a good high school friend opening the place, called Brü, and they have some awesome beers. So check it out when you are around. We were heading back from there last night when we saw the people traveling to Mirror Lake.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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Another great tradition!
Love the rivalry, hate TTUN!

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as an old gent, this just looks really cold now. 
though i've jumped twice in the past. 

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Getting my HS up.

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