Hate GIF: Prelude to Salt in the Wound

By 11W Staff on November 20, 2012 at 11:30a

Columbus, 1968. Jim Otis scores his fourth touchdown of the game. Moments later, Woody Hayes and his 8-0 Buckeyes went for a two-point conversion on the way to a 50-14 win.

Why did they go for two? Because they couldn't go for three.

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Is this the TD or the 2-point conversion?

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That one was in Columbus, not Ann Arbor.
This one was in Ann Arbor; 1969.  Michigan versus another undefeated Ohio State team:

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Then why is there blue and yellow in the endzone?

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Fixed. The end zone colors threw me.

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Unfortunately for your team MMan...this won't be happening this year.  Where's you down voting friend Hail????  Figured he'd be here for this one...

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Wasn't a road win

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This game was in Columbus.

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I knew that game was in C-bus but could never figure out the green and blue in the end zone.

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I thought they tried for the 2, (mostly because of confusion) but failed.

From the 2007 HBO special ---->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI7x_DDPcLo

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Looks like my memory was right.
"In 1968, the Ohio State Buckeyes, en route to a national championship, defeated their bitter rival, the Michigan Wolverines, 50-14. Late in the game, Ohio State held a commanding 44-14 advantage and scored one final touchdown. Rather than taking the more common extra point kick, Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes opted for a two-point conversion, which was unsuccessful. When asked later why he went for two points, Hayes said, "Because I couldn't go for three!", though players have commented that there was some sort of confusion on the extra point kick, and Hayes was just covering for his players. The comment came back to haunt Hayes as Michigan would upset Ohio State the following year, 24-12, spoiling a bid for another national championship."

From the 2007 HBO special ---->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI7x_DDPcLo

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They didn't actually get the 2.  It was 44-14 when they scored to go up 50-14.  Certainly wouldn't change the questions the reporters would ask Woody after the game...haha

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Updated. Damn, Ohio State history fail by me today.

My excuse: I wasn't alive when this took place.

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It was still my favorite all time play

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Otis looks like he was a load. I was 2 months old during that game, so forgive me if I just stated the obvious.

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That mich defender got trucked in the end zone....lol.

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Does anyone know the answer to the earlier question?  Why was the endzone decorated with what appears to be Blue diamonds and a Maize something?  In Columbus?  Did we run out of Scarlet and Grey paint? 

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Supertroll!! GG in their face.


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So, awesome! 
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