Men's Basketball Open Thread: Washington

By 11W Staff on November 18, 2012 at 4:20p

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The game is actually on @ 4:30 eastern, right?

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anyone with a link to the game?
Edit: got it, nevermind.

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Looks like its standing room only.

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You think aaron craft listens to "Pocket Calculator"? I like to think Kraftwerk is played as pump up music in the locker room

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DT is on fire

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Was the location of where this game is being played kept secret? Thomas high off the glass for 2. Go Buckeyes!!

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I did not expect that picture.
Nice layup by Craft.

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I like the way Thad has used his bench thus far.  He has let Scott, Amir, and Ross make some mistakes but stay on the floor.  Amir and Scott have found ways to contribute.

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A sweet 3 stroke by Thomas. 

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mmmmThomas is really developing into a team player. I like his evolution from a selfish freshman to an unselfish superstar

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well attended game, looks like maybe 1,000 spectators?

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uk filled the place to the brim last year

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UK travels for their bball. We don't. Unfortunately, we don't travel well for basketball....

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It's also still football season.

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Didn't even realize this game was on, good to see they are winning.

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Its MICHIGAN WEEK... every other OSU sport takes a back seat this week... Basketball's time starts on sunday.

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I upvoted you because it IS scUM week, however I some of us care about more than one sport. Go bucks no matter what you play. 

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I hate to play the "I called it" card, but I, uh, called it: when Thomas decided to come back, I predicted he'd have our biggest scoring season since Hopson, and might even challenge for the national scoring title. It sure looks like he's thinking about it.

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Thomas has 75 points in 3 games. He's well on his way to having an awesome season.
We all know why Kentucky sold the place out last year. They only care about basketball and most of their fans probably don't even know they have a football program. Unfortunately though, I know a fair share of OSU fans who don't care about basketball, which is a shame.
The Duke game November 28th @ Cameron Indoor should be a good early season test to gauge where this team is at.

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the fact that we beat a decent team in udub on a neutral floor when much of what i was thinking all game was how ordinary we looked outside of crafty and deshaun is a great sign. this team is good now and has a ton of room to improve. by march, could be something special.

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Just keep taking care of business guys.