Catching Up with Demarre Kitt: OSU Offer

By Miles Joseph on November 19, 2012 at 9:00p
Kitt is explosiveDemarre Kitt got his long awaited OSU offer

It's not hard to notice the Buckeyes are in need of playmakers at the wide receiver position.

The staff is out on the recruiting trail trying to bring offensive weapons to Columbus for the class of 2013 in the form of James Quick, Shelton Gibson, MarQuez North, and other top prospects at the position.

While the class of 2013 is expected to finish strong when it comes to receivers, the 2014 class is loaded at the position and one of the country's best was recently offered by Ohio State: Tyrone (GA) Sandy Creek's Demarre Kitt, a recent Georgia de-commit.

At 6-1/180, Kitt boasts offers from some of the top colleges in the country including Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Ohio State, USC, and many others. He is rated as a consensus four-star prospect and had a 247 composite ranking as the seventh best wide receiver in the country and 91st best player overall.

Alex spoke to Kitt earlier this year when he took a visit to Ohio State and enjoyed his time on campus despite most of the Buckeye coaches being on vacation. Now with an offer in hand, he is looking to make a return visit to Columbus in 2013, naming the Bucks among his top five along with Georgia, USC, Clemson, and Florida.

We caught up with Kitt to get the scoop on his offer from the Buckeyes, why he's interested in Ohio State, what will factor into his decision and more.

Keep reading to find out more about one of the country's fastest rising prospects in the class of 2014, WR Demarre Kitt.

You were just offered by Ohio State. How did that go down?

I called them about two weeks ago because I was interested in the program. They told me they would get back to me on [last] Tuesday. I talked to them on Tuesday and they offered me on the phone.

Who offered you? Who is your primary recruiter at Ohio State?

Coach Withers offered me. He's going to be my primary recruiter. We're just starting to build a relationship.

Why are you interested in Ohio State?

Just the history and tradition of the school and the way Coach Meyer coaches. Those are a few of the things that really matter to me.

Do you think you'll visit OSU in the near future?

I'm probably going to get out there for a visit sometime this spring.

What would you like to see on your future visits to Columbus?

I want to see the game atmosphere, the family type environment, and get to talk with the coaches.

Which schools are standing out?

My top schools are Ohio State, USC, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, and Auburn. Georgia is not completely out of the picture either.

When would you like to make a decision?

Probably at the Army All-American Bowl [January 2014] next year.

What will be the biggest factors in your decision?

The coaching, the type of offense the team runs, and the relationships with the coaches.

Describe your relationship with fellow Georgia recruits Nick Glass and Raekwon McMillan.

I've known Nick since 8th grade. I talk to him almost every day. I've also known Raekwon for quite a while. We all talk about Ohio State and other schools we like.

What goals do you have throughout the rest of the recruiting process?

I just want to enjoy the process and work hard so I can get better on the field.


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Nick's picture

Recruiting in GA looking good here's to getting Kitt, Glass and McMillan! JOIN ROBY AND HEYWARD AND COME NORTH!!!

MotownBuck's picture

Demarre is nice. To call up and get an offer within two weeks. Wow....
I think once the 2014 chips start to fall they're gonna start falling fast ...

Trotwood-Madison. Once a Ram, Always a Ram.

AtlGABuckeye's picture


If you happen to read this...from one Georgian to another...

Florida/Florida State: they wear jorts down there. You know this. Nuff said.
UGA: its just high school all over again.
Clemson: that place is so small you feel trapped.

THE Ohio State University was the best decision of my life. It's seems impossible but some how a school of 50,000 plus feels like family. Even when u move out of the state...we are everywhere. The atmosphere is incomparable. There's nothing else like it. It's truly special. The history, the traditions...unreal. and as far as playing ball, ill leave you with this:

Ohio state has produced the most NFL players of any school in the nation. I'm sure u know this...

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin. :)

Good luck and God bless!

"Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

Geraffi's picture

Well said atl!

buckeyedude's picture

I have a feeling you might be Ohio State's second-best recruiter, after Urban.



biggy84's picture

Join the good guys! 

CowCat's picture

Look no further, young sir.  Be part of the tradition, the excellence.  The largest fan base in all of college sports welcomes you.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

cinserious's picture

Kitt looks to be proactive in trying to become a Buckeye. All he needs is a game-time atmosphere or spring game; some one-on-one with the coaches; and a 'family-like' atmosphere from his future teammates.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Mi.Buckeye's picture

Any idea on what recruits are going to be at "the game"?
Kitt said "I want to see the game atmosphere, the family type environment, and get to talk with the coaches."
I don't think he was talking about "the game" but how amazing would that be to be in attendance and whitness what is going to happen this weekend?

tennbuckeye19's picture

Look @ this link. You'll find a list of all the visitors for The Game.

buckeyedude's picture

Too bad he couldn't make it to The Game Saturday.



Remington2323's picture

Same high School as Calvin Johnson