Eleven Dubcast: Beard Buddies

By Johnny Ginter on November 14, 2012 at 12:00p

I don't really know what it is. Maybe it's the general douchiness, maybe it's the loss a few years ago, maybe it's the horrible leg tattoo, or maybe we're just sad, insecure people. But man, Sarah and I just can't stand Bret Bielema.

Badgers and dachshunds got beef on these streets

Today's Dubcast is fleet of foot and fancy free, in that we come off the bye week swinging for the fences on a whole range of topics, not the least being the upcoming game against the Wisconsin Badgers. Sarah isn't too concerned; I'm a little less optimistic, and we break down the potential matchups that will matter in the game, the most important (and most obviously stacked in Ohio State's favor) being Urban versus Bert. Er, Bret.

And shooty hoops! Sure the Carrier Classic didn't work out, but Albany got their butts handed to them in fine fashion and we break that down as well. Add in an outstanding Ask Us Anything (and seriously, ask us anything at elevendubcast@gmail.com) where we briefly become music critics, and you've got a recipe for a delicious Dubcast stew! Here's how everything went down:

0:24- Sarah and I talk about the basketball team's first actual, non-condensation ruined game, where they played pretty well and showed some interesting and positive things that might indicate good stuff down the road. Then we move on to football, and the looming Wisconsin game this week.

21:42- Ask Us Anything! We've been getting some awesome, awesome e-mails as of late. I particularly enjoy the ones where you guys ask us to make life choices for you as it allows me to play god in a safe, non-legally binding way, but we also enjoy the questions that show how smart 11W readers are. The one about linebacker depth next year is a particularly good one.

40:25- Yo momma jokes, but with Bret Bielema's name in place of yo momma. Yeeeeeppp.

Finally, the music used in the Dubcast today was "Friends" by Led Zep, and "Song for Junior" off of the Hello Nasty album by the Beastie Boys. And that is it, see you guys next week!



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IBleedSandG's picture

I'm liking the "beeper" Bielema joke. "...because he still has a beeper, because he's Bret Bielema!" Awesome. You could have ended the joke right there.


thatlillefty's picture

i dropped that link... give me a proper shout out!

Sarah's picture

Well, not if you're going to be bossy about it.

Bucksfan's picture

Bret Bielema dating advice: "First of all, you need to pick up some things at the store.  The first thing is a gold chain.  It's a must-have.  If you ain't got gold, then you ain't got bold...amirite?  Alright, how's your rug situation?  Do you have a bearskin?  No?  And she still said yes when you asked her out?  Okay, I'll let you borrow mine, but just this once!  After that you need to go out to the Arctic Circle and trap your own.  It's gotta be a white bear...for...(quote signs with fingers)"obvious reasons."  Next, body oil is preferable, I mean you're definitely going to invite her back to your place for a body massage as it is, and you have to be prepared.  I don't necessarily need it because I just use my face generally...if you're in a bind, just go out to your car and use an old wrapper from Wendy's.  Music.  Look, I don't know what you're into or what works for you, but there's absolutely nothing that gets me rockin' and rollin' better than some Carpenters.  That Karen has a hell of a voice, and what a bod!
That should do it.  If there's an emergency, page me."

dumpus's picture

for some reason, i just watched the "Ty Webb trying to seduce Lacey Underall" scene from Caddyshack in my head at the thought of Bielema trying to be smooth...


BucksfanXC's picture

I regret that I have but one upvote to give you.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody