Wednesday Practice Updates: Penn State

By Kyle Rowland on October 24, 2012 at 7:40p

On Saturday night, just hours after he was crumpled on the Ohio Stadium turf, Braxton Miller tweeted. “All Good.” After Wednesday’s practice head coach Urban Meyer and Miller reiterated that message. 

Saturday is a distant memory for Braxton Miller.

Meyer said the quarterback has practiced at full strength the past two days and will not be limited in any capacity Saturday at Penn State. Despite his heroics versus Purdue, Kenny Guiton has not taken more reps with the first team. It’s business as usual for the Ohio State offense.

As his tweet showed, Miller said he knew he was fine Saturday. He’s rehabbed his neck throughout the week by stretching and icing it. It’s helped alleviate discomfort and now Miller said it is only slightly sore.

Much has been said of Miller’s reaction to being injured. Some people have even gone as far to criticize him. When he went down, Miller said he was dizzy and didn’t know exactly what was injured, just that it had never happened before.

Miller has watched the replay several times and said it’s one of those plays that make you clench your eyes. When he takes the field Saturday, there will be no hesitating. It will be the same old Braxton.

As he lay in a hospital bed undergoing a series of tests, Miller said he kept asking the nurse to give him an update on the game. They finally let him know about the Guiton directed comeback.

  • The biggest injury aside from Miller’s neck is the knee of Jordan Hall. Meyer said he’s taken a step back after re-injuring it and is being held out of practice. A redshirt is now a possibility, according to Meyer.
  • Meyer said his emotions got the best of him on his postgame on-field celebration. He said he looked up at the students and knew how excited they were.
  • Miller’s willingness to step right back on the field this week doesn’t surprise Meyer at all. He said that’s how uber-competitive players are.
  • Jake Stoneburner said it’s a typical Penn State defense – good linebackers, in particular Mike Mauti, and a physical defensive line. Stoneburner said it will be a dogfight.
  • Some players like road game, others don’t. Stoneburner is one that enjoyed opposing environments, especially Beaver Stadium.
  • To get to the field from the visitors’ locker room you literally have to go past fans and a concession stand. Stoneburner said they see a lot of middle fingers and hear plenty of F-bombs on the walk.
  • Despite the sanctions and scandal, Stoneburner said he doubts fans will be more humane and hospitable.
  • Since a majority of the coaching staff is new, Stoneburner said they’ve been asking veteran players what the atmosphere at Penn State is like.
  • Stoneburner said he’s taken plenty of scary hits in his career. There have been times when he’s been cross-eyed, dizzy and had blurred vision.
  • The Buckeyes have not been playing according to Meyer’s “Plan to Win.” Stoneburner said it’s a great plan and games would be much easier if they would just follow it.
  • Carlos Hyde said Penn State’s defense is very good at tackling and doesn’t allow too many explosive plays.
  • After watching film, Hyde said he’s surprised Penn State isn’t undefeated.
  • Johnathan Hankins said Meyer has done a great job in his first season as head coach. Hankins said Meyer always keeps a positive vibe around the team and motivates them well.
  • Guiton said more people have been talking to him in class this week.
  • After the game last week, Guiton said he had so many text messages that he didn’t go through all of them.
  • Sitting on the bench for four seasons, Guiton said he wasn’t sure when he’d get the opportunity to play. He thought it would come at some point and he’s glad he took advantage.
  • Guiton and Chris Fields are best friends – Guiton said the two of them have talked some time about when their time would come. They delivered against Purdue.
  • Asked to describe Miller’s mood, Guiton used the word “jolly.”


kr66osu's picture

Jordan Hall just can't catch a break

Oyster's picture

I love the guy and I cringe everytime I think about cutting your foot on glass.  One of my favorite memories was a long TD run against tsun during Coach Tressel's last year.  He has heart, and that goes a long way!

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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It would be a huge break for Hall to get to play for Urban and with next years Buckeye team in bigger games and a bowl. Don't feel bad for Hall, I bet he doesn't feel bad for himself.

D. Anthony

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Not sure he would see it that way.  It sucks being hurt.  Players want to play.  With time and perspective he may eventually see this as a blessing in disguise, but I'm pretty sure he's not happy about it now.

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Could you imagine if they can red-shirt him and next year after a full year of Urban Meyer and bringing in his first recruiting hual on his own...we also have Hyde and Hall in the backfield???  Oh My...the possibilities!!!

Michigan Fan: "We lose a long snapper and the whole team goes to shit!"

chitown buckeye's picture

To bad about Hall. Obviously, a silver lining would be the medical redshirt. Would be great for both him and the team next year. More leadership next year, rest this season to get completely healthy and have a solid year next year. 

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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Don't think it has to be a medical redshirt for Hall because he has never redshirted. Usually RS seniors who were injured and missed a significant portion of their senior year will apply for medical hardship and a 6th year of eligibility.
In the case of Hall, since he has never redshirted, the option is available to him and the team if he is not healthy by years end or chooses to shut it down and come back next year, no waiver needed.


chitown buckeye's picture

Forgot he hadnt redshirted. Should have looked it up but quite lazy on this Wednesday night! Thanks for the correction.

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it would have to medical. if a player, no matter what class, plays and logs minutes in a game they cannot be red shirted for that season. thats why sabbino got his a year ago for this season. he didnt play a down

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Thanks fo the correction to the correction! Medical or plain redshirt, Hall will be playing next year which is a scenario where everybody wins! Except the rest of the Big 10.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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I wouldnt mind a full season of Earth Wind and Fire with Hyde, Miller and a healthy Jordan Hall.

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Earth, wind and fire!  Love it!

Michigan Fan: "We lose a long snapper and the whole team goes to shit!"

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I know how hard he's worked, and how unforturnate Jordan Hall's injury really is.  I hate the idea of a Senior paying his dues and getting a redshirt, but I am almost hoping for one in Jordan's case.  I just want the kid to be able to come back for three reasons specifically

  1. Theres a good chance that he doesn't go to the NFL, if he doesn't get a redshirt, this will be his last season playing football. Injured and on the sideline.
  2. He should get another shot at proving to NFL scouts that he can make it in the League and I have faith in him.  One more season will be one season of ways to impress the scouts
  3. He'd be a big boost to our National Title hopes next year

Whatever happens, Best of Luck to #7

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Gotta love Buckeye Braxton!!! The kid was knocked silly, has no idea what it was, sitting in the hospital and all he can think of is what is the score!  Love this kid!!!

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If a redshirt is what Hall wants, then he'll get it.  He hasn't utilized one before and if Nate Williams was granted a Medical Redshirt then I'd assume Jordan will too.  

Meyer said his emotions got the best of him on his postgame on-field celebration. He said he looked up at the students and knew how excited they were.

This ^^^^ was my most pumped up moment for an OSU coach since JT won the National Title and did this.  

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If I recall the rules correctly, he will only get back the games he cannot play this year, not an entire year.  I fully support a medical though.  Just think what he could do next year in a second season under Coach Meyer.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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He gets a full season. 

buckeyedude's picture

I never heard of that rule, Oyster.



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Why the down votes here??? So he didn't know the rule - that gets 5 down votes? Wow.

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Oyster's picture

Here is the basis for my statement.  It's not as cut and dried as people think.
Though often called a "medical redshirt" by sportswriters and sportscasters, the actual term is a "medical hardship waiver". The concept goes like this: Every student-athlete who meets the minimum academic standards coming out of high school gets four season of NCAA Division I Competition eligibility in each sport.
If a student-athlete is injured during a season and cannot return to competition, he or she may qualify for another opportunity to utilize that season of competitive eligibility.
To receive a medical hardship waiver - in any sport - the injury must limit the student-athlete’s participation to no more than 20 percent of the team’s contests (rounded to the next whole number), with all participation occurring in the first half of the season.
Therefore, for a football player, the maximum number of games that he can play in and still receive a medical hardship waiver is three (20 percent of 11 equals 2.2, which is rounded up to 3), and none of his time on the field can occur after the fifth game (the sixth game of an eleven game season is considered in the second half of the season).
In the case of a 12 game regular season (ie. Virginia Tech's 2000 home schedule), none of the player's time on the field can occur after the sixth game.  The seventh game of a 12 game season is considered in the second half of the season.


3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

avail31678's picture

But Oyster, it doesn't say anything in there about limiting games NEXT year, it only stipulates when he could have played this year to still be eligible for the medical hardship.  I think your original post said he'd have limited games NEXT year, and I don't see anything about that in the above explanation.

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Nuts unite.

vacuuming sucks

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I was really worried about Miler not being himself and going "Miller Time" on Penn St. Glad to hear he's all in. I hope we convert every third down, to break their D and the fan's will

I like football

danavh4's picture

I agree...I just think we have to shake things up a bit.  I feel that we've been a little too predictable in tight games.  Would love to see Guiton and Brax on the field at the same time.

Michigan Fan: "We lose a long snapper and the whole team goes to shit!"

BuckeyeTilIdie's picture

Glad to see that Coach Meyer is considering the redshirt! My only question is where do you play Jordan Hall next year? Has to be at WR right?

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d5k's picture

Doubtful. He will play rb and may get shifted around if they do some 2 rb personnel like they planned this year.

buckeyedude's picture

I get the feeling that Guiton is always going to be a fan favorite, no matter how much he plays the rest of his career at Ohio State.



cal3713's picture

I think we've all been cheering for him ever since his spring game performance a couple years ago.  Then he got screwed last year when he should have won the Nebraska game for us... so it's really great to watch him get a chance to succeed.  Yep, a fan favorite.  What a great outcome.  

cinserious's picture

It still pisses me off Guiton never got the chance he deserved in 2011 at Nebraska! How many legion of Buckeye fans have to say WTF to insert Guiton over Bauserman? 

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BuckeyePride's picture

Glad to hear miller is good. Sad to hear about Hall. I'm with you Douger...we need to be relentless

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Glad Miller's feeling 100%.   Still, we won't know until Saturday night how the hit from last week will affect him.  It's easy to say that you won't let up or change the way you play, but others have said as much but looked visibly different on their first return to the field.  Then again, if it moves him to step out of bounds and sacrifice a handful of extra yards sometimes instead of getting hammered, that's okay with me.  

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

I've got the perfect solution for B.Mill to stay healthy the rest of the way!

Just don't get tackled...

On the oppenents 12... 12 yard TD run
On the 50... 50 yard TD run
Backed up on our own 7... 93 yard TD run

Hey, a boy can dream, right!

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

You know, when they announced the bowl ban, i thought Meyer should redshirt every senior with a redshirt available... giving the youngsters a chance to learn this year, and coming out ready to destroy everyone in 2013... and kinda sticking it to the NCAA in the process!

spqr2008's picture

It would have been funny, much like the f*** you email I sent to NCAA compliance, stating that I understood that I could not give $250K to Denard Robinson but did anyways, so that he could buy new shoelaces.  I think everyone should just start making stuff up about their rivals, then the NCAA will be so overwhelmed they won't be able to do anything.

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Interesting how J. Hall came in a yr after Pryor to help win a N.C. with him and as it turns out it will be to help Braxton and the Buckeyes win a N.C. in his 5th year.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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"Jolly." Haha. Man, Kenny Guiton is the shit. 

Class of 2008

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Guitton deserved every phone call and text he got, after that game he probably needed an assistant for all the love he was receiving .... and deservedly so.


Buckeye_Mafia's picture

As he lay in a hospital bed undergoing a series of tests, Miller said he kept asking the nurse to give him an update on the game. They finally let him know about the Guiton directed comeback.

I don't care what the critics or certian Buckeye fans say.  This kid is the warrior that we have all been waiting for at the QB position! 

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

danavh4's picture

Love that the coaches on this team believe in the leadership so much that they ask them for advice.  Says a lot about how our program has changed since we played in the Outback Bowl vs. Lou Holtz!  I was never more emberassed to be a Buckeye than I was during that game....complete loss of control by the coaches and players.  Just brought it up because I'm glad those days are behind us.

Michigan Fan: "We lose a long snapper and the whole team goes to shit!"

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That was such a team effort on Saturday. No way they get to 8-0 and no way they will get to 12-0 without a team effort each week.