Hey, New Dry Goods

By 11W Staff on October 15, 2012 at 4:55p

New shirts at Eleven Warriors Dry Goods!

We added a couple of great new designs, ported a few of our classics and best of all, added a women's line to Eleven Warrior Dry Goods.

To celebrate, we are offering 10% off all orders through this Friday, 10/20. Just use the code below at checkout.

10% off on all orders at Eleven Warriors Dry Goods through Friday


Earle's picture

The shirts look great.  Any chance of expanding the sizes offered?  An XXL option would be nice.

Just say no to italics abuse.

Jason Priestas's picture

Thank you. We hope to offer XXL soon, but don't have a date yet.

LadyBuck's picture

Is the Cupid4 shirt really free??

LadyBuck's picture

Darn. I was so excited.

Jason Priestas's picture

Thank you for your honesty. Have some helmet stickers.

jenks's picture

My great seal tshirt arrived just in time for the Indiana game. The new ones look great!

ajbosu1's picture

Love the design and creativity that goes into them. And the models...wow are they thrilled to be there. 

Jason Priestas's picture

Default AA hipster models. We desperately need our own.

bodast67's picture


                   "Come on man"




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

bodast67's picture

Definately need 2x & 3x for us big boys. I am good for 4 shirts a season at least.




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...