Eleven Dubcast: Eat Too Brutus 2012

By Johnny Ginter on October 10, 2012 at 12:00p
Are you down with the E2B yeah you know me

Sarah and I are known for our eclectic internet stylings, and this week is no different, as we bring to you a double shot of Dubcast. In shot number one, you get the unvarnished truth that is the Studs Terkel-esque account of Eat Too, Brutus 2012, our wildly successful fundraiser for DownSyndrome Achieves. It was a ton of fun in the sun, and we hope that this little video we threw together shows you guys just how awesome the day was.

Then, of course, it's our regular internet podcastin' jam, and we talk about the Nebraska game a little bit and just what made it so awesome. It's short, sweet, and to the point, like a itty bitty piña colada to brighten your day.

Sarah and I will be back to our regular routine next week (and I promise we'll answer those questions you sent to us at elevendubcast@gmail.com), but for now, enjoy my craggly maw asking weird questions to complete strangers.

The music used this week was "Lakehouse" by Of Monsters and Men (by request!). So that's it! A successful Eat Too, a successful Nebraska game, and a successful Dubcast. See you guys next week!


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shadybuck's picture

I think kevin pereira would be really good to play johnny in a movie

M Man's picture

You just violated our copyright on "Little Brother" (6:45).  You'll be hearing from the MGoLawyers in the morning.
Correct answer to the question of the day:  It is impossible.  You cannot defend against the bubble screen.
I hope that this was the last Eat Too Brutus that I miss.  Great video.

buckeyeEddie27's picture

"He's like your little brother who just got a part time job makin minimum wage, kicked his heroin habbit" --loaded guy       LOL priceless.
Thanks for the vid! 
*I saw me!

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

DJ Byrnes's picture

Yeah I was on one that day 

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Maestro's picture

Looks like fun, oh that darn bubble screen.

vacuuming sucks

klfeck's picture

I saw me too, yay I'm on the interwebs.......
Great event, can't wait to do it again next year. If you haven't been, you owe it to yourself to attend.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Maestro's picture

I think the better question would have been who would play Sarah in a movie?  That way we could have seen a bunch of drunk guys trying to come up with an answer that would flatter Fair Miss Hardy.

vacuuming sucks

GoBucks713's picture

Allison Brie gets my vote.

-The Aristocrats!

Sarah's picture

Hah, suck up. Funnily enough, I too got "Adrien Brody" as a response...white brunettes all look the same, I guess. 

GoBucks713's picture

Suck up?? Really?? I figured you would want a good looking brunette that has impeccable comedic timing! She's perfect for the role. And also, if it puts her here in Ohio, that means I'm that much closer to my dream of making her my future ex-wife. I just wish she were a bit taller. And no Skee-Lo jokes.

-The Aristocrats!

The_Lurker's picture

I have never been so close to something being filmed and yet been so oblivious to it.

ChicagoBuck's picture

Mark Dantonio mumbles curses to relax.

darkhorse3d's picture

I'm just glad to see the Dubcast no longer thinks the sky is falling in Columbus anymore :)

Sarah's picture

Did we ever? Because I know I've made fun of those people in past editions of the Dubcast. 

bstadnik's picture

Does this mean I'm semi-famous now that I've been interviewed on 11W? 


Go Bucks!

SchankHaus's picture

I had no idea I was so loud and obnoxious until 5:40.  And that I could prophesie Boren playing LB the following week.