UCF Bucknotes

By 11W Staff on September 7, 2012 at 12:00p

Bucknotes are your pocket guide for the game. Print them off and amaze your friends with your knowledge and insight.

The UCF Knights, led by resume padder and former Notre Dame coach George O'Leary (five days does a tenure make), will face the Buckeyes for the first time on Saturday. Both teams opened with impressive wins—UCF thumped Akron on the road 56-14, while Ohio State took care of Miami in the Shoe 56-10—but Vegas is liking the Buckeyes more and more with each passing day as the line opened at 14.5 but has quickly moved to 18.

Fun fact: When the Knights line up with a tight end to the right side of the line, from center to tight end, they'll have a Jordan, another Jordan, a Justin and another Justin. Jordan McRay (RG) and Justin McRay (RT) are twins.

Saturday's tilt will also serve as former Buckeye Joey Galloway's first Ohio State game in the booth for ESPN, where he'll be paired with Beth Mowins.


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GoBucks713's picture

Knightro? Who comes up with this stuff? Medival Gladiators? Where's Medival Mike Adamle and Larry Csonka when you need them?

-The Aristocrats!

BuckeyeBoyer85's picture

Galloway was very insightful and knowledgeable when I saw him on CFLive. Who is the best former OSU player in the booth or the studio? Lots to pick from including: Spiels, Robert Smith, Herbie, Carter, Eddie...I'm not sure who I'd pick each one has pluses and minuses.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

William's picture

Robert Smith is probably the best. No bias, doesn't bullshit, just tells it like it is. 

grcunning's picture

I like Spielman, but maybe I'm biased because of who he is. The guy was playing pro football with a screwed up neck because he loved the game so much, but gave it all up to help his sick wife. That's a man's man for you.

grcunning's picture

Just to let you know, you have Ben Buchanan on there twice, with different height and weight.  Having said that, these Bucknotes are great. Last week's ended the game in pretty rough shape.  My wife says I must really be an addict since I'm interested in who the bench warmers are.

Jason Priestas's picture

This has been corrected. Thanks for catching that.

gravey's picture

Steve Miller is not on the numeric roster at #88...
but thanks...nice!