Miami Tuesday: Practice Updates

By Kyle Rowland on August 28, 2012 at 7:51p

Ohio State is one day closer to Saturday’s season opener versus Miami (Ohio). And they are happy for that because Monday and Tuesday are in the past. The beginning of the week provided grueling practices for the team. 

Improved throwing? Check.

Two more “real” days of practice remain, with Friday being designated for a walk-through. At Tuesday’s practice three more black stripes were removed: Craig Fada, Armani Reeves and Craig Cataline. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of the two Craigs it’s because they are walk-ons.

  • Braxton Miller said he’s eager to get his black jersey off for Saturday’s game. He said not being able to scramble has made him improve at making reads and completing passes.
  • Entering his sophomore season, Miller believes he’s a more mature player and a better leader.
  • Because of the complexity of the offense, Miller says it can be more difficult to grasp compared to last year. He has to make much quicker reads.
  • Miller said he feels natural in the offense this season and comfortable in the pocket, something he didn’t experience last year. He was never really able to get comfortable until the end of the season.
  • Bloody Tuesdays require mental toughness, Miller said.
  • The offense improves every day in practice simply by going against the Ohio State defense, according to Miller.


  • Miller said an ideal game for pass attempts would be between 18 and 20.
  • Jake Stoneburner’s move to wide receiver has opened up a lot of possibilities, Miller said, because he is so versatile.
  • Defensive lineman and captain Garrett Goebel said the emergence of the freshman at that position has added considerable depth to the line.
  • In practice today, Goebel said he was observing Tommy Schutt and thought to himself, “Where’d that come from,” because he’s only a freshman, yet performing so well.
  • On the Nathan Williams front, Goebel was coy, saying he’s been a part of drills and is looking to play. He didn’t shed too much light and said he didn’t want to ruin any surprises. It could be a joke or he could be serious. We will find out Saturday.
  • Goebel said one reason the freshmen have risen to the two-deep is because they’re so coachable and are able to pull through tough days.
  • Now that he’s a captain, Goebel said his responsibilities have not changed and that he’s always tried to be a leader, regardless of his title or position on the depth chart.
  • Goebel said some of the younger guys have asked him more questions, but everything is mostly the same.
  • Running back Carlos Hyde raved about the offense, saying fans can expect more explosive plays this season.
  • Hyde said if the execution is sound, every play could be explosive.
  • There will be quicker scoring drives and the Buckeyes will move the ball down field in a hurry, Hyde said.
  • Hyde said Bloody Tuesday has more live periods and more instances of the first-team offense and defense going against each other.
  • Cornerback Travis Howard, coming off a disappointing season, said Urban Meyer told him he was going to push him and get the most out of him. 
  • Howard said he is thankful for the coaching staff making him compete and become a better player.
  • From Howard’s vantage point, Philly Brown is the playmaker on offense. He said they try to get him the ball any way they can.
  • Howard said Brown has been making big plays throughout camp.
  • The first time he heard about Bloody Tuesday, Howard said he was worried. After going through it, he said it is all about mental toughness.


Buckeyejason's picture

18-20 pass attempts? I figured there would be more.
Love hearing good things about Corey Brown..need him to take it to another level this year.


Maestro's picture

Miller only attempted 18 or more passes in 3 games last season.  3 of the last 4 games of the season.
All 3 were losses FWIW.
In 2008 Tebow had 21.2 pass attempts per game.  Crystal Trophy.

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyejason's picture

I just thought coach Herman was more of a pass happy O.C.? Wouldn't we have more attempts being in a hurry up offense..I don't remember if Florida ran it?


osu07asu10's picture

Coach Meyer has said repeatedly that this is going to be a power running football team that operates from the spread. He actually said he hates the "basketball on turf" references about the spread meaning that it is a pass happy offense. Some spread offenses are but ohio state's wont be.

I would have thought we would pass the ball a  tick more than that say 24-26 times a game, but regardless the focus point of the offense will be running.

I now have a list.

Maestro's picture

You are probably right.
I think they want more balance though.  Figure in 10-15 rushing attempts for Miller and that's half of your offensive plays are passes or Miller runs.  The other half is Hyde/Hall/Smith/Brown/Dunn I would guess.

vacuuming sucks

Squirrel Master's picture

not to mention if the weather is crappy like they are predicting, I bet there will be less than 18 passes. They will run the power read a lot! 

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Nappy's picture

That was my reaction too especially since Herman said he wanted to run 80 plays a game.  

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

ARMYBUCK's picture

^^ I thought the same thing.  I would have to say if that projection is right then UFM will have his 1000 yd. back.  Enter Carlos Hyde.  Id rather that than have Braxton throwing 35-40, for sure.

dmurder's picture

I would say its a good plan. We at least want to throw the ball 20 times a game. This will evolve as we see how well braxton grasp the play book and how horrible the other teams secondary plays!

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Buckeyejason's picture

The read option is going to be scary good with Braxton and Hyde/Hall/Dunn !


ATXbucknut's picture

Urban said he wants a 50/50 split between run and pass, or, ideally, slightly more running than passing. That would certainly suggest throwing it more than 18-20 times per game if the offense has about 60 snaps a game.

Buckeyejason's picture

I was thinking the same thing.


Ross Fulton's picture

You have to remember that if you call 25-28 pass plays Miller will likely scramble 5-10 times. 

Buckeyejason's picture



Run_Fido_Run's picture

Good point. Also, I don't know the context of the question. Did Miller mean that an ideal game for him was to throw 18-20 times, or the offense overall? Hopefully, by the time Miller has thrown his 18th pass, the Buckeyes will be obliterating Miami OH.
In an "ideal" game, the Buckeyes are destroying fools on the ground: approximately 25 total pass attempts for about 200 yards and approximately 45-50 rushes for 300+ yards. 
If they fall behind in some games, they might throw more than 50/50.

ryanosu03's picture

Yeah, i would hope Braxton will be relaxing on the sideline by the 3rd Q, and the 2nd string is in the game

Dougger's picture

what an awesome picture sir
and hopefully tons of TDs on saturday

I like football

OldColumbusTown's picture

I think the ideal run/pass ratio will depend quite a bit on the defense. If the defense is focusing on stopping the run and they stack the line, then we'll see a ton of WR and bubble screens to keep them honest. And, conversely if they press up on the WRs and decide they'll take their chances with the running game, we'll probably see even more zone reads or counter treys.

THAT is what I love about this offense. By the very definition of its philosophy, there are options and versatility within the confines of the base offensive structure. Who knew constraint plays existed?? Obviously, apparently not Jim Bollman...

Ross Fulton's picture

Fantastic post!  That is what balance is all about--not number of runs versus passes.

cinserious's picture

The more i hear about Philly brown, the more exited i get. I feel like he took urban's negative comments about the wideouts to heart the most and did something about it. Maybe urban saw something in him and lit a fire. Maybe urbz knows he has his ideal guy for that position in his offense and just hasn't let on yet. I'm really liking that possibly.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

thorvath22's picture

"From Howard’s vantage point, Philly Brown is the playmaker on offense. He said they try to get him the ball any way they can."

That is probably because his vantage point is probably fbehind Philly or 7-10 yards away.

Seriously though I hope Howard has improved...we need a yin to Robys yang.

Larryp713's picture

Haha, that is fantastic. I do think Howard has improved, based on comments from Coach Meyer. I think he was trying to say the Philly could be very special. It sounds like they all have benefited from the competition the new regime has brought. Go Bucks.



Buckeye06's picture

I hope miller doesn't have to pass it more than 15 times...
meaning he only plays 1 half or so.  Then Guiton can get 15 more and we can let the younger guys have their time to improve during a game

buckeye76BHop's picture

Not sure what to expect but I know this...OSU will be 100% improved from last year.  I wouldn't worry so much about stats as long as it results in a win.  

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Buckeyejason's picture

I have to disagree on the 100 percent. They lost 3 starters on the o-line who were very experienced..I don't think the o-line will be improved quite yet this season. Next year though I expect a top 3 unit in the big Ten.


bassplayer7770's picture

I'm not saying we'll have the top unit in the B1G, but the starters do have experience (Fragel's being at TE of course).  A few of them have more experience at other positions, though.  To me, the questions arise if there are injuries.