Carlos Hyde is Ready

By 11W Staff on August 28, 2012 at 9:20a

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Loving Coach Meyer's reaction.

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I tried telling u guys, to me he seems like a Rashard Mendenhall type of player. He can do everything well, has more speed and power than u think, doesnt get enough credit, 1000 plus yards this year.

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Love how coach digs in and tries to deliver a pop, but then the train comes thru. I could watch this all day

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Love how the guy on the left, totally steps away and hides behind the dude kneeling down... and then is like, "oh, let me help you up, brah."

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I bet that was a shock. Had to have rattled his brain a little. He isn't a really young guy. Give him the concussion test. Urban did indeed enjoy it though.

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Hyde is gonna be all "F*** your tackles im Carlos Hyde" this year as he runs over people. Can't wait to watch the game this Saturday.

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Not sure if this has been reported yet, but relevant to the RB situation, I just saw Joey O'Conner at Marketplace and he was helping Warren Ball learn how to use his crutches. I'm hearing foot surgery? Anyone have information

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All I know is that recently Meyer said he was a probable Redshirt candidate and out indefinitely.

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Kyle Rowland ‏@KyleRowland
Warren Ball suffered a mid-foot injury and underwent surgery, is out indefinitely, according to OSU spokesman. 

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I was at Marketplace today too and saw them as well. Joey looks like he's gonna be a good one!

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He had a cast, so that seems more than likely. If you have a cast on this close to the season, and you're at a deep position, a redshirt is the best option.

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Sad though, because he looked RIPPED

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I agree I think it's good for Ball to redshirt. We'll really need him once Hall and Hyde are gone.


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Runaway taco truck? 


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El Guapo' that's a name for a taco truck.

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Was that Drayton getting blown up?

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yeah I think it was Drayton

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Yes, it was Coach Drayton who got knocked on his @$$...

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Whoever that dude is, give him a raise.

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Yes I believe it was indeed Drayton

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vacuuming sucks

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Coach Meyer wasn't just laughing. He was trying not to laugh. That is totally different because you know he was pumped seeing that. He just kept cracking up about it!
There better not be a 4th and 1 that is not handed off to Hyde!

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or boren..both can truck people

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El Guapo is going to ruin some people this year.  The waiting...I can't.  

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You got knocked the f@#$ out!!!
    - El Guapo

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Truck Stick!!!............ My favorite part of that whole thing was Stan Draytons comment from the ground. "I knew he was gonna do that"! hahaha After Drayton just yelled at him the time before for not going hard!

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The real badass in that video is Stan Drayton...he actually stepped up against a kid in full pads knowing he was gonna get smashed. His buddy on the other side was a bit softer with his technique...

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"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Looks like I'm going to spend the rest of the day trucking people.

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Awesome fanservice is awesome.

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Nighty night coach..someone get this guy an ice pack and an ammonia inhalant..

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I hope he isn't a Mendenhall type. He's paper soft and despite his size isn't really a physical runner. Not as physical as a guy with his build should be. I do like the 1K prediction. He's going to get plenty touches and can break off his fair share of big runs. Interested to see how his hands are.
The Taco Truck might be the best nickname ever...but what happens when the Taco truck hits Taco Charlton? Hilarity ensues? Hilarity ensues.

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Be advised, looking for a red Chevy pickup. Driver is said to be (stiff)Armed and Dangerous! Be advised!

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BOOM!  Hey Drayton, how was your trip 5 yards downfield courtesy of Air Guapo?  CRUSH IT!

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We have Boren the run away beer truck..and Hyde the run away taco truck. Hells yeah!!


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I'm glad you mentioned Zach.  It almost seems like a closely guarded secret as to how he will be used in this Offense, and I can't friggin' wait to see it!

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I couldnt stop laughing when I saw that on the all-access show lol. Urb just turned his head n laughed lol.

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Ha, Meyer trying not to crack-up! 

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I thought I was ready but now I'm ascared.

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I LOVE THIS CLIP! That's exactly what I did the first time I saw it...watched it over and over again.  Man it's GREAT!  A matter of days folks...ahhh I can't wait.  

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Now that is freak'n funny. Love Meyer's reaction and how Draytons right leg flies up as the last flail of impact. Good stuff.

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I got so pumped I talked my wife into holding a pillow while I came sprinting down the hall at her.  Now no more football in the house and it's probably going to be a long time before I get to truck her too!