Eleven Dubcast: Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

By Johnny Ginter on March 14, 2012 at 1:00p
Some might call me a successfully awkward penguin

Baby's first podcast!

With Luke away on important government business tracking down gun runners in the Rub' al Khali, Johnny is left to his own devices. His mission? To record, edit, and publish a podcast all by himself, for the first time ever. It's a tall task, but luckily his easily confused ass will be assisted by one Sarah Hardy, Eleven Warriors' resident all-around basketball guru.

In this episode they discuss OSU's run through the B1G tournament, why Big Ten teams might be on most teams' hit list during the NCAA's, that warm feeling you get in the cockles of your heart whenever Tom Crean is sad, and why Community is the smash hit of the mid-March (in terms of shows once thought to be canceled but then not canceled). Let's break this thing down:

  • 1:34 - Johnny and Sarah discuss Ohio State's hustle and flow during the Big Ten tourney, and how various OSU players (including Sarah's BFF Aaron Craft) will fare going forward as they face the Loyolas of the college basketball universe.
  • 14:30 - A nice breakdown of the NCAA tourney, quad style, as we talk about the favorites and potential spoilers in each region. Spoiler alert: for the love of God, do not fill out any bracket based upon my personal predictions. My method essentially boils down to "whichever team seems like they would win a Pop A Shot competition" so I may not be the most reliable source.
  • 37:40 - Sarah's wheelhouse is good TV, and in our final segment she tells you why it's imperative that you watch and closely follow the return of television's funniest show and also mankind's crowning achievement, Community. Returning this Thursday on NBC, it airs at 8, which means the basketball gods have heard your cries and responded by allowing you to laugh and cry to your heart's content well before the OSU game later that night.

Intro music is the Charles Barkley, Shut Up and Jam Gaiden remix of the Space Jam theme song by the Quad City DJs, and the outro song is "Life Is Beautiful" from the seminal videogame Deadly Premonition.

So sit down, stay a while, try and not begrudge my horrible editing skills too much! It's the best Eleven Dubcast ever, at least until the next one.


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jfrank373's picture

Great guest host this week. You'll have to have Sarah back again in the near future. Mark me down as the third listener for this week's dubcast.

Sarah's picture

Thanks! You're in good company with Johnny's mom and my mom. 

jfrank373's picture

You might of just brought me on board with Community. I'm a huge Joel McHale fan. I love his sarcasm and watch The Soup every week but never got into Community. I just wonder why after a long hiatus, and a big fan following, they would come back on the first night (first real night) of the NCAA Tournament.

Sarah's picture

Btw, this is what Luke Winn wrote that I not-so-eloquently tried to summarize:

It’s my belief that you need a defense ranked in the top-25 range in efficiency to have a great shot at the Final Four or any real shot at winning a title. Historically, high-seeded teams with great offense/mediocre defense efficiency profiles — the last two Adam Morrison Gonzaga squads, Chris Paul’s last Wake Forest team, and more recently, 2008 Drake, 2010 New Mexico and 2011 Notre Dame — have failed to make deep tourney runs. 

jfrank373's picture

Last year's BYU Jimmer squad comes to mind too.  I think they were a sweet 16 exit.

Luke's picture

I think I've decided my rapper name is now 'Luke Win'.

LadyBuck's picture

Community is just a ton of random, fail humor. It's okay to watch, but I'm not fond of it. I would rather watch Grimm or Myth Busters or NCIS. 

Good job with the podcast, though. Thanks!!

Sarah's picture

Community isn't for everyone, but for those of us who love it, it's a cleverly constructed show with intricate jokes that rewards attentive viewers. 

And thanks!

RedStorm45's picture

So...just curious, did you guys not count the 2nd half collapse at home v.s. Wisconsin or the 2nd half collapse (and of course, subsequent game winner) at Northwestern as "playing really well since the home loss to MSU."

Not sure if everyone here realizes that Sully had PLANTAR EFFING FASCIITIS which led to his back issues.  Recovery time - typically 6 months.  Even if his recovery time was shorter, he was only out a couple games.  That's not an issues that just disappears that quickly.

D.T. MVP? Craft...did you see the big ten tourney? Absolutely is the start (and end) of our defense.  Completely disrupts opposing offenses.  And have you seen the offense without Craft in there? Lost, unorganized, etc. No offense to Scott, but Craft's knowledge of the game, ability to run the offense, leadership, and lockdown D make him irreplaceable.  No question my MVP is Craft.

Give the team some props for nearly winning the big ten tourney with Buford basically a no-show.  It was encouraging to see them just kind of go and not wait for #44 to hit shots.  However, the last 10 minutes against MSU the offense went stagnant.

Can big ten officials call games in the NCAA tourney with big ten teams? i.e. Will we see Kitts and Valentine again?

Sarah's picture

I think you misunderstood us. We said that Deshaun Thomas has been hitting his stride since after the first loss to Michigan State, and that the team has been playing well since the second half of the win against Michigan State. 

RedStorm45's picture

You are correct, I am bad with dates.  Agree about Deshaun, he's had 12+ points in each of the last 8 games.  And unlike Buford, he can get his points on fewer shot attempts (see: 53% FG).  I just think it's a stretch to call him MVP of the team when Jared clearly means so much in the middle and attracts a lot of double and triple teams and Craft really understands the offense and where the ball needs to go, not to mention he disrupts opposing offenses point of attack.  For me, it'd be: 1. Craft 2. Sully 3. D.T.

Bucksfan's picture

Johnny, Community, The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec are scripted, too.  I don't know if you were implying that they weren't by pointing out that Big Bang and 2-and-a-half-men are.  They're all scripted and heavily rehearsed.

Sorry, Sarah, but Community is not my cup of tea, either.  I gave it its chance for at least 3 episodes...that's my cutoff.  Don't mean to hate, just the way it is.