Catching Up with Adam Breneman: Closing In

By Alex on March 1, 2012 at 5:30p
Breneman is the nation's top tight endBreneman is closing in on a decision

When we spoke to Camp Hill (PA) Cedar Cliff  TE Adam Breneman back in January he had recently eclipsed the 20 offer mark and was rising fast as the top tight end recruit in the entire country.

Since then, the offers have continued to pile in for Breneman, but it appears he has closed in on a decision as he took to twitter today to announce he would be making his college choice public next Friday, March 9, at his high school.

While he originally wanted to wait until at least spring to narrow his list, a few schools quickly rose to the top after some research and trips to check out some top level football programs.

Maryland, Penn State, and Ohio State, as well as Notre Dame, were the schools that stood out and that the top prospect visited this winter. It appears the pending decision will likely be one of those four schools, with two of those four leading the way.

It is no coincidence that after visiting Penn State on the weekend of February 18 and then coming to Ohio State this past Monday, February 27, that Breneman is now set to make a decision, something he didn't necessarily plan on doing before sitting down with his family last night to discuss his feelings on the schools he had interest in and where he was in the process.

It now appears the Nittany Lions and Buckeyes could be the two schools left standing in the running for his services, but with things shut down until next Friday, we are all left guessing and waiting on the edge of our seats in anticipation for one of the country's best to make that decision known.

On Breneman's visit to Penn State he got the chance to meet the Nittany Lion's new head coach, Bill O'Brien. O'Brien sold the Pennsylvania native, who grew up a die-hard PSU fan, on staying home and being used in his offensive system the way tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski were used the past two years when he was offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

Breneman said the visit to State College "went very well" and after he returned home, Penn State fans everywhere began to buzz that things were trending their way for his services. Despite saying publicly that his fandom would not have an affect on his decision, it was hard to bet against PSU as many of you reading this would have a hard time turning down a scholarship to play football for Ohio State if given the opportunity.

Adam could have been done with his visits right then and there, but one of the schools that offered him early and had been recruiting him hard needed to get a look. After originally planning on coming to Columbus the weekend he ended up going to State College, Breneman scheduled a full day trip to check out what Urban Meyer had to offer and see the campus, facilities, and academic side of the university.

During the trip, time was spent with pretty much the entire coaching staff as they rolled out the red carpet for the future Under Armour All-American. Breneman spent time with Luke Fickell, Tim Hinton, Greg Gillum, and Mike Vrabel for most of the morning, before enjoying the entire afternoon with Urban Meyer himself.

Breneman is a wanted man by Urban MeyerBreneman enjoyed his visit to Columbus

During his time on campus, Adam said that he "got a really good feel for the program" and "was extremely impressed with the offense and how I would be used". While Bill O'Brien was selling the success of Aaron Hernandez in the NFL, Meyer sold his success while at the University of Florida and how he was able to take Hernandez's talent and craft him into the offensive weapon he is for Bill Belichick today.

After departing from his one day trip, Breneman said "the visit gave me a lot to think about", bringing us to today where things seem to have been narrowed down to Ohio State and Penn State. As of around 8 PM last night Breneman still was not sure of his future plans or a timeline regarding a decision, saying "I will sit down with my family soon and map out the future".

That family meeting obviously happened within the last 24 hours and it has been determined that all that needs to be known is known. Breneman will announce his decision next Friday, March 9, at 7 PM in an open-to-the-public press conference at Cedar Cliff.

While we have to wait a week to find out what the decision is, it looks like either Urban Meyer or Bill O'Brien will have a smile on their face come next week. Either Breneman goes with his childhood favorite and the home state school or he picks the Buckeyes and their coach with a proven track record of maximizing his players' ability.  I am not sure which way this will go, but the good news is we will find out soon enough.

Come back to 11W for the latest scoop on Breneman's decision next Friday as we keep you posted on the latest regarding the nation's top tight end.


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Matt's picture

Good stuff.  I still think he goes to PSU, and I won't blame him if he does.  Like you said, any of us would pick OSU in a heartbeat.  And the fact that he's doing the announcement publicly, in a highschool full of lifelong PSU fans, tends to suggest he's going the PSU route.  Not unlike Dodson, really.  We still are a probable lock with Heuremann, so missing out on Breneman would not kill us. Of course, it'd be great if he came on board, too.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

You mean like Lebron?

Matt's picture

What does LeBron have to do with anything? He announced his decision in Connecticut, not Ohio.

pcon258's picture

yea as great as it would be if he joined osu, its hard to fault a guy for staying home, especially given everything that has gone on at penn state

Matt's picture

BSD seem pretty confident he's coming their way.  They just got a commit from a good QB, and they seem to think that was enough for Breneman to make his decision:

JasonBuck's picture

I'll hope but won't be shocked when he picks PSU. Would love to have this kid and all he would bring to our offense but can't blame a kid for wanting to stay home, even if it is PSU!

Alex's picture

I personally don't think the QB committing had any impact on Breneman. I think PSU is his long time favorite and I would be somewhat surprised if he announces for OSU. I think it is something like 60/40 or 65/35 he goes Penn State but know OSU gave it their all here. I am excited for next Friday, but Mike Heuerman will be a nice addition :)

JasonBuck's picture

Do you think IF he chooses Ohio State that it will impact Heuerman's decision at all?

Alex's picture

Not one bit...Mike loves OSU and is not scared of competition

Poison nuts's picture

I hear you Alex. I like Mike.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

mshaf's picture

The only thing that keeps me thinking he might come to Ohio State is the looming NCAA hammer that might be getting ready to come down on Penn State.

Alex's picture

As I said in the other thread on the forums:


Not sure which way this one goes but here are the facts:


  • Breneman grew up a PSU fan
  • Breneman visited PSU on Feb 18 and had a great time, but still no decision date set after that
  • Breneman visited OSU on Monday and had a great time as well. Loved Meyer and how much time he spent with him.
  • 3 days after his OSU visit, Breneman announces he will make a college decision.

This will be OSU or PSU. Either the OSU visit sold him completely on the Buckeyes and he is committing to Urban next Friday or he is going to Penn State and wanted to see Ohio State just to make sure Happy Valley was the right place for him. Complete toss up and hard to bet against PSU but OSU definitely has a shot.

Doug Funnie's picture

I read somewhere that academics were his #1 priority and he was interested in Business.  (Maybe it was on Bucknuts)  Either way OSU's Business School Fisher is ranked higher (25) than PSU's (40).  PSU's 1 speciality is Operations and Logistics Management which is 5th in the nation, OSU is 6th or 7th ranked in Ops & Logs, plus we are high ranked in other areas like Accounting.  If he is not lying and academics is #1, OSU would be a better fit, BUT that isn't to say that PSU business school is bad, it is also very good.  (Got Stats from 2012 US News and World Report-Top Undergraduate Business Schools)

Personally I still think PSU, hope for OSU.

juventas's picture

Never saw a game in the Shoe.........he's all PSU, IMO.

TNBuckeye1421's picture

He is going penn state. Childhood dream is a hard thing to beat

Bucks43201's picture

I totally understand if it's his childhood dream, but the bottom line is: come to OSU and play for championships...go to Penn State and get stuck in irrelevancy, ala Diggs at Maryland

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

Alhan's picture

Speaking of Maryland, what is it about them that's making them attractive to so many top recruits?  I saw that prior to narrowing it down to tOSU and PSU, Breneman had Maryland on the list as well.  

It's just surprising to me considering some of the things I've seen about their coach (not to mention never having won anything).

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

buckeyedude's picture

I heard he's going to State Penn because he thinks the helmets are kewl.



Seth4Bucks's picture

‏ @PSUinNC
Dear fans of various schools, PSU included, remember that when @AdamBreneman87 makes his announcement he is still a kid. Don't be an ass
Retweeted by Adam Breneman!/PSUinNC/status/175341866353557505

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I'm hopeful that this tweet means something promising. I have no idea who Brian is or how well he knows Adam and what his decision might be. Still, why'd he single out PSU as possibly being disappointed? And Adam retweeted it . . . 


BlockOHBuckeye's picture

He didn't single out PSU. He said "Dear fans of various schools, PSU included." If he said fans of other schools without mentioning PSU, then that would be a dead giveaway.

Statutoryglory's picture

Maryland has relationship with Under Armour like Oregon does with Nike.  Prob has that cool feel as a result.

beserkr29's picture

It's true.  What is cooler than being ridiculed nationally for having horrific uniforms while playing mediocre at best football?  They're sitting on a gold mine, I tell you!

TNBuckeye1421's picture

Have you seen their unis??? I went to school with one of the designers and have been giving them crap since! Not winning! that should be enough to turn away any D1 prospect.

Buck U's picture

Who ever talked about Maryland Football until they had all the different uniforms?  How many college football fans can tell you how Maryland's season went?  Most people talked about the uniforms and the fact is kids do like all the different uniform styles even if some are absolutely horrific.

Look at Oregon.  I never heard anything about the Oregon Ducks until they started getting press about their uniforms.

Ugly or not, the different uniforms get these schools noticed and 18 year old kids that are going to play college football like the idea of getting noticed.  IMO

TNBuckeye1421's picture

Unklike the Maryland uniforms I loved our combat uni last year and two years before that White and Grey.... This year Im pulling for a Black and Red!!!

Alex's picture

Final prediction for me is Penn State...hope I'm wrong

BuckeyeUro's picture

It makes sense Alex, If I was Breneman and wanna commit to tOSU, I would not do it at my HS gym filled with PSU fans. Looks like Diggs senario to  me, wish him luck though no fault commiting to his childhood dream.

bassplayer7770's picture

Diggs announced in a known hangout for Maryland fans.  I would think a player's high school gym would be about as neutral as it could get.

tennbuckeye19's picture

I hope he chooses OSU. Like many of you, I'm wondering about the timing of his decision, and how he's only visited Penn State and OSU. I'm trying to be optimistic of our chances.

But I am curious what you guys think about how the Sandusky scandal has hurt Penn State's recruiting. You have the cover-up of the sexual molestation on numerous levels, the legendary coach forced out only to die a few months later, and you have a new head coach with zero head coaching experience trying to rebuild and restore some sense of dignity to the program. And without sounding insensitive to the subject, I am really wondering how they are selling the program to a kid, whether they grew up a fan or not.  How do they give a recruit a tour of their football facilities and walk them through the locker rooms without the kid and his parents thinking about the fact that at least one kid (and perhaps multiple others) was raped in the shower there.  


ThirdLegLouie's picture

If a bunch of different people were giving me houses, and all the houses were comparable in size, location, etc., I wouldn't pick the house where people had previously been murdered-- same as a prospective student athlete--with colleges giving me a scholarship, I wouldn't go to the one where children had previously been raped. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

BuckPirate1981's picture

From this article Breneman recommended himself, he visited all four schools, not just OSU and PSU. For what its worth, I agree that it will likely come down to OSU and Penn State. I don't think the Sandusky scandal will hurt PSU recruiting any further, at least until the federal government wraps up its investigation. While the NCAA is talking big, they are likely to do nothing as most of this is out of their jurisdiction. Apparently the feds must think there is much left to be uncovered, aside from the 50 counts already against Sandusky, and have their eyes on Penn State's role in the matter. From the article, they appear to be looking into "the possibility of a cover-up at Penn State, as well as possible bribes, fraud, or misuse of federal money." From the article, "fraud" can include such statements as "We don't have any unauthorized persons using the training facilities," which we know for a fact Sandusky had been using for some time. 

It makes you sick that after knowing what he did, Spanier and company let him have free reign of the place, including watching Paterno's 409th win from the President's box. Given the large amounts of federal dollars that go into a place like Penn State (or Ohio State or anywhere else for that matter), if I was someone considering Penn State as a student I would have to think about it for a second. In that regard, this is a much bigger decision than the football program alone, if knowing you're using the same showers where that happened isn't enough to make your skin crawl (five of the victims were abused in the Lasch building, where the football team calls home).  NCAA sanctions and some jokes in poor taste should be the least of your worries, kids. If the university failed to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act for short) as might be suspected by the Department of Education in their investigation, the school could face additional penalties the NCAA could only dream of applying to an institution. Given the nature of what is required under the act, it is not out of the realm of possibility. Even with Sandusky under house arrest and under trial, the Nits aren't out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot