Urban Introducing His Staff At Halftime

By Johnny Ginter on January 15, 2012 at 7:01p

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I guess he'll have one less person to introduce now . . .  doh.

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that is all

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Thank you Buckeyenation for giving Luke Fickell a well deserved ovation. He took a bullet for the program, and it was nice to see the fans recognize him for it.  Also no matter how many "O-H's" Gene Smith says, you can still hear the boos, lol.

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I heard that too, and while I understand some frusteration with him about the NCAA sanctions, it could easily be argued that he is the best AD in the country.  At the time of the Gator Bowl we had 4 winter sports teams in the top 10 in the country, our student athletes' cumulative GPA was over 3.0 (the highest in the history of the school), and he had just hired the best football coach in the country.  Not to mention the fact that we have one of the best sports programs financially as well with football essentially paying for more varsity sports than any other university and we still made money the last time the numbers were run.

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Gene Smith didn't hire Urban Meyer... Bobby Schottenstein and Les Wexner hired Urban Meyer.

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I echo the comments from RDUBS.  The ovation for Coach Fickell was amazing and well deserved.  Class act.


As far as Gene Smith as AD of the year.  Hold on now.  How he and Gee handled the situation was not AD of the year worthy.  When you are in charge of the biggest budget of almost any university in the nation, is like being CEO of the largest company.  He handled it poorly.


At any rate, Meyer is the absolute right thing to do for this program.  We are re-energized and the man is of Action.  I have no doubt the men will be ready next Fall.


Bring it.


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Loved it. Amazing. Could have done without the boos for Gene Smith. Makes us fans look like the senseless lunatics we're often accused of. While I'm not thrilled with all his moves - I wouldn't have booed - just wouldn't have cheered. Anyway - seeing Fickell get that ovation was perfect! The future looks good.

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I don't like booing in any instance. It sounds too much like whining.

But I think Mr. Gee and Mr Smith look like Frick and Frack or the Keystone Cops of the college world.



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I booed Gene Smith and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. He's tried to sell i-dots in Script Ohio,  and he's threatening to make the marching band pay to have St. John Arena open for Skull Sessions. According to the Lantern, student ticket prices are among the very highest in the nation at $35/game, even compared to other football-crazy schools, which sell student tickets at less than $10/game (Alabama, for instance, only charges $5). Students are squeezed out of better seats at basketball games in favor of the rich and tenured. The athletic department may be doing well financially, but it's because profit is being squeezed out of every tradition we have and every student who wants to come to the games.

Not to mention he couldn't have handled the tattoos/Tressel/DiGeronimo issues any worse. 

Fuck Gene Smith.

Show them Ohio's here!

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They charge $35 because there is a higher demand for Ohio State tickets than Alabama tickets or other prominent programs. Alabama actually has issues selling out their stadium at times, the Shoe ALWAYS is a sellout, regardless of the opponent. Also, Ohio State sells more tickets to students than most, if not all, programs (I have read that they sell the most but I cannot confirm). Therefore, they charge more so they can recoup the lost revenue. Plus, even though I never did, students can sell their tickets for a price much higher than the $35.

In regards to the basketball tickets, I remember when there was NO nuthouse and just club level seats surrounding the floor, it sucked. Now the athletic department has done the right thing, actually creating a tradition, and placed students down on the floor. Which they had to give up the club level seating revenue in order to do.

So, profit is not "being squeezed out of every traditing and every student who wants to come to the games". 

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Our student section seats 1400 in a stadium of 20k. Duke's student section seats 1600 in a stadium of 10k. It took students protesting outside the Schott for Smith to add another 1000 student seats that were placed in the upper bowl. Gene Smith could care less about having a student presence at basketball games.

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I knew my comments would elicit some of the responses they did.  Still I stand by them.  I think he also got bad advice from both the lawyers and communications firm that he was consulting with.  He should have been much less outspoken about the lack of a bowl ban, and maybe have seen it coming.  Mistakes were made with that situation.  However I guess all I am saying is that I am not sure we could do a whole lot better, given the overall athletics situation.

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Good thread RDUBS.  We can all agree to disagree.  Touchy subject.


I am never ok with booing in general at college events.  Paid or not paid, they are 18-22 yr olds.  We look like idiots as fans when we do that (across the nation).  Guess a lot of folks don't see that.


Gene got a taste.  Remember, he was suppose to MC and introduce on 'Bobby Knight night' but OSU did a quick change and brought in Archie.  That was the day of the bowl ban.  Guess he thought enough time had elapsed.  OSU fans don't forget things like that.  We are tough fans, for sure.  We expect a lot and give a lot.  That is what makes us and defines FANS.


Have a great day BuckeyNation as we observe MLK jr day.  Important.

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Best AD in the country?  Epic Fail, my friend.  As AD, Gene's number one task is obviously to oversee athletic department operations.  Ohio State was just hit with "Failure to Monitor" by the NCAA.  That falls squarely on the shoulders of Gene Smith.

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Decker is a buckeye. Very nice.

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Just read that! Exciting stuff, glad to keep a good Ohio player in state!

Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead.


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fuckin LOVE IT!!! SO HYPED

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Looks like urban is cleaning house this class could get interesting really quick.

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Decker, then Dodson, and Diamond to finish. The three D's.

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

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Got massive goose bumps when Luke walked across that floor, wow....

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that's what it's all about

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The entire announcement was surreal. 

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I really love the thunderous welcome Luke got.  I hope he knows how much his efforts and his potentially career-suicide-for-the-team are appreciated.  

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crowd erupting for our new OC before his name was even said FTW! Bollman you are an afterthought!

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ok, the guy is gone.  Can we finally stop the madness on all the comments on the former coach.


Ever heard to 'Move on.'  All the jokes have been said.  We have our 'Guy' and his staff.  


Turn the page already...


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You telling me they couldn't find anything OSU-related for Nikki to wear?  She looks like a step-child in that group. 

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I'll hook her up...

with some OSU gear.

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hold up bro... that's family

she is a lil sister to all of us now

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It would be hard for her to seem to be going against her own team (GT volleyball). I am sure that she will be a huge supporter of the program, but would we want one of our players being seen with another schools logo on? I wouldn't!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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Vrabel was introduced as the D-Line coach... I'm assuming that Luke will be taking back his position coaching the Linebackers along with his Co-Defensive Coordinator role?

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I. Can't. Stop. Smiling.

And good on that crowd for recognizing Luke. This year sucked, but that man never complained, did what he could, and obviously cared so much about the team all year.

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I'm ready for some frickn football... now


The crowd said it all for me

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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I've felt the OSU offense has needed an overhaul for a while, and I'm just glad they hired someone like Meyer who realizes you need to have great coaches on the defensive side of the ball as well.

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At this point, the rest of the Big Ten should design its recruiting plan by calling Meyer first.


"Hey Urban, its Mark. We were looking at this kid from Cle....oh...you got him huh? Ok what about this receiver from Kentuc....oh him too? Um...there is this kid from Canada? Really? We can? Thank you sir".

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lol... for real though

these guys are just wasting there time otherwise

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Beautiful Brewster. I lol'd on that one.

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"You guys ready to open it up on the offense???"




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Dear Fellow Fans Of Ohio State,

Thanks for letting Luke Fickell know how much he was appreciated.  It seemed like both he and Meyer were kind of taken aback, and it was GREAT to see everyone at the Schottenstein Center give him such a welcome.

THAT is why he stayed.  THAT is what it means to be a Buckeye.

THAT was awesome.  GO BUCKS!!

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Goosebumps. I can't wait to beat the hell out of some teams.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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I have to say, that brought a bit water in the eyeballs!!!  What a fantastic fantastic fantastic way to let Luke how much he is appreciated in Columbus!!!  He handled a grossly horrid situation with class and conviction and did the absolute best he could.  I am elated that Urban kept him!!

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Hard not to be pumped, and now we'll have to wait to see who Urban hires as CB coach.

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Link to an interview with OC Tom Herman (though I caution: espn article)



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Everything i wanted to say about Luke's welcome today has been said, and said well.  Tedglover

you hit the nail on the head my friend.   GOBUCKS!!!!!     I'M SO PUMPED!!!

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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So awesome.


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Can't wait to drive in for  the Spring game from PA already! How many will be in attendance for this year's game? More than 95,000?


Buckeye in PA purgatory

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My eyes welled up for the ovation that Luke got!

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Looked like he knew why and felt awfully good about it.

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I also had some dust particles fly into my eyes about the same time as that ovation.  It's usually not that dusty in the Schott :)  I was proud to be a part of that, and it made me proud to be a Buckeye!

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I just got back home after a long drive from Columbus.  I managed to get a few Lower Bowl tickets to the game with the students--apparently getting there 90 minutes early isn’t “early” enough, as we were 8 rows behind the basket instead of the long-side of the court, where most students are.

The halftime show was extremely emotional for myself, as I am a recent Alum of THE Ohio State University.  I was born and raised a Buckeye, and as a high school kid, I applied to 8 different schools (OSU being the 'worse' schools of these, academically speaking) knowing that no matter what I was going to be a buckeye cheering on Jimmy T at the Shoe every Saturday.  Little did I know, my dreams of these expected glory days became a complete embarrassing disappointment and #UTTERSHOCK (See 41-14, @USC, vs. USC, Tat5 Scandal, etc)  The only national championship , I witnessed while a student was the NIT championship… Anyhow, enough about my hardships…

Today was one of the best days of my life; it marks a new era.  I feel like I was just introduced to new technology or like a new dimension.  The fact that OSU Lenzelle was crushing the Hoosiers at the end of the half only added to the emotions/anticipation for the best half-time show ever. It is kind of sad that Gene Smith was booed (it was only students boo-ing him), but the moment Urban’s name was announced, the Schott blew up.  There were lots of comments from raging-hormoned college around me talking about how hott Urban’s daughters were #SECTalent.  People were joking about how his 10(?)-yr-old son was the “future-of-OSU” as a QB. Luke deservingly enough got his praise. “Were going to run the Spread Offense, Open it up a bit”… that’s when it got rowdy, despite the fact that no one actually knows who this Iowa guy is.  The Buckeye Bounce was played after the ceremony, perfect timing.

I literally almost cried.

*Sweet revenge always is always nice (Wisky and Purdont last year, Illinois to come soon)
*We’re a very dangerous team at home, btw


Go Bucks! Roll-Tide!

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Still so wierd to have him as coach.  Very surreal.  And awesome.

Michigan Sucks.

P.S. I thought we were going to retire Seven Nation Army.  It's Pedd State's theme song.

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Overall I'm really pumped about the new staff. Does anyone have any idea who the new DB coach could be? Do you think Withers could take over since he was the DB coach for the Titans? Or do you think they will hire someone else?

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I believe Safeties are already part of Withers' responsibilities.  I would be surprised if Urban didn't hire somebody to focus on CBs.

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Am I wrong or did they not air this on tv? I didn't see it.

Loved the ovation Luke received.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Can I say that here? Hope so. Props go out to that Indiana game crowd for that Fickell applause. I totally had a man tear going.

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It was on Fox Sports Ohio.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.