Video: Urban Meyer's Introductory Presser

By 11W Staff on November 28, 2011 at 9:20p


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Gunner Kiel...a Buckeye? One of many things that make you say "hmm", in the following:

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I heard that Gunner could be in play for Meyer, and why not. Can't hurt to make a run.

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Isn't Kiel a pro-style pocket passer? I would imagine he will end up in South Bend where his dad played QB. That's if he wants to play for a coach who throws fits and points fingers at players during games.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Kiel is an excellent passer, but he's also pretty mobile, he runs like a fullback (Tebow).

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He most certainly does not run like Tebow.

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LOL! you mean the one highlight were he ran over the 5 foot 2 safety.  I will wait to call him the next coming of Tebow when he plays a down in college.  Maybe for us maybe not.

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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I never said he was the next coming of Tebow. I said he runs the like guy, as in he's willing to run through a guy, or lower his shoulder and get extra yardage. They both have a similar physical running style. You might want to actually read what I posted. I sad he runs like a fullback, which Tebow also did. No where did I say he would be the player that Tebow is/was.

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"Really? In this video he certainly does" .....That is your quote.  You said in that video he runs like Tebow.  Anything else?

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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I said he runs like Tebow, I never said he would be as good as Tebow, there is a huge difference in those two statements. You were inferring that I said he is the next Tebow or the second coming of Tebow, I never said that.

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Fair enough.

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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Gunner Kiel? You mean the kid that verbaled to INDIANA????


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Another thing that might come in to play here is that he is being recruited hard by Tim Hinton at ND, who as you guys have said is high on the list of assistants to follow Meyer to tOSU. If Gunner was strongly considering ND because of Hinton's recruiting, you have to think that he'd be swayed if Hinton joined Meyer's staff. 

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speaking of Keil....won't Cardale Jones go to waste? i thought we were hearing nothing but good things from this guy

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I think I will play this over and over tomorrow night so I dont have to listen to Vitale.

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I'm interested in your thoughts/feelings regarding this hire, TLB.

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Better than what we currently have.

Was best available.

Great for recruiting.

Key in Florida was his staff.  Once they started leaving, his teams weren't as good.  That could also be because he lost his passion with the Newton/SEC recruiting nonsense.

I've said before that I am not sold on his offense, especially in the B1G so it will have to evolve into more of a power running game.



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His offense was power running. He ran a run heavy spread. The first time he won the title, his starting running back was Kestahn Moore, a guy who was 6' and 230lbs. His offense will hopefully obliterate the B1G, its not like he's going to come in and try and force Hyde, Smith, Ball and maybe Dunn into playing like their scat-backs. He shaped his offense around the players he had, whether that was Alex Smith, Chris Leake, or Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Emmanuel Moody, Jeff Demps, or Chris Rainey.

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How can you really argue against his offense when the SEC has won the last 5 National Championships and he was in the top tier of the SEC? Not to mention he torched our '06 defense (not that our offense did ANYTHING all game...).

Dare I compare his offense to Michigan's, which seemed to fare pretty well this year in the B1G. By no means am I guarenteeing success or anything, but just trying to look at it in a logical sense, and the best logic I can find is past precedence. 

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"Once they started leaving, his teams weren't as good" Only bad year at UF was the last year when he was in a "bad place". From a recruiting standpoint, even after his people left, his last class at UF was #2. Not too shabby.

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Relax folks, I didnt say I didnt like the hire, just not totally sold on the spread.  But he will change because he will be forced to change.

Look at it this way: Best 2 SEC teams do not run the spread; 5 of the top 6 B1G teams do not run the spread (that doesnt include tOSU, UM's 2 losses to non-spread Iowa and MSU).

If those are the two best conferences in football, then the top 4 teams play power football.

You could argue the Big 12 is better than the B1G and OSU is a spread team........but will they beat Oklahoma?

Pac defense played there, but Stanford is not a spread team and USC is probably playing as well as anyone.  Oregon has proven that the spread doesnt work in big games. 

It will be nice to actually see an offense other than the conservative one we all know and love, but it can't be total spread.

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Given the personnel we have now and some of the recruits we have coming in, I don't expect Urban to go "total spread". He's going to incorporate plays for the bruisers and the heavier guys. He really won't have a choice until he can recruit players that will fit the mold of his offense.

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I don't know if he's been at any one place long enough to really see what his offense is. I admit I haven't followed his career to closely before now, but he seems to change his offense based on the best fit for the personnel available to him.

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Luke to Cinci, a possibility.

OC/OL- Greg Studrawa
QB- Scott Loeffler
RB- Stan Drayton
TE- Tim Hinton
WR- Zach Smith (not a fan of this one, but the winds are blowing this way.)

Co-DC/DB- Mike Stoops
Assistant Head Coach/Co-DC/LB- Luke Fickell
DB- Taver Johnson
DL- D.J. Durkin

That’s the nine we’re allowed. If Cincy offers Fickell, I see him leaving and this will need reconfiguring.

by Tyler T. on Nov 28, 2011 3:46 PM PST

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There is no way Fickell would leave for Cincy, considering Butch Jones is the coach and I doubt they would hire Fickell to replace him. Also Zach Smith actually seems like an interesting choice for WR coach, he helped with the WRs at Florida and is the WR coach at Temple, also he was instrumental in Florida's recruiting as well their special teams, he's also Earl Bruce's grandson.  

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if Fickell goes to Cincy or Akron, look for Meyer to hire the D.C. at Temple (Coach Heater)

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Thank you for putting this up.  Watching it on mute during class didnt do it justice.


Edit: That damn SEC is so hot right now.

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SEC, so hot right now. SEC.

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vacuuming sucks

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You know Urban, we really are supposed to win a NC in the next two years... didn't they talk like that at UF?

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I remember all those people grousing about our perpetual record of 9-3 under Bruce.  Who'd a thunk it back then that he was the father (trunk) of a coaching tree? 


Urbz showing great class there giving Earle credit, and remember Earle had the unthinkable job of replacing a true giant, more so than Fickell replacing Tressel.


Way to go, Earle!

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Earle had Nick Saban too.

Fired him sure, but had him for a little while.

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And so forth count: ZERO!

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Reporter:  "Urban, if we were to remove the podium on the stage right now, how big would your Buckeye Boner be?

Urban:  Bigger than Pete's Johnson.  Go Woody.





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May be weird, but I got chills watching this and reading twitter/livechat reactions. This is going to be a special team and I couldn't be more excited. Am I expecting perfection? No, but he clearly loves the Buckeyes and that love combined with his history of winning gets me extremely psyched. 

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I was actually disappointed at first in his prepared remarks. He seemed nervous and it wasn't all that inspiring to me. And then he took questions from the media and I couldn't have been more impressed unless W.W. Hayes himself took to the podium. His true feelings started to come through and I could see why players like him and want to play hard for him.

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Gotta admit it was weird seeing Meyer in red tie not that blue athletic-wear we're used to seeing.  But, I shall get used to it verrrrryy quickly.

Now if the frickin' NCAA will just move we can move on. I don't understand what can take so long.  Also sounded very positive on Fickle working with Meyer.  God bless Fickle;  he really did do an outstanding job.  Can't blame him for the crappy offense.  Is the for sale sign up in Bollmans yard yet?

Funniest quip of the day: Doug Gottlieb introducing Speils on his nat'l show: "well Chris I called my Michigan buddy alum and he was overjoyed they finally beat the Buckeyes but then I said 'yeah but then you woke up today and Urban Meyer is going to Ohio State'"   Ah, the joy is so short lived in Ann Arbor.  The gates on I-75 just north of Toledo are now sqweeeking shut and will be slamming soon.


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Well, that didn't take long...I generally like Pete Fiutak, but what a c*cksucker for what he wrote today:

It has been almost 10 years since Ohio State won a national championship, and Jim Tressel was nowhere near being fired based on what happened on the field.  Yeah, we were pissed when we lost to USC the 2nd time, then Purdue.  But he rallied and swept away any doubts that he was on the hot seat.

However, Florida fans think Meyer "sucks" and left the cupboard bare when he left.  They think he was a terrible recruiter and wasn't worth a damn without the staff he assembled.  This is what they've been saying all week long, I wish I was making it up.

We're good fans.  We stick by our people.

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Does anyone else ever wonder why other fan bases think we sit in an ivory tower?  Or why we were voted top 5 worst fan base?  Florida fans are upset because they feel wronged by Urban, even if it's not true, who cares.  Why imply they aren't good fans?  It is easier to welcome someone like Urban then see him leave, right?

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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That dude doesn't know what he's talking about.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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I like Fiutak as well.  It does seem like he has the pulse of Buckeye Nation(I personally hate that term).  Meyer is going to have to win at least one title or be considered a bust.  Tress raised the bar, Urbz is going to have to come close.  Do I think he can do it?  Hellz yeah I do!  But that is the life of the HC at tOSU.


The normal reader here at 11W is rational and we can expect a loss or two every once in awhile.  But, the normal fan will be booing if we aren't blowing out whomever we are playing in the opener next year. 


Good luck Coach Meyer, you're going to need it.

CJDPHoS Member

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I simply disagree with this:

But, the normal fan will be booing if we aren't blowing out whomever we are playing in the opener next year.

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Copy of Todd McShay's detailed breakdown of what Meyer will mean for current and future OSU position players.  I'm an ESPN Insider subscriber and I put it on our Northern Ohio Sports Forum.  Jason if you don't want this link here feel free to delete.

Otherwise, enjoy.


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McShay has no idea what he is talking about in that article.

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Not a big McShay fan but thanks for sharing nonetheless.

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I don't completely agree with his breakdown but it was a decent read.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

ScarletFever's picture

Yep just an FYI article only.  11w has been kick ass for info for me so if I can contribute back in any way I will with future espn insider articles.