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By Jason Priestas on November 11, 2011 at 12:05p

It appears kicker Carson Wiggs has inherited the Ryan Kerrigan 10-year scholarship.

Purdue Harbor, never forget.

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Terrelle Pryor. Wide receiver. I'd love a 6'6 wide receiver with an alleged 4.3 40.

Option 1: We have a prima donna athletic QB who, before going to OSU, was in legal trouble for getting in a fistfight, then starting a fight by THROWING A BASKETBALL AT AN 8 YEAR OLD'S FACE who was heckling. (citation below).

Option 2: Joe Bauserman. Here's an excerpt from an article:

"Joe's an animal, I'm telling you right now," receiver Brian Hartline said. "This guy is a jack of all trades, and he'll beat you at anything. He can play basketball, baseball, ping-pong, pool. … He brings us deer meat."
"I think he led the team in number of deer shot this year," coach Jim Tressel said. "He's got good aim." (citation below 2)

Personally, I choose the guy that will "beat me at anything"



I wonder if he still feels that way.....

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Haha I just came here to copy this same post.  Wow.

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on pryor: "he won't transfer solely due to the fact that he has a giant buckeye tattoo on his forearm. he is probably kicking himself over that and unless he gets it removed by a lazer i foresee him plagueing us for the 2.5 years"...........::le sigh::

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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On another note, John Simon slimmed down to 27 lbs