Tuesday Skull Session

By Danny on October 18, 2011 at 6:00a

Good morning Buckeye faithful and welcome to your Tuesday Skull Session.

Friendship and family are things that I value as important in my life. At a very obsessive level, I also value sports and rooting on my teams as a fan in the same light. Both of these things separately have a large influence on my life. But when you mix the two together, that's when things can get tricky.

Whether physically going to or just watching a game on the tube, I love yelling and cheering at the top of my lungs beside my friends. Coming from Cleveland, I'm loyal to all my respective greater Cleveland area teams and so are all my close friends. But one of my friends has a particularly nasty habit: He's a Michigan fan.

Just as some people prefer not to talk about politics to avoid arguments, my friend and I choose to put our allegiances aside to avoid conflict. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have ways of trying to get under my skin about it. He tweets about the Buckeyes' blunders this season and updates the rest of his social networking tools to praise Michigan.

It's tough for me this season because, for the first time in forever, the Buckeyes are no longer the team to beat in the Big Ten, while Michigan may finally start to be turning things around from the horrid Rich Rod era. The last few years, I've always had a secret smirk on my face every time I saw my friend, knowing OSU was superior to Michigan in every conceivable way. But this year, he's rocking the secret smirk on his face. His Wolverines are considered the superior squad after seven games in 2011.

That's why I relished this past weekend's slate of games. Seeing his Michigan team fall to Michigan State, the same team that handed OSU a silencing loss in Ohio Stadium, lifted my spirit. Then the Bucks knocked off undefeated Illinois and everything felt right again. Maybe the next time I see my friend I'll be the one with the smirk on my face because this season still has promise. Friendships come and go, but my faith in this team is forever. Did I mention my love for sports is highly obsessive before?

YOU WIN THIS TIME, BOLLMAN. It was incredibly ugly, but a win's a win. OSU's offense completed one single pass in its win over Illinois. Out of the 55 plays ran, only four were pass plays. It was pretty clear what OSU's plan of attack was: "Run, Forrest Herron, run!"

While Jim Bollman has taken so much criticism, with a lot of it being well deserved, he certainly got it right last Saturday. With terrible wind conditions, the Buckeyes came out and played to their strengths. Dan "Boom" Herron was returning with, well, a boom, the offensive line played four quarters with a nasty streak, and the team played conservative as could be to protect a freshman quarterback in harsh weather conditions. 

Braxton Miller, coming off of an injury last week, basically just had to not turn the ball over in his extremely limited chances. And wouldn't you know it, his only completion of the game was a touchdown pass. The defense certainly deserves the majority of the credit for the win, but Bollman finally came up with a game plan that fit the opponent and the circumstances.

Make no mistake about it, I can't stand Bollman and his predictable, vanilla play calling but I have to give credit where credit is due. I thought his calls on Saturday were the perfect way to go, but he's going to need to mix things up for the rest of the season if the Bucks want to climb higher mountains, such as beating Wisconsin.

EL GUAPO IS EL NOT HAPPY. The only one not smiling after OSU's trouncing of Illinois was running back Carlos Hyde. Hyde, who started off the season as the starter due to Dan Herron and Jordan Hall's suspensions, was limited to only three carries for eight yards, making his first appearance of the game in the fourth quarter.

Hyde has been a pleasant surprise thus far this season, as it was thought Rod Smith would be the young back to break into the spotlight. In the week before this past one, Hyde ran for a career high 104 yards on just 13 carries against Nebraska on the road. Despite senior Dan Herron returning this week, Hyde was obviously expecting a performance like that to be rewarded, but that was not the case against the Illini.

Out of frustration following the victory in Champaign, Hyde took his concerns to Twitter and tweeted: "Guess I'm not good enough. Take myself elsewhere."

Hyde later deleted the tweet and announced he has no intentions of leaving. While short lived, this was an immature move by a young player and he will learn from this. Voicing something controversial like this onto Twitter will never end well and Hyde needs to understand that playing Dan Herron is crucial to the team's performance going forward. Herron, in his first game this season, ran for 114 yards and a touchdown. The guy can produce, as he's scored in 13 straight games, and can be a leader for this team down the stretch.

Hyde will be the featured back one day if he keeps working hard, but he needs to realize the importance of the team before the individual, as well as how vital Herron will be going forward. Herron is the veteran, and Hyde will know the significance of that one day. For now, Hyde needs to watch and learn from one of the conference's best backs.

Simon says give me the Big Ten Player of the Week Award.

SIMON SAYS. Defensive lineman John Simon has won the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week Award after a more than stellar performance against Illinois.

Simon, who had eight tackles, with four tackles for a loss and two sacks, was an instrumental component of the Buckeyes' destruction of Illinois's offense. U of I was averaging 34 points per game prior to this matchup, but Luke Fickell's defense limited them to just one touchdown on the afternoon.

However, Simon was just one player who had a huge impact for the defense. Johnathan Hankins had nine tackles, while Travis Howard and Bradley Roby both had interceptions. The defense has carried the offense so far this season and will need a similar performance against undefeated Wisconsin on Oct. 29 to expect a victory.

SLIMMER SULLY. According to Marla Ridenour of Ohio.com, Jared Sullinger has lost 28 pounds this offseason. His playing weight last season was roughly 292 pounds, but he reportedly weighed around 264 pounds at OSU's basketball media day.

Ridenour highlights that Sullinger gave up frequent trips to the burger restaurant Five Guys and also ditched his traditional eating habits of having three large meals a day. Instead, Sullinger ate five to six smaller meals and dedicated himself to working hard in OSU's offseason program.

This is why I love Jared Sullinger. First, he gave up being a top ten draft pick in the NBA to come back to school, and now he's pushing himself towards being a winner this season. It's pretty reasonable to believe Sullinger will be gone after this upcoming season, which is why he is taking this year's run so seriously. This could be his only chance to win a championship for OSU and there's no question that he's putting it all on the line.

It's not like he's slacking off in school, either. It turns out he's in my Biology class and I literally see him in class every time class is in session. I'm glad to see he's representing the Buckeyes in such a positive light, but I'm even more excited to see his dedication to winning.

LOS LINKS. Guess what other OSU player received an honorable mention this week... William Buford may be a little lonely this season... The ruling is in for Tubby Smith... If you ever considered trying to play college basketball, St. Johns needs about five to six walk ons for the season... Dan Herron back in the day.



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AGL's picture

Hydes frustration understandable,  Boom is a tough runner, senior, and leader .  Brings alot to table.  Praise for bollrus,  not going there.  Simon comming on strong,  Robey too. Think team is comming on strong as whole,  credit deserved somewhere.  2 weeks til next game ,  let us see how our team responds.  O-H


Buckeye in Illini country's picture


Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

baddogmaine's picture

There is a disturbing tendcency to let a win be the excuse to stop being analytical. We won, with three scoriong drives totalling 94 yards, six three-and-outs and seven punts in ten possessions not ended by the clock running out, and overall offense totalling 228 yards (20% of which came on the first possession). This last number dropped our national offensive ranking to #108 out of 120 teams. We could do without a passing game if our run game was an unstoppable  machine, but clearly it is not. When your offense ranks #108 you need to find ways to generate more offense. Our running game is doing about what it can do. When you have eliminated all else, Mr. Watrson, what remains is the answer.


Bollman was not limited to a choice between going downfield with the wind gusting or not throwing at all, but those who say he got it right are giving him license to think so. Between the Bauserbomb and Woody-ball is a full package of screens, slants and outs. If you are not playing a triple option or some variation your QB had better be able to throw ten yards with some expectation of hitting the target, whatever the elements are doing. And if Miller can not then Guiten or Graham should be given the chance to try. I'm going to assume that Miller can hit a flanker who takes two steps behind the line of scrimmage if said flanker is open; that Miller can roll and hit a tight end on a short crossing route if said TE is open. And, for instance, when OSU is at the IL 32 with the wind at our faces so that a 49 yard FG is not a good option and IL is stacking the box to stop the run something other than a handoff into a brick wall or a pass downfield might have been a good choice.


Bollmaman was right in limiting Miller to four passes downfield. He was dead wrong in not letting Miller throw short at all. We are going to need that short passing game if we want to win this year or next. It is what beat OR in the Rose Bowl. Bollman got it right in the Rose Bowl. He got it wrong once again on Saturday.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

couldn't have a said it better myself...no..really...that's why i'm complimenting your comment

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Baroclinicity's picture

This is going to come across mean, and I don't intend that to be the case, but your first sentence should read,

"There is a disturbing tendcency to let a win be the excuse to stop being an armchair QB/Coach."  While I'm as fed up with Bollman as everyone else, there's a reason why we aren't on the sidelines with a headset.

I hate this phrase I'm about to say with a passion, because it is crazily over-used, but when describing the team this season, it is what it is.  I'm not saying you don't have good points, but the arguments are played out. 

Two things I don't agree with in your post:  I doubt Jim Bollman reads columns/forums/blogs etc., so we're not giving him license for anything, and two, do we know Bollman called the offensive plan in the Rose Bowl, or was it Tressel leading that charge?

You're forgetting to enjoy the wins, no matter what they look like.

Go Bucks!

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

joejoekl's picture

Football season is about more than just wins or losses to some people.  Great football (great in execution and coaching) is almost like an art form.  "Why" and "how" things happen is just as, if not more important, than the end result.  Not everyone watches for the same reasons.  Further, some wins or losses mean more in the context of the year.  Beating an obviously out-matched Illinois or Akron won't mean anything if OSU loses the important games (Miami, Wisconsin, Michigan, possible bowl game) that they could have won.

baddogmaine's picture

Some of the people who  read this blog do so just to find their own views conformed, some post just to see their nickname in print, but most of us who take critical positions have been following football a long time and are students of the game. I'm not a Buckeyes coach because I don't know a lot about what goes into coaching, but I don't need to be a certified driving instructor to know that holding a beer can in one hand and a cell phone in the other while you are driving is a bad idea.


Of course Bollman doesn't read 11W to find out what I or anyone else thinks. Any more than the team decides what the final score of a game should be by reading the predictions here. But if people who contribute large sums of money to tOSU come to a concensus that Bollman is not getting it right my guess is that Gee and Smith approach Bollman differently than if they are allowed to take a path of least resistence (throwing the occasional wide receiver under the bus). And whether or not the administration is affected by alums I talk football because I care about football, and I'd like to think that if I say the words "screen pass" often enough some others who might not have spent as long watching football as I have might start thinking, "Oh, so it is possible to have a passing game and avoid interceptions too?"


The idea that any team "is what it is" is the essence of non-competitiveness. It clears coaches and players of the responsibility to try. If the Buckeyes are going to be what they are regardless of what the staff does then OSU should let grad students coach and put the millions spent on coaches towards upgrading academic facilities or hiring professors. It is likely that this year OSU is not going to be competing for any trophy of any significance, but that does not mean that the team can not and need not work towards goals. There is a lot that can be done better than it was; and next year will be better if good habits are instilled this year.

I do enjoy the wins. It is because I want more of them - next year, even if we can't be sure of more this year - that I post. We are 4-3 right now. I don't want to be 4-3 seven games into the 2012 season, and if the team doesn't stop being what it is and start becomming what it can be our record will be what it is.

NC_Buckeye's picture

People on here who have been saying that Fickell and staff should have as their primary focus developing these players for next year's staff -- this attitude makes me furious.

Primary focus is now and forever will be winning ball games. Period. While extremely important player development is secondary to getting the W -- this season not next. Who knows what's going to happen next season? Hell, if we get hammered the next three seasons could be a waste. But if that happens, then the staff at that time should have the same priority. Getting a W in this week's game.

Now is the time for this team to do the same against the Badgers two Saturday's from now. Go Bucks.

baddogmaine's picture

Last year we won all but one of our games, almost all in comfortable fashion. There were plenty of opportunities to give young players game experience. Insted, Tressell tried to polish the starters and, on ocassion, run up the scores. The result is that this year whoever we put in at QB or receiver or, actually, in too many positions had almost no experience, and the results were and continue to be visible on the playing field. It happens that Bauserman turned out to be awful, but if he were better - not Landry Jones better but, say, Craig Krenzel better - who do you think would be our QB now? We would still have lost the Miami game, because nothing much went well in that one. We still would have lost the Nebraska game because it was the defense that collapsed. We almost certainly are going to lose the WI game and PSU's defense slowed down even Alabama. In other words, we are still playing for a mid-tier bowl. And next year we have starting and second string QBs with no experience (because Bauserman, who would have pllayed this year, will have graduated). And our offense would look, well, about like it does this year, because offenses lead by completely inexperienced QBs don't do well.

This win now at all costs attitude is a readiness to mortgage the future. I know that patience is difficult, but there are times - whole years, in fact - when priorities shift because they have to. You can continue to pursue the elusive wins and leave yourself weak next year too, or you can use the year to do another thing coaches are supposed to do - teach - and prepare the team to be title contenders next year.

Clemson was 6-7 last year, they're undefeated this year. Kansas State was  7-6 - they are undefeated this year. Rutgers was 4-8 last year - they are 5-1 right now. You can find many of these examples. In some cases freshmen, transfers and red shirts are the whole difference. In most cases some losses were taken in 2010 to reduce the number of losses in 2011. It comes down to what you like more - consecutive 8-4 seasons (generous, we're not going to come close to that this year) or 6-6 this year and 11-1 next year. I'm not impressed by a bowl game in mid-December. I'd rather no down year ever, but I will take no bowl this year for a better chance to return to the BCS next year. I don't know what next year will bring, but I can make a pretty good guess what it will bring if we have to play it with too little previous experience on the field.

Chris Lauderback's picture

Completely agree with your comments, BadDogMaine. I said as much during Five Things and was shocked to see some folks challenge what I thought was basic logic.

Also, on Hyde, I think it's a shame he was whining on Twitter. He seems like a reallly good dude so hopefully he was just frustrated. Again, talking logically, you'd think he knows Boom is the best back on this team and that Boom would see the bulk of the carries upon his return, or at the very least, the coaches should've given him the heads up.

Olentangy's picture

praising bollman... really? were you watching the right channel? and are you really expecting him to make any significant changes against wisconsin? there's a better chance of lloyd carr patrolling the west sideline on saturday.

and btw- players are required to attend every class. professors have to sign off attendance forms or else they dont practice/play. praising him for attending a biology class is a little over the top. hell ted ginn was illiterate [kidding... sorta] and attended class...does that mean he wasn't "slacking off" either? lol

How firm thy friendship

William's picture

Ted Ginn has a learning disorder, he openly talks about that.

Sarah's picture

Yup. And he made the Academic All-Big Ten team at least a couple times. If you're going to take a shot at any player's schoolwork, try someone else. 

thorvath22's picture

I know we won and boom played well but honestly why are we satisfied with only 200 rushing yards on like 50 or so carries.... They SHOULD have over 200 yards rushing with that many rushes... Much like Hawaii SHOULD have lots of passing yards because they throw it 55 times a game... Not to be a Debbie downer because I am really happy we won but let's be honest if Illinois had a disciplined D then they would have stuffed Bollmans idiotic draw plays, who was he fooling? Without Zook and his staff we would have lost this game...

ALSO from what I have seen of Wisconsin is that they don't defend speed well... IF somehow we could get a Berry involved he could do damage and if Miller is 100% and can slash the Wisconsin D like we know he is capable of as well as Boom can... I think we have a chance... But we must keep their D honest by burning them deep early and controlling the clock... I believe our D will do well against them but must keep them under 3 td's and under 24 points.

AGL's picture

Good points, where the hell is Berry?  Has he had 1 carry this year?  On campus incident resolved?  WTF, evry time he gets a shot he is a threat,  what was his ypc last year like 8_10 ypc,  need that now.


baddogmaine's picture

Are you actually suggesting that we throw long against Whiskey? Have you seen anyone wearing scarlet and grey this year who can do that? You may have identified a WI defensive weakness but if that is our offensive weakness then it can't be part of our game plan. Our coaches need to keep studying film until they find a Badger weakness we can exploit. That's what coaches get paid to do.


I agree that we need to control the clock - we need to limit WI possessions. But you don't do that by going long. You do that by running and using a ball-control short passing game.

thorvath22's picture

I completely agree but the only way to open this all up is to get one deep td early... IF they can do that (which is possible because I predict they stack the box and leave man coverage) then that will make wiskys D respect that deep threat and blitz less... Which opens up our runningback the chance to do some damage, bring Miller some swagger, and leave stoneburner open more...

We can't win the game without taking our shots down field... Weather we have done this or not is irrelevant... That's why we are 4-3... But in order to beat Wisconsin we must do it.. We can't beat Wisconsin with screens... We must stretch and punish their D to win.

baddogmaine's picture

Wisconsin coaches have seen enough of OSU this year to have no fear of deep passes. If we burn them once they will continue to crowd the box on the theory that the first one was a fluke. Unless our QB can withstand the pressure we know WI will bring - because Bielema is a better coach than Zook - AND hit several deep passes without throwing a few picks too WI is going to dare us to beat them long. And I ask again - who does OSU have who can throw the deep ball? Miller hit Stoneburner in the hands but the ball had flutter, and that was just 17 yards. His other three passes were poor, and he did nothing against NE or MSU that gives us any reason to think that trying to go over the defense is a good idea. 

There are other ways to keep a team from crowding the box - such as outs and screens and misdirection. You do not need to go long to soften the line of scrimmage. And good coaches design game plans not on cliches, like going long when you don't have the arm, but on the offensive strengths you can count on and the defensive weaknesses you think you can exploit.

I'll also point out that one of JT's great weaknesses as an offensive coach was "going for the jugular." We'd hit a bomb early and then do nothing the rest of the game. Low scoring games are won by long sustained drives, not quick hits, and a team that doesn't have the practice in grinding it out too often does not have the patience to do it. And even if we do score in two minutes that just gives the ball back to WI that much quicker. Not a fear so much against IL, but WI is leading the B1G in scoring. We can not match that. Not in our wildest dreams this year. If Boom or Hyde breaks one up the middle  or a crossing pattern turns into 70 yards then great. But our ideal drive against WI uses 12 minutes so that the Badgers only get 4 possessions all game. We have a chance of scoring 21 - we have no chance of matching WI if they get 10 possessions because we stop the clock for them with incompletions or give them extra possessions by going for bombs, successfully or not, or - most likely - we hand them INTs because we ask a QB not equiped to go long to go long.

In basketball you beat a high-scoring team by runnning the shot clock down and making them play defense longer than they want. That's how you play a football team like WI too.


We're 4-3 and not better in large part because we were going downfield. That is almost certainly and major cause of our loss to Nebraska. It was probably why we didn't score till the very end against MSU. Going downfield is precisely what we need less of.

GoBucks713's picture

Basketball season is almost here!!! I can't wait to see Sully finally play above the rim.

-The Aristocrats!

Buckeyejason's picture

Good points guys..Berry is don't here, don't hold your breath.


Ramzy Nasrallah's picture

Running draw plays repeatedly gives the defense more time to diagnose a slowly-developing running play. Running Dave repeatedly would have been the better play call, if you're dead-set on being that conservative.

Saturday showed me that Bollman - and this is frightening - has absolutely no idea what a draw play is for. Running draw plays repeatedly when you're not throwing the ball makes about as much sense as running your offense out of a fake punt formation. Both of those plays have their place, and neither is supposed to be used with the kind of repetition we saw on Saturday, *especially* under the circumstances.

The Buckeyes' run-blocking was working very well. The playcalling probably diluted what could have been an eye-popping day on the ground.

yrro's picture

That lead draw was actually one of our most consistent plays for the day. We got a lot of yardage out of it.

Now, the real question was why the heck was the Illinois line coming in so hard on the pass rush to let themselves be blocked out a draw play, when we only threw 4 passes the whole day.

RBuck's picture

Yeah, I couldn't understand how it was working to the extent that it did. Illinois didn't really sit back to stop the run until the last two series. Zook's a dumbass and apparently his DC is too.

Long live the southend.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree. I don't understand why Ramzy and others keep hammering this point. It doesn't matter if the draw plays weren't supposed to be working in theory, they worked in reality. The strength of the Illinois defense is getting up the field - that's what they do. Obviously, they shouldn't have bit on the draw plays when we barely threw the ball, but they kept biting on them all the same.

On two of those draw plays, including a nice called counterdraw on 3rd and long, Boom just missed hitting big gainers when he was ankle tackled (those two "cheap" tackles kept Boom from having a monster game).

Also, it's speculative to say that Ohio State would have gained 300-yards on the ground if only the mix of 95 percent run plays had been different (i.e. someone else smarter, more innovative in designing and calling run plays, compared to Bollman, had called the plays with the same commitment to running almost exclusively against ILL).

IMO, it was smart to run run run the ball, let Illinois beat themselves, given our personnel and the weather conditions. 

As for calling short passes: okay, but for every playcall the OC must factor risk versus reward. Unless you have a Ginn who take a WR screen to the house any given time, most of those plays only go for like 2-8 yards - it's an extended run play. Why would we want to have Miller throw the ball across the field in the wind to a WR (i.e. extended RB) none of whom are as effective, dangerous as Boom or the other RBs, and who haven't learned yet how to block for eachother? Sounds like medium risk, low reward to me.

Sure, we could have run some RB screens, but sometimes those can be dangerous plays for a young QB to handle.      

That said, the offense will need to be much more creative, dynamice, & productive against Wisky.

chitown buckeye's picture

Maybe Bollman was using crazy logic on Zooky? Logic like "I know we havent thrown a pass..who would ever expect us to run a draw play!?" -- "Who would ever expect us to run another draw play?" --- Zook "Surely they're actually going to pass they wont run another draw!?"---Bollman " I bet they think we wont run another draw"  You see by bollman having no idea what is going on he actually confused the hell out of everyone, Illinois included!! Brilliant!! lol

"I'm having a heart attack!"

Riggins's picture

I've been saying as much all season.  A draw play is a constraint play to keep the defense playing the run honestly after you have been gashing them with the passing game.  The draw play is not, I repeat is NOT, a base offensive play call.  It will never work in theory unless you have had success throwing the football and the defense is cheating to defend the pass.

Ohio State was simply superior enough athletically up front to overcome Bollman's retardation of offensive schemes.   Bollman deserves ZERO credit for draws on 1st and 10 and play action on 3rd and long.  Even if they work.  It just shows how incompetent he is.

NW Buckeye's picture

The draw play is used when the defensive line is committed to getting up field.  Doesn't matter if you have success passing or not.  The IL defense shot gaps and got up field on run blitzes (not a technique that I would teach).  They continued to do it the entire game.  That kind of defense works great against Dave, but no so much against a draw.  Bollman, despite all the justified wrath he gets, was at least smart enough to take what the defense was giving him.  That is not to say that he has turned into an offensive guru, but against IL he played it conservative and that was enough.  It will not be enough to beat a good team like Wisky, but hopefully we will unleash something they have not seen from us this year, much like Arkansas saw in the bowl game last year - quick passes that we hadn't done all year. 

Braxton is not such a bad Q, although his passes are not tight spirals (he still seems to be getting used to the ball - probably used a different brand/model in HS). When you have a Q like that and gusts to 40 there is no sense in trying to pass the ball. Heck, there were shotgun snaps that got shot down by those gusts, and they only cover about 5 yds in the air.  The more you throw in that situation, the more you risk interceptions.  Quick slants and outs are OK when they are not spirals under normal condtions, but not when the wind is gusting like that.  Those calling for more of those passes are correct that we need it to be part of our offense, but not on that field at that time.  I have called enough real games (not video) in my lifetime to understand that. 

As for the draws on 1st and 10, or the play actions on 3rd and long, yes the text book tells us those are not the plays to run.  However, if the defense is giving you that (getting up field on their blitzes on first down, reacting to the play fake on 3rd and long) you take it. 

Am I satisfied with the offensive production against IL? Not really.  There is room for much improvement.  The thing that I take away from this is that at least we were taking advantage of what IL was giving us.  And, although IL is not a top 10 team, they have been putting up great numbers on the year.  I do  believe they are at least one of the top 4 or 5 teams in the B1G this year - time will tell.  What I did take from this game is that at least Bollman took what the defense was giving - much like the first 2.5 quarters against Nebraska.  Now, if we can only make adjustments during the game to take advantage of what Wisky gives us we may have a chance, albeit remote. 

Riggins's picture

I hear you and I think you've said you're a coach before so I respect your opinion. But I still think if you're trying to burn a team that is really getting after you up the field, a screen is a better play call.  The wind was bad but not bad enough to affect a screen pass.  I think it just shows how little confidence they have in Braxton's arm right now.  I know, I know.  If they can't stop the draw then why risk putting the ball in the air with the screen.  So maybe you're right. 

I just get tired of seeing the same things every week regarding Bollman's playcalling.  I'm going to try to avoid honing in on it the rest of the season because we all know he is gone anyway.

NW Buckeye's picture

Precisely- Bollman won't be gone until after the season.  Like it or not, we have him for the rest of this year.  Continuing to harp on him is easy, but it's a little like beating a dead horse.  The best we can hope for at this point is that he does find a weakness and continues pounding away at it in hopes of opening up something else.  Let's hope that the IL game was a bit of a turn around for the offense.  Now, all they have to do is add some effective passing, and maybe we can enjoy a rewarding November. 


flipbuckeye's picture

I too refuse to give any credit to Bollman. Boom put in work, and the defense was as stingy as ever. We won in spite of the Walrus, whose brilliant idea it was to call draw plays in obvious running situations and to finally call a play action but on an obvious passing down.  Last week was a battle of the boneheaded and we're lucky that Zook came out victorious.

Poe McKnoe's picture

Draw play....drink.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture


To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Doug Buckles's picture

Danny I do not agree with 'Hyde needs to watch and learn one of the conference's best backs.'

Hyde does everything asked of him, looks like he has found his rhythm with this offensive line, DID NOT VIOLATE ANY RULES, and is better the boom.

Boom violates team/university/ncaa laws, gets his starting spot handed to him, and is not as talented as Hyde.

You are essentially saying that 'Carlos, work hard and you will be rewarded by eating sideline when a violator comes back because he runs hard. Thanks for your work this year, we appreciate everything you have done and look forward to you earning the tailback spot next year. '

I know I am in the minority but I don't give a funk about boom and his one dimensional running style. I cannot wait until he is gone. He is as exciting to watch run as Lydess Ross was.

I understand Hyde's frustration and tweets. 'Thanks coaches, I bust my ass for you and you bury me when a rule breaker returns. Your gratitude is well received.'

-What happened to earning your way back? Thought boom was going to have to grind on special teams and share carriers?

There is a way to run a program and a way not to. This entire year is a case study in how not to.


joejoekl's picture

after two carries Boom had earned his spot back.  Hyde and Hall aren't nearly as good as him

kevinfrenchfry's picture

haha lydell ross, you should be imprisoned for that comment, pretty sure boom could get more tds than ross had his entire career, boom was first team all big ten, i agree hyde should get more that three caries but dont diss boom, i think hyde should be our second back and move hall out to the slot so we can exploit his speed, unfortunately with bollman our offense is about as dynamic as a piece of bread

Bucksfan's picture

Buckles, wow, could you be more wrong?  If Boom was relegated to special teams and 3rd on the depth chart, we would have lost to Illinois.  Period.

Glad you're not running the program.

Buckeyejason's picture

You sound like those people that said Berry is better than Jordan Hall, Sabino is better than Rolle, etc etc.

Hyde is NOT better than Boom..I repeat NOT better!

Will he be better in the next 2 years? Sure, he certainly has the ability and willingness to be.


joel121270's picture

One dimensional? If memory serves me right he has AT LEAST 5 straight 100 yrd games going back to last season (It may be 6 or 7) and you could tell he was the best back as soon as he started playing. He's the #1 back, served his time, and is back to help this team. Hyde did a commendable job but can't find the holes that Boom can. Do I agree with the amount of playing time he had? Absolutely not, IMO he prob should have been #2 and have Hall in there as a receiver or third back (for as much as they were running). Hyde was wrong in what he said and he knows it cuz he brought it almost as fast as he put it up. Needs to grow a little and be a BETTER example and leader than Boom was. He has great potential and it's up to him to suck it up and fight for what is his.

btalbert25's picture

I totally understand Hyde's frustration, but I wish he wouldn't have gone to Twitter with the frustrations.  I hate Twitter, seems like it's good for athletes spouting off and mindlessly following idiot celebrity's while they talk about eating and partying or whatever other BS you can cram into the 120 characters or whatever they allow. 

Anyway, before Boom came back, and I'll argue this point with anyone, Hyde was the best RB on this team.  Hall may be shifty and explosive but he doesn't get a lot of tough yards.  He gets a lot of shoe string tackles.  Hyde has repeatedly gained extra yardage while dragging 3 defenders with him.  He deserves more t han 3 carries.  Boom is the senior and supposedly a captain even though he has found his way to suspension 2 times now.  He should definitely get the bulk of the carries, but man they have to use Hyde more than 3 touches a game, he's earned that, and he's earned PT before the 4th quarter.  Plus, it's ignorant to think he's going to produce.  Sitting there for 3 quarters doing nothing, then you are going to  call on him and hope he produces?  It just doesn't make sense.  At that point you stay with Boom or go to Hall, not the 3rd string RB who is cold on the sideline.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I said this in another post, but I think it needs to be said here.  The reason that Hyde is #3 is because Hall is being used as a change of pace back with a different ability than Herron.  Hyde's abilities are similiar to Boom's and thus, playing both Herron and Hall makes a defense at least think about different styles and preparation to stop these styles.  If we ran Boom and substituted Hyde, it would be like two of Boom, which is not always a bad thing, but at the same time, the defense would not have to alter itself.  Next year, Hall will continue his role as #2 RB and Hyde should jump to #1, the ground and pound back.  So if you are going to play Hyde, you need to play him when Boom needs a break on a down where handing off to Boom is appropriate.  Now, we can see these differences in the back, but apparently Bollman cannot.  When used correctly, we would never run Hall between the tackles or on a third and short - this would be the time to put the fresh legs of Hyde in to pick up the short yardage when Boom's legs are tired.  Hall is great for 2 and 7 and less and open field plays, again, which we don't call.  So while  I think I understand what the purpose of playing Hall is and why Hyde is #3, we aren't exactly using our talent properly.  

Read my entire screen name....

btalbert25's picture

I don't disagree with your point, but as you say, that's not what Bollman is doing.  Bollman is not using Hall's assets.  Essentially he's trying to make Hall the same as Boom and Hyde, if you are going to do that, then you go to Hyde.  If you are going to try and get runs to the outside or put Hall in the slot or something then you are definitely using his assets to the team and Hall's advantage.  They just arent doing that with Hall though.

At the end of the day, it's ok if Hyde is the 3rd RB, but do you really give him 3 carries and wait til the 4th quarter to get him involved.  Doesn't Boom need a bit of a blow here and there throughout the game.  It makes no sense to me to turn to a guy who isn't loose because he's been standing for 3 quarters watching the game, and expect him to actually go in, in a meaningful situation and have success.  Had he gotten some carries sporadically through out the entire game, he may have been more effective.  This staff is just horrible at putting it's players in a position to succeed.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

And again, because we mostly agree, the only explanation that I can think of is that coaching staff thinks that Hall's mere presence on the field is recognized by the defense.  And that the defense will be expecting OSU to get Hall on the outside to utilize his talents.  Therefore, OSU believes that by using Hall in ways that disagree with all common sense, they are fooling the defense, just like the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings Two (and I feel this is a completely appropriate analogy). But even this thought is probably giving the coaching staff (Bollman) exponentially more IQ credit than they actually have.

Read my entire screen name....

Run_Fido_Run's picture

LOL. To be fair to Walrus, though, it's a work in progress, with a frosh QB, all new receivers (who must be counted on to block those outside runs and slot screens, etc.), the OL needing to gel, etc.

If we don't see at least a few signs of Hall being used in creative ways against Wisky, with two weeks to prepare, then your Hobbits theory will be looking more likely; moreover, if by the last few games of the season, we still haven't seen Hall used in multipurpose ways, then Walrobbit's IQ will indeed have been proven to be south of 80 points.     

Nappy's picture

This staff is just horrible at putting it's players in a position to succeed.


This is where I think we miss Tressel the most.  He may not have been calling the plays (if you want to believe that) but he knew how to get players in position to play to their strength.  This staff has not proven an ability to do that yet. 

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Buckeyejason's picture

I gotta say, watching the Jets is like watching the Buckeyes.

Their Bollman is Shotenheimer.


22buckeyebrown's picture

Bollman calls plays like he's some 8 year old playing NCAA college football 12 or something, he has got to go.

GoBucks713's picture

My 8 year old nephew would trash most adults in NCAA12 because of his play calling. The kid is a freaking savant or something. Bollman would lose his ass to Sam. Using the run to set up the pass, throwing in fakes and play action. Its amazing what an 8 year old learns from watching what not to do.

-The Aristocrats!

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I understand Hyde's frustration totally.  However, you can't go put stuff on Twitter or whine publicly.  How does that make you look when your team won, but you're complaining because you didn't play enough?  Hyde's day where he's the top dog in the RB stable will come.   

Class of 2010.

Maestro's picture

The old BOOM videos are funny.  He doesn't look like the same person at all.  Let's just say he has developed.  Imagine that.  An offensive player developing at Ohio State.  Pay attention El Guapo.

vacuuming sucks

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

It's worth mentioning, since I have yet to see a thread pop up here, Michael Thomas committed to OSU.  He's another fantastic WR.  It would now appear that our offensive skilled positions are stocked for the next 4 years.  Maybe now we focus on recruiting OL? Hard to say where a weakness would be for the 2011 and 2012 recruiting classes other than OL. With a decent line, this kids could turn into championship material.


Read my entire screen name....

btalbert25's picture

Maybe before signing day we'll have a staff in place that has some offensive coaches with a history of getting lineman to the NFL.  No good O-lineman want to come here anymore.

Maestro's picture

Are you freaking serious BT25?  Last time I checked Jim Cordle, Justin Boren, Nick Mangold, Rob Sims, Alex Boone, Ben Hartsock and Jake Ballard were on NFL rosters.  There will be 2 high round draft picks from this class in Brewster and Adams, and Shugarts will get a chance somewhere.  Quit with the myopic negativity.

vacuuming sucks

btalbert25's picture

How many have been really good NFL players that were very high draft picks?  Boone never lived up to expectations.  Boren regressed with the Buckeyes in my opinion.  He did a fine job here but he was considered a beast and it was a huge loss for Michigan.  Ballard and Hartsock I guess I don't consider to be O-lineman.  I was talking about Center, Guards, and Tackles not TE's.  In my opinon Mangold is the only Great lineman in the bunch you mentioned.

Brewster has been awesome and will probably be great in the NFL, but Adams and Shugarts still haven't lived up to expectations.  They talked about Adams being the next Pace.  He was like the number 3 rated high school player in America as a senior.  He has been good, but in 20 years do you think people are going to rave about the lineman he was? 

It's not Myopic Negativity, it's called being realistic.  Other teams like Iowa and Wisconsin have a reputation for cranking out great O-lineman.  We have missed out on a lot of these great O-lineman, including a HUGE recruit in this class who decided to go to Wisconsin.  The Brew Crew was touted as one of the best O-line classes ever, have you considered them at any point to be an Elite O-line in college football? Last year it was good, but hardly phenominal.

Maestro's picture

Wisconsin has a total of 3 offensive lineman in the NFL right now.  Hardly cranking anything.

Last I checked we weren't losing a ton of recruiting battles to Iowa.  They put out a ton of takent, but so does OSU.

Andrew Norwell and Brian Bobek might take great umbrage with your comments about NO GOOD LINEMAN coming to Ohio State.  You might get 1 great one per class.  To expect more than that is pretty ridiculous IMHO.

Say what you want about projections and recruting stars, but they are mostly just fluff.  Adams will be a first round pick and Brewster might be as well.

Your "realism" is a touch too glass-half-empty for my taste.  I am not saying that there is not room for improvement on the offensive staff.  WE LOST OUR TWO BEST OFFENSIVE COACHES THIS PAST OFFSEASON.  Of course there is room for improvement.  It's not going to happen during the season, so buckle up your chin strap and look at the brightside.

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyejason's picture

I can't really argue with "who" they're bringing in..but I can argue with the lack of offensive lineman bodies that we end up with (see):07 and 10' classes.

Also the way they're be coached up can be argued..and is prob hated by 80 % percent of Buckeye fans.


btalbert25's picture

I may have been a bit off when I said no good players want to play here.  There's just no quantity.  We can land 1 or 2 good to very good lineman in a class, other schools can land 4 or 5 good to very good linemen in one class.  So, yeah we end up with a nice player like Norwell, and no much else to back it up.

When you do get world beater talent from a recruiting perspective they don't always pan out very well and you can choose to buy into the hype about recruiting rankings or not, but a lot of times they don't lie.  Bama for instance, can pull in a great recruits and they turn out to be elite college players on the line.  Would Adams ever be considered Elite?  I don't think so.  Brewster absolutely is, and Shugarts is good, but this line was being touted as one of the best O-line hauls ever put together in one class.  I have to wonder if at Wisky, Iowa, Florida, or Bama, this wouldn't have gone down as an elite college football O-line.  Here they were good last year, but hardly the best line in college football and that was with Browning and Boren who were pretty good too.

So either the recruits they've gotten weren't as good as everyone though, meaning talent evaluation for the O-line was bad, or they just aren't developing that talent adequately, or both.  Because all of the players you mentioned above outside of Mangold, were either guys who never lived up to expectations or were part of suspect lines. 

This has nothing to do with losing the 2 best offensive coaches in the offseason either.  We've been dealing with this for 5 or 6 years now.  The O-lines, despite the names, have never been that good.  When we have landed talent, it's been 1-3 recruits.  We never land just a huge O-Line class(outside of the Brew Crew) and it's probably the one area of the team that has needed to be heavily recruited the most.

This year the line is kind of thin depth chart wise.  Next year no Adams, Shugarts, and Brewster.  If they don't land a large O-line class this recruiting year, we could be in for trouble for a while to come.

Again maybe I was off by saying NO great linemen want to come here, just not that many at the same time.  I just don't thik you can look at the O-line really since the Florida debacle and say wow Ohio State has been great on the line.  Other schools have had more than one nasty, mean, elite type of line.


NW Buckeye's picture

Bama can sign twice as many linemen as we do. They just eliminate the ones who are not going to pan out.  :)   The SEC schools are kicking our butt here because of their recruiting practices. 

btalbert25's picture

I'm not going to harp on that.  That's the B1G's fault not the SEC.  I'm kind of tired of all the oversigning whining.  Especially when Ohio  State has grayshirted guys to get other players in the fold too.  It's not a special exception made only for the SEC, the Big 10 could allow it they just won't.  So let's quit complaining about one conference doing something they are allowed to do, just because Delaney and the powers that be won't allow it here.

I'm not so convinced it gives them this huge competitive advantage everyone claims anyway.  Florida seemed to compete pretty well without oversigning and still had some very good lines.  If you want to complain though, complain about Delaney and the decision makers of the B1G not allowing oversigning.

William's picture

It seems like us whining about oversigning has become the B1G's rallying cry for why we can't beat the SEC on a consistent basis. I'm tired of the bitching about medical hardships too (Saban does give med. hardships a lot), the kids keep their scholarships still. We grayshirt, which to me is just as shady. Also how is it that Florida and Georgia can compete without oversigning. Maybe its the competent position coaches. Scary thought.


NW Buckeye's picture

Florida and Georgia both have not competed well in the SEC this year or last.  Georgia's lack of competitiveness goes back many more years. 

William's picture

Georgia has one loss in the SEC and that was 45-42 against South Carolina. We would get smacked by South Carolina this year. Also Florida is playing with two true freshmen right now (Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brisset) at quarterback. 

William's picture

Florida won two national titles in a three year period, without oversigning. If that's not competing then what is?

NW Buckeye's picture

I did not speak to what FL did prior to the last 2 years - simply stated that it has not worked out so well for them this year or last.  Urban brought his open offense to FL and took the SEC by a storm.  Once Bama, LSU, and Auburn started getting smart, their talent prevailed - you can not debate that.  GA was competiive in the SEC in the early 2000's, but once Saban took over at Bama he used the recruiting rules to his advantage.  LSU and Auburn followed suit.  GA's success in the SEC has not been really good since 2004, even with their 2 loss season of 2007.  if OSU had their record over the last 4 years you would be clamoring for an entire remake of the coaching staff and administration.  Anyone who denies that Bama is taking full advantage of the SEC recruiting rules has their head in the sand as much as anyone who thinks Bollman is a good OC. 

Again, it is what it is.  Albert cited Bama as a school that brings in successful O-linemen in comparison to the Buckeyes.  He would have been better to point out Wisky or USC.  At least they don't have the luxury of bringing in and eliminating kids who don't work out.   This does not mean that they can not be competitive with those that do, it just is a different system in developing talent.  We all know that Saban is a good football coach, but put him in the B1G or Pac 12 and maybe (noticie I said maybe) he would not have as much success.  And, yes, it does take a good coach to make any system work - with or without extra signings. 

And, you have to admit that FL was nothing until Meyer showed up.  That is an example of great coaching.  Unfortunately his succes was limited in his last year, and that lack of success has carried over to this year - young Q's or not.  Mauschaump may prove to be a great HC, but he will have to overcome the limits his own school places on him when competing against the SEC - it can be done, as Meyer proved.  I just don't think he will accomplish that.  I mean, who hires Charlie Weis after he proved he was inept in college football at Notre Dame?

NC_Buckeye's picture

+1000 on oversigning as bad and something on which the B1G should continue to set the standard.

All the points that DJ has been preaching about players deserving compensation. Those are magnified by 100 by schools that practice oversigning.

btalbert25's picture

Every year you aren't going to be awesome.  I realize in a decade where 8 years this team won 10 or more games it's hard to remember that, but sometimes teams have a down year or 2.  We had the perfect storm here.  A great coach, some great players, and a conference that was really down. 

Florida also won 2 national championships by not oversigning and Georgia made a couple BCS bowls.  Hell Bama, with oversigning has had disappointing seasons, like last year , same with LSU. 

It's not as if they oversign by 20 guys a year and just replace good players with great ones. 


William's picture

They oversign by 2-4 players every year. The only absurd numbers I've seen are when Ole Miss brought in a 34 player class, and when Troy brought in a 40 player class. Are either of those teams good? No they aren't. Oversigning doesn't always equal success, its competent coaching that does, and effective use of talent.

Maestro's picture

All you have to do is look at the numbers of players signed by Arkansas and Ohio State going into the Sugar Bowl last season.  Arkansas had the ability to assess 30+ more players over the previous 4 years to field there team.  It's a complete joke.  It is not a coincedence that the SEC West is as dominant as it is.  It's an SEC West epidemic and the SEC East teams are beginning to get fed up about it.  Until the SEC East really puts the kybosh on it nothing will change though.

vacuuming sucks

William's picture

Did Arkansas beat us? No. LSU did and Alabama would, it's not because they oversign, it's because they have excellent position coaches who know how to develop the talent around them. Our recruiting classes match theirs year after year. It's not because they bring in more talent, it's because they know what to do with that talent and how to use it effectively.

Riggins's picture

Please check this link that I posted previously.


Alabama signed 133 players and LSU signed 131 players between the years of 2006 and 2010.  Ohio State signed 99 over that same period.  That means Bama and LSU average 7 more kids every single year than Ohio State does.  How can you discount the ability to recruit 30+ more kids and take the best of the bunch and discard the ones that don't pan out? 

Think about it.  Let's say I challenge you to a free throw shooting contest.  You can have 99 shots. I'll take 133.  Let's see who wins.  You could have a higher percentage of shots made, but I would still outscore you.

William's picture

They're not the only teams that oversign. Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss. State, South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Purdue, and Minnesota all do. Are they as successful as LSU or Alabama? No, because they don't have the coaches that LSU and Alabama do. Coaching is more important to a teams success than anything else. There is no better example of this than our own team. Our 2008 class was a Top 3 class according to Scout, and our 2009 was Number 1, look where all of that talent with poor development and coaching has gotten us.

Nappy's picture

I think you may kind of be proving both points of view here.  With the ability to recruit more players over a period of time and have better position coaches to coach the kids up, eventually you get exceptional talent at every position.  It's no secret the SEC oversigns and pays assistants more than other conferences do.  Put those two factors together and it's a recipe for success.  

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Riggins's picture

Exactly.  No one is arguing coaching isn't important. That would be ridiculous.  But you give these elite coaches (the SEC has the best coaches too, they pay the best) teams that have been "trimmed of the fat" and it's a recipe for dominance.

NW Buckeye's picture

I'm not complaining at all about it - it is what it is.  Just pointing out that your comment about Bama's success in developing players deserved a footnote.  True, FL does not go to the extreme that some other SEC schools do.  Not working out so well for them this year, nor did it work very well last year.  Maybe that is another reason Urban left, and maybe one of the reasons he might be interested in OSU.  Would be nice for him to coach in a conference where everyone is limited to the same recruiting practices and not hindered by his own school's policies.  And, yes, over signing and not committing 4 full years to a recruit is one hell of an advantage.  I am not in favor of the B1G doing this because it would demean the athletes even more than they already are.  I think it is very telling that Mike Slive at least gives lip service to the idea of recruiting policies more in line with the B1G - their recruiting policies are viewed as questionable even by their own Conference Commisioner. 

Riggins's picture

Oversigning is a huge advantage.  If Team A takes 144 players over a 5 year span and Team B takes 99 players over that 5 year span, that is an astronomical advantage.  It means Team A can take the 99 best players out of their 144 and compete against Team B's original 99.   Team A was Auburn and Team B was Ohio State. Check the link at the bottom.

I strongly suggest everyone look at this link.  I don't know how you can say it isn't an advantage.  And no, I won't accept the argument of, the B1G should just adopt these practices.  No, the SEC needs to stop.


NW Buckeye's picture

Thanks for pointing that out.  It really shows that Old Miss is not the only school juggling the numbers.  The highest team from B1G is IL - looks like Zook learned from his stint down south. 

Riggins's picture

I remember when Staples did that article and I really thought it would blow the doors off of oversigning because I don't think the average fan even knows what oversigning is or the extent of it.  But there was hardly anything in response to it. 

I'd like to know what Zook does on the recruiting trail.  He has this reputation as an amazing recruiter but I don't find him that charismatic at all.  He has recruited some blue chip guys from out of state in his time at Illinois.  That has tailed off in the last couple of years though.

William's picture

That has nothing to do with why we don't have more O-linemen. We on average sign 20 players a year, when we can sign up to 25, with of course the 85 player limit. That's 5 more O-linemen we can bring in each year. The problem is we give scholarships to a lot of walk-ons, which is all nice and dandy, as long as they produce, instead we give players like Bauserman scholarships as former walk-ons. There are exceptions like Ebner, and Barclay, who do produce. Even then we don't sometimes offer the full amount of scholarships that we have available. 

Maestro's picture


Let's get some OLineman back in the fold like OB said above.

vacuuming sucks

Buckeye in Athens's picture

That's great news - do you have a link? 

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

No link needed now.  


It's gray-boxed on the front page.  You know they've just been waiting for some kind of good news to gray box.  Well, finally......

Read my entire screen name....

Buckeye in Athens's picture

A good gray box!? I vaguely remember the days when I looked forward to gray boxes. 

COBUCKEYE's picture

I think I might be the only one on Hyde's side.  The dude straight put out for this team and these coaches and gets three carries?  Boom may be Boom, but the dude dropped the rock and lost his privilege to start when he screwed himself and his team by being a complete knucklehead.  I'm not saying he serves more time than he has, but I for one (and I may be the only one) think the message the coaches send to the players by essentially benching Hyde after he produced at Nebraska sucks.  I think Hyde should have started and split time with Boom (you'd have the same result, a win) and allow Boom to win his job back on the field.  I'm sure he'd be the starter for Wiscy.

Also, I'm with the perpetual naysayers on Bollman.  He's terrible.  A win doesn't change that.  In fact, Illinois changed nothing.  Smith must go and we have to wipe the coaching slate clean.  Sorry Fick.  You bleed Scarlett and Gray, but you are not ready for the prime time.

btalbert25's picture

Dude, I love Hyde, I've been saying since game 1 he is the best RB available. Now Boom is.  I do think Boom should've gotten the bulk of the carries because the team needed a win and he gave them the best chance to do that.  I also think Hyde should've seen around 10 carries, and  should've been given some carries throughout the game not just in the 4th quarter. 

It doesn't excuse him from ranting on Twitter though.  As I said earlier, I think Twitter is idiotic.  I joined a couple years ago to see what the fuss was about, and I just don't get it.  I sure as hell wouldn't want my players on there carrying on if I were a coach.

Colin's picture

You're not the only one on his side, it wasn't exactly fair. But how I try to rationalize it is that Boom already got his punishment and if he still ran with the ones in practice I don't see how it should be a shocker to anybody. Not giving Boom the opportunity at this point would just be punishing the team and winning is more important right now than a few of the fans' moral compasses. Not playing Hyde at all is still questionable though. Someone else brought up the fact that Hyde is not exactly a change of pace right now compared to Boom and that is something I agree so I can see how they could think that it may not make sense to play him when Boom can do what he can plus more.

Where I disagree with you though is if Hyde and Boom split carries evenly, we may not win. Boom was making 9 yard runs out of absolutely nothing. Hyde isn't close to that level yet. We know Hyde has worked hard and done everything the right way but in terms of ability he just can't compare right now. If Hyde started and played the first series we may not get that field goal which when looking at the final score turned out to be really important.

Buckeyejason's picture

Haha man people are soo fickle on this site..for a few games people are in aw of Jordan Hall..saying "he's def the best back we have"

Now Hyde starts to play better and "Hydes the best back we have"

It could be different every game folks. They both offer something different to the table. But you can't argue that Hydes vision is even close to what Halls's and Herrons are.

Hyde will get all the carries he wants next year..yeah Herron did a stupid overated no no off the field but he's been here busting his ass since 2007 and deserves to carry the rock.


btalbert25's picture

In my defense, you can look at posts since the Akron game and I said that Hyde needed to be the featured back for the first 6 games before Boom got back.  I wasn't a Rod Smith fan, and I still thought Hyde was a better option than Hall.  Now that Boom is back, Boom should be the featured back.

KenK's picture

MadDogMaine, your last paragraph says it perfectly. 

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

Buckeye in Athens's picture

Per Fickell, Rod Smith playing some linebacker - the coaching staff must be really thinking Hyde has the highest probability of being the man next year. Not sure how I feel about Rod at LB - has a good size for it. At UGA they had a 5 star athelete Richard Samuel continually get moved between RB and LB, and his development has been stunted at both positions.. hopefully Smith has better luck if it it becomes a permanent move. 

BucksfanXC's picture

We are going to be stack at RB next year if we get Ball and Dunn. With Hyde and Hall (and Berry) Smith was looking at a big mountain to climb to get playing time at RB, not just next year but ever at OSU.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Buckeye in Athens's picture

For sure. I can't wait to see Ball and Dunn (most likely) in Scarlet and Gray. Dunn and Hyde have pretty similar running styles - should see a good big back competition there. Smith ran extremely upright during his limited action, so I can understand why LB makes sense. Hopefully he can use that speed, power and size to punish some running backs and stop allowing 100 yard rushers. 

BrewstersMillions's picture

I'm all for a move the coaches think help their team but they have to stick with it one way or the other. Go RB or LB but don't make the kid flip flop. I agree with you.

Doug Buckles's picture

joejoekl- Hyde and Hall are not nearly as good bc Hall is being used incorrectly and Hyde is not as good bc he does not yet have boom's patience but is quicker and may have found his groove in the loss to nebraska?

kevinfrenchfry- don't diss boom? are you his blood relative? i don't have the hard on for boom that some of you do and I cannot voice my apathy towards his actual talent? and just bc he was big ten means diddly. all big ten means what?

Bucksfan- we would have lost bc Hyde couldn't run for four yards every time? ok. It's a shame you don't want me running the program, I figured most bucks fans would love my no huddle spread with Miller and Boren rolling to either side throwing to a trips formation of Hall/Stoney/and Smith with Brown backside, subbing in Hyde or Berry for Boren every now and again. You're right, we should keep bollman in there for another decade.

Buckeyejason- I've never said sabino was better then rolle. Thanks for repeating yourself, missed it the first time.

joel121270- Yes, one dimensional.

You can have boom as the starting tailback on your squad. I would go another route.

BoFuquel's picture

Thanks be to GOD we got Bolls to make these tough decisions for us.That's why he gets paid the big bucks.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.