Dominic Clarke Suspended For Illinois Game

By Alex on October 13, 2011 at 12:35p

Just when you thought this whole gray box thing was trending positive again, Luke Fickell announced on his weekly radio show today that CB Dominic Clarke would not be making the trip with the Buckeyes to Champaign this weekend after a violation of team rules. The suspension stems from Clarke getting busted for disorderly conduct on Sunday at 'Marketplace', the popular OSU dining spot on 10th and Neil Ave.

While Clarke wasn't a starter, he was expected to help the Buckeye secondary limit the Illini passing attack on Saturday. While Fickell expects Clarke back againsrt Wisconsin, Dionte Allen (if recovered from a concussion), Doran Grant, and Corey "Pitt" Brown (back to corner from safety) will fill in as the back-ups to Travis Howard and Bradley Roby.

This continues to be one tough season for the Buckeyes.

UPDATE: Clarke's "disorderly conduct" charge came from shooting an air soft gun owned by Chris Carter.


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Violation of team rules, that's a new one.

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Next 11W t-shirt design needs to be a play on the dreaded gray box meme. 

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How about a Howard's PiggyBack Rides shirt?

-The Aristocrats!

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Gray box of news is the "blue screen of death" of 11W:  it seemingly comes out of nowhere and totally screws up your day upon seeing it.

Damn you GBON!!!


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OH NO!!! [squirts into adult diaper]

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Gray box on the front page of 11W states that another player from my favorite team is suspended and that makes me rage


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It's really just laughable at this point.


I mean, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  Guys get suspended for breaking team rules all the time at lots of schools.  But you'd think these guys would be smart enough to go to class and not smoke pot and such.

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Pretty sure Clarke's suspension had nothing to do with either of those things...

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Just citing examples of easy things to follow.  Team rules are easy to follow.  Go to class, go to practice, don't do drugs, don't say stupid stuff, don't get in fights.

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Disorderly conduct is the charge

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Howard Island all day baby! YAY-YEEAAYYY!

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Sorry but its more like Howard Highway!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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The Howard Runway! A mile long empty strip of turf that's perfect for clean liftoffs towards the ball.

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Un-farking-believable. I hope he atleast paid for his meal or whatever it was wherever he was when he was arrested. You know the NCAA is already investigating it to see if he somehow received improper benefits for something.

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Well, a chance for Doran Grant to make some plays I guess. Ugghhh!!!!!!

vacuuming sucks

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I'm sure it's semantics, especially as far as team rules go, but the online docket indicates that he was not arrested, contrary to what's written above. Disorderly conduct is a minor misdemeanor and is rarely charged on its own. It is likely that he was given a ticket and told "pay this fine or show up at your arraignment date."

He's still a moron.

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yeah word we got was arrested by the Dispatch...I will change to busted until it's official

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I'm a criminal defense lawyer in Maine, and here disorderly conduct, which is a crime, is frequently charged as the only offense. I have no idea what Clarke did or didn't do, but if he was behaving in public in a way that got security interested then he was at best irresponsible. Were he my client I'd fight to clear his name, but as a fan I think he's (more than likely) an idiot and am not interested in splitting hairs over the precise nature of what got him suspended.


I'm about at the point of saying that everyone is presumed innicent till proven guilty, but if there is a conviction for anything the player has the burdenof showing why he should keep his scholarship. Put that kind of pressure on athletes and there might be less free-lancing.

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Reppin the 207! Nice.

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Portland in the 'shoe (you understand I have no interest in being in the house, home of the scum).

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Oh I hear ya buddy, I'm the same way. I'm up in Augusta representing the Buckeyes to the fullest!

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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This team has rules???


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Not if you believe the ESPiN manufactured storyline.

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Bunch of dumb Fu€ks on this team..

Ahhhh the 08 and 09 classes that keep on giving and giving.


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Jerry Palm of CBS has us ranked lower than Ohio Univesity. While such rankings are always subjective that someone accustomed to picking a number between one and ten to put next to our name has us in the 60s says something. Objectively, thumping our chests and saying WE ARE TOSU only goes so far. We were tOSU against Toledo and came within 17 yards of losing that one. With 120 teams in FBS our passing offense and overall offense is in the 100s, and last week our defense allowed an offense of no particular distinction to run at will for an entire half. It's not obvious that we would beat OU.


So in the ongoing Luke Fickell evaulation is it the cupboard or his skill set that is bare? Yes, there have been a lot of injuries and suspensions. Some have been significant, most were players who would have seen little action anyway. The key suspensions may have made a difference in the MSU and NE games. But we should have been able to steamroll TOL with our our depth chart ##2 and 3s. We should not have been destroyed by Miami. We got up by 21 on NE with the players we had, we should not have blown that lead.


And we should not have players getting arrested in week seven of the season. A coach who does not have the respect of his players is not a coach. Fickell supporters have been admirably loyal, but at some point the total lack of institutional control, the failure to monitor IS the responsibility of the guy in charge. If we lose a close game on Saturday because our defense could not sub enough we can blame Clarke's absence. But had Fickell been a leader it is very unlilkely that Clarke would have behaved like an idiot.


Think about that - ranked lower than OU. And tell us that Luke deserves another year.

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Well said.  Bravo!

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These idiots getting in trouble don't respect Fickell.  The truth is, the vast majority of transgressions that led to suspensions this year occurred after Fickell took over.  Only the Tattoogate suspensions were the result of infractions taking place under Tressel.  And why the Marketplace, Dominic!?!?  I always liked that place. 

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And another way to think about it is that Fickell is cracking the whip and not sweeping it under the rug ala JT.



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Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Why couldn't Howard Island be suspended?

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Because its too touristy this time of year..a lot of people building huge properties and businesses on Howard Island..maninly folks from Colorado, Michigan, and Nebraska.

I also heard its not even an island...but actually..a continent


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This program has been an absolute joke both on and off the field since last season.


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Sounds a lot like the end of the Cooper years, no?

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Why can't Bauserman be dumb and irresponsible so he could get suspended...shucks!!


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Quick - someone replace his Geritol with PCP.

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Oh that's right he's to busy mowing the lawn like Brett Favre when he's not playing foozeball.


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I'm thinking the Dispatch/ should start a new counter (ala "Days since Michigan's last victory over Ohio State in football 2882") ...days since a football player suspension. I guess it would be reset weekly.

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I actually thought about this last week for 11W....just couldn't bring myself to do it

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Gray box always ends up with on response...... F5

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The evil Gray Box strikes again!!!

-The Aristocrats!

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So, when does consistent basketball coverage start?

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I thought that update was a joke at first

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OK, I just read the article... So we are talking about a toy gun that shoots those little rubber balls, right? My buddy's 8 year old has one of these - i.e., it is a harmless toy. Why are people (douchetastic radio personalities Colon Man and the Turd) calling this a "BB gun" - it's not even remotely that, is it? I honestly have never seen one of these things.

That said, incredibly dumb move Roby (and Carter).

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Air soft guns basically shoot plastic BB's not rubber balls. They are really popular for some reason and they have replicas of real assault rifles and stuff, a lot of which look incredibly realistic. Not dangerous, but could definitely be played off as a real gun in certain situations.

Example: M16 Airsoft gun

What they shoot:

I guess I would consider it a cheaper and more convenient alternative to playing paintball.

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Joe Bauserman for Heisman!

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ummm...shooting an airsoft gun??  You mean the kind that shoot the little yellow 'nerf ball' like mini balls??  This is seriously a problem?