Totally Shuck'd

By Corey Carpenter on October 9, 2011 at 7:59a
Ohio State's bad trend.Missed tackles: Trending.
10 10 7 0 27
3 3 14 14 34

Most of you are like me at this very moment, frustrated and pissed that Ohio State continues to make the same mistakes as the season progresses. I am trying to be as calm as I can be as I write this, so excuse me if this seems a little short.

Nebraska made history tonight, not only were they playing their first home B1G game, the 21 point deficit they erased was the largest in the 120+ year histroy, taking down the Buckeyes 34-27.

There was hope in the first half, as Ohio State opened the game with a 13 play drive that covered 56 yards and chewed up 7:44 off the clock. After a delay of game on the first play?!?, the Buckeyes used a nice variety of pistol formations, designed QB draws and crisp passes from Miller, highlighted by a strike to Philly for 21 yards and a play action rollout to Zach Boren for another 12.

On 3rd and 10, Miller scampered 12 yards to the Nebraska 27, but another false start by the O-Line turned a 3rd and 2 into a 3rd and 7, which ultimitely lead to Ohio State settleing on a 41-yard FG by Drew Basil.

Special teams let the Bucks down once again on the ensuing kick, as the kick was short and Ameer Abdullah returned it 37 yards to the Ohio State's 46. Thankfully the defense held the Huskers and forced them to make a 50 yard FG to tie the score.

The new wave offense continued on the next series, as we actually saw a draw play to Jordan Hall for 5 on first down and then after a short pass to Devin Smith for 4, Miller scrambled for 12 yards on 3rd and 1 off another draw. After a short run by Hall and an incomplete floating duck to Fragel, Miller had a beautiful scramble for 24 yards on 3rd and 7, taking the ball to the Nebraska 32.

The next play was a thing of beauty. Miller faked the handoff and rolled right, only to turn back left and hit Stoneburner on a TE screen. Stoney made one move and had open field to the endzone. This is what we were all talking about seeing this past week.

OSU's defense held Nebraska on 4th and 1 from the Buckeyes 42 on the next drive, as Roby fought off a block to make the stop on the Husker's wildcat formation. Then after another JB Shugarts false start, Carlos Hyde took the ball and bounced right, showing some breakaway speed in his 63-yard TD scamper, that put the Bucks up 17-3 with 12:46 left in the second quarter.

Once again the defense stepped up on the next drive, forcing 3, third downs and holding Nebraska to 18 yards on 9 plays. You were probably feeling pretty good at this point and decided to oder an early round of victory shots.

A nice punt by Brett Maher gave the ball back to the Bucks at their own 6 yard line. Unfortunately, Jordan Hall couldn't pick up 10 yards on the next 3 carries and OSU gave the ball back to Nebraska at their own 43.

The Buckeye created another 3rd down situation, but in what would become a theme for the night, Sabino got beat for a 10 yard completion across the middle and Nebraska took the ball to the OSU 41. Two plays later, Martinez would find Khiry Cooper on a play action fake for 17 yards, setting up another FG to make it 17-6.

For the second stright possession, Ohio State went 3 and out, giving the Cornhuskers the ball back with :52 left in the half. On their second play of the drive, Orhian Johnson made the last significant play on the night for the defense, picking off Martinez with :15 seconds left.

The next play left you breathless, as Miller razzle dazzled his way for 29 yards to the Nebrask 18 and I'm sure the next round of victory shots were ordered as Drew Basil hit the 35-yarder to send Ohio State into the half with a 20-6 lead.

For the half, Ohio State held Burkhead to 10 yards on 11 carries, while Martinez had just 5 carries for 10 yards and was 10/13 through the air for 79 yards and that pick. For the Bucks, Miller was 4/6 for 68 yards and the TD, while also rushing 7 times for 79 yards. Carlos Hyde carried it just 4 times, but had 73 yards, while Jordan Hall struggled to the tune of 10 carries for 26 yards.


  Cmp/Att Pct Yds TD Int Rat
Miller 5/8 62.5 94 1 0 202.5
Bauserman 1/10 10.0 13 0 1 0.9


  Att Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Hyde 13 104 8.0 63 2 0
Miller 10 90 9.0 29 0 1
Hall 17 50 2.9 9 0 0


  Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
C. Brown 3 60 20.0 26 0 0
Stoneburner 1 32 32.0 32 1 0
Boren 1 11 11.0 11 0 0
D. Smith 1 4 4.0 4 0 0

After the Silver Bullets held Nebraska to a 3 and out on the first possession of the half, Ohio State marched 47 yards on 7 plays, aided by a defensive holding call on 3rd and 8, which gave the Bucks new life and 3 plays later, Miller found Philly Brown for a 27-yarder down to the NU 7. Two plays after that, Hyde would score his second of the night from 1-yard out and that third round of victory shots was coming your way, along with a 27-6 Buckeye lead.

Then after another Silver Bullet 3 and out, the wheels started coming off and those 3 shots you did earlier would come back to haunt you.

After 2 rushng attempts by Hyde, Miller appeared to have picked up the first down on 3rd and 5, but LaVontae David simply took the ball away from him at the Ohio State 24.

Two plays later, Martinez scored on a 18-yard keeper and the Huskers had new life at 27-13.

On the next Buckeye drive, Hall went for 3 yards on first down and Miller picked up another first on the ground with a 7-yard scamper. After another false start, Hall ran for 8 and then it happened.....

Miller was trying to make another play with his feet, when he got smashed by 3 defenders and hurt what appeared to be his ankle. Miller would leave the game and it would never be the same, as The Baus came in with no warmup and promptly threw one 40 yards over Stoney's head.

Nebraska got the ball back at their own 20 and it took them just 7 plays and 2:37 off the clock to march down the field for another TD. This one was a 36-yard strike from Martinez to Quincy Enunwa. To me, this is where the defense started to look shell shocked and tired, as they would continue to miss tackles the rest of the night and allow gashing holes to form for the Husker rushers.

The next Ohio State drive showed some promise and featured Bauserman's only completion of the night. After a 12 yard completion to Philly Brown and a 15-yard penalty against Nebraska to close out the 3rd quarter, OSU got the ball to the Husker 29, but failed to get it any closer, as Hyde lost 3 yards on first and The Baus couldn't connect on either second or third. The Buckeyes would punt and pin NU at the 9.

The two teams would trade punts over the next two possessions, with Ohio State's "drive" featuring a pass from JB on first, a 2 yard run by Hall on second and you guessed it, another incompletion on third down, with the team still up 27-20.

When Nebraska got the ball at their own 28 with 10:26 left, you could sense that this game was really getting away from Ohio State. Martinez and Burkhead would combine for all 72 yards needed to tie it up. The drive took just 7 plays and 2:51 off the clock, as Burkhead rushed for 22 and caught the 30-yarder to tie the score. Remember, Burkhead had 10 yards on 11 carries in the first half.

The next drive exemplfies why Bauserman and Bollman should be the ones that are disassociated from the program. Carlos Hyde picks up 16 yards on the first 2 plays and then Bollman dials up a Bauserbomb that is picked off at Nebraska's 22.

There was simply no need for the bomb in this situation. Hyde had been the best back on the field all night and if you did want to pass it here, how about a 7 yard timing route towards the sidelines or on a comback. Nope, instead the Walrus was paying homage to Al Davis by continually calling 20 yard routes with an immobile QB under center.

Of course, the Huskers got an 18-yard run from Martinez on the first play(after an OSU penalty), with a weird personal foul called at the end of the run, that gave the Huskers the ball at OSU's 40. Burkhead took care of things from here, toting it for 22, 1 and 17 tor pay dirt to put NU up for good. 

Ohio State's last glimmer of hope for a successful season went like this: sack, incomplete, incomplete, missed tackle, missed tackle, bad personal foul call, gaping hole, Ryan Brewer wannabe running all through them, kneel down, kneel down, game and season over.

On the night, Nebraska outgained Ohio State 422-350, including a 190-107 advantage through the air. The return of Mike Adams was noticable and at least the Bucks look like they have their O-Line locked down for the season, gaining 5.9 YPC on their 41 rushing attempts. 

It looks like early word is an ankle sprain for Braxton, but if he didn't come back in, I'm not too hopeful for his chances against Illinois.

I'll let you and the rest of the 11w crew hash out all the problems there were as the week progresses, it is late and I just have to forget about this game for a little while. Let's just hope Miller can play this week and Boom Herron can inject some life into this team.

Ohio State always seems to play bad in Champaign and The Zooker has his team off to a 6-0 start for the first time since 1951.


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RedQueenRace's picture

Looked like we were trying to spy Martinez with Sweat.  He was too slow.   Scheelhaase and Robinson are going to eat this D alive.  Wilson wil also take off and gash us when he has to.

Basketball cannot get here fast enough.

Bucks's picture

Absolutely no doubt in my mind we win this game had Miller not gone down. He did though so I can't dwell too much on it.

Absolute killer for this entire team. Blowing a 21 point lead. Collapse on both sides of the ball. Death by 1000 cuts.

Hoody Wayes's picture

Main issue: coaching. Why? How is it, that a Silver Bullet-quality defense can't protect a 27-6 lead - in the third quarter?!?

Answer: Tim Beck - Nebraska's OC, made the necessary adjustments. Our head coach and DC, did not.

Hoody Wayes's picture


Losing to Nebraska in this manner, may be the equivalent of two strikes against Luke Fickell. 

It's not unreasonable to presume that Buckeye wins over Wisconsin or Michigan, would not be enough to earn Luke the nod. He may have to win both, simply, to keep his name in the hat. 


Buckeye in Illini country's picture

There is absolutely no way you can bring back Luke Fickell/ Bollman/ Heacock next season.  Clean house on the entire coaching staff.


Miami game + MSU game + Nebraska = 3 strikes and we're out.  Not to mention an almost loss to Toledo.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

AltaBuck's picture

The defense fatigued and started making mental mistakes (not reading their keys, especially Neb's option attack). I saw Sabino run himself out of a couple plays when he had QB responsibility. With Brax hurt, I'm sure the defense felt the game was on them and pressed to make a play which just made the situation worse. Not too surprised, they are a very young unit without an effective leader on defense.

KennyG needs to rep with the firsts this week. It was fun seeing him make a play on special teams.  A QB willing to do whatever it takes for his team (Return coverage) deserves an opportunity to play QB. Baus has had plenty of opportunity. Time for him to grab a clipboard.

There were a ton of positives to take from the game last night. I'm trying to focus on those positives because the game's last 24 minutes sucked ass.


I am Groot - Groot

jack's picture

No way Fickell keeps/earns this job.  He had a deer-in-the-headlights look about him from the time the Buckeyes started unraveling.

What is it about the Buckeyes that they can't seem to stop the option?   Were Martinez' fakes that good? Please.

It may just be my impression, but I seem to remember too many tacklers waiting for the ball carrier to arrive instead of driving toward the hips and taking the guy out.

And our ball carriers? Enough with the juke and jive. Just get ball and drive the ball through a hole.  And if there is no hole, make a hole.  Every fraction of a second that our ball carriers wiggle their hips hoping to fake someone out, more defenders are closing on the ball.  It's one of the reasons I love watching Boom Herron run so much. He takes the hand off and drives, drives on down the field.

It's going to be an ugly year

madhatterhater's picture

Correction this is an ugly year.

go bucks

Normal Buck's picture

I thought he's had a "deer in the headlights" look since to Toledo game.

gwalther's picture

How the fuck is Bauserman on an athletic scholarship anywhere, much less Ohio State?

"Lemme just put this one in the stands." - Joe Bauserman


Along the Olentangy said it best: Is a possible turnover from Kenny Guiton really worse than certain death at the hands of Joe Bauserman?

His throws are LOL awful. As evidenced by the fact that I both received and sent multiple texts that said simply, "LOL" after his throws.

Class of 2008

gwalther's picture

By the way, worth noting: I was very pleased with the coaching performance up until Braxton went down. I was happy with it on both sides of the ball.

Class of 2008's picture

There were so many positives to take a way from this game.

The offense looked good with Miller running it, the defense looked good throughout the first half and hopefully we are now preparred to look to third string for a better backup at the QB position. Had Miller stayed in, we would have won. Had Boom been eligible we would have won. Not many of the people on this forum expected that.  The team is young and  headed in  the right direction.

Yes, it's going to be a tough season -- but especially if we only look for negatives.

Beat Illinois.



Bucksfan's picture

Wreck of a football team.  Wreck of a game.  Wreck of a season.  If I wanted this kind of bullshit, I'd watch the Bungles.

buckeyes33's picture

I might be speaking for the minority but I thought our team put up a great effort and proved they can compete with Braxton Miller in the game. Realistically, what you expect from a third string quarterback going in to a hostile environment late in the game? If you think putting in Guiton who has even less experience in to the game will solve all our problems you are dreaming.

All things said our team is gaining valuable experience each week and it's up to us to support them each and every week. Our talent on both sides of the ball is there we saw it last night its just going to take some time to come together. Losing sucks but its part of life and our fans need to rally around this young inexperienced team and lift them up on Saturdays at the Shoe. I've never heard a more quiet game than last week against Michigan State. If there is a time for fans to step up their game for their team its now.

The way I look at it is if we can iron out the bad and ugly before scUM week thats what really matters right?



RedQueenRace's picture

If you think putting in Guiton who has even less experience in to the game will solve all our problems you are dreaming.

I don't think anyone thinks that Guiton will "solve all our problems."  They just don't think he can be any worse than JB.

Ethan's picture

Not only that, but it also makes no sense to keep trotting out Bauserman when it's clear that he can't win a game for us. If you have to play an inexperienced QB (aside from Braxton) that is going to make a lot of mistakes, it may as well be either Guiton or Graham. That way the experience can pay dividends for the team in years to come. Playing Bauserman makes no sense whatsoever

gwalther's picture


Class of 2008

beserkr29's picture

Reading some of the reporters' tweets from the post-game, the coaching staff is in disarray.  Bollman hardly knows what's going on and, as if we needed it, confirmed that he only knows how to play "not to lose", instead of "win".  He tried to take blame off Joe, then threw him under the bus a few questions later.  Basically, the offensive staff is fairly inept, but looks good because the talent level we have is still pretty high.  Defensively, things are hardly better.  Once the defense got fatigued, they started making mistakes.  The blow of losing Braxton killed their will to win.  You could just see it.  The 1st half was a dream.  But we've neglected offensive recruiting for so long that we just don't have the players to step in if someone goes down.  Losing Braxton crushed the team.  Just crushed them.  So many things were done right, but were frittered away in 20 minutes.  Things will get better.  But not this season.  We've got sanctions that still haven't been released, a lameduck coaching staff and too many recruits to mention in holding patterns, watching the program struggle mightily.  Going to be a shaky couple of months.

Ethan's picture

What a difference the starting QB makes. 

With Braxton Miller under center, the team looked competent, and the play calling was sound. Insert Bauserman, and we pass pass pass pass. I don't understand how Bollman can call a solid first half(+) of football, then completely deviate from what was not only working, but would also have melted the clock out, to throw the ball with an inept passer. He seems beyond incompetent. The lack of adjustments is inexcusable

Defend Youngstown's picture

I don't want to look too far ahead, but if Taylor Martinez can carve up our D in the second half, Denard Robinson is going make for a very sad Saturday.

theDuke's picture

still not enough shazier. no shazier= slow lb's.  did anyone else notice how slow Sabino is??? i was really caught off by that one.  Bennet on the line is a monster.  We need him and hankins out there together for the entire game. and lastly, poor Baus can not even be a back-up. He has a number of issues besides throwing the ball to season ticket holders on every down. Its time to give Guiton at least a try, he has got to be more mobile than poor joe.  

Lastly, with the new format, it is important to remember that this season IS NOT over. If that team I saw in the first halve can play two halves, things could get very interesting. We start with Illinois and then have a week off to mend our wounds until the big one, but the season starts this coming Saturday.  


NC_Buckeye's picture

Separating the wheat from the chaff
Now's the time when the bandwagon fans clear out and the "bleed scarlet & gray" fans remain. I've been through similar dark times during the Bruce and Cooper years. Things will get better. 

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

I'll always love TP for giving us the term "fake Buckeye."

I'm amazed that our fanbase is made up of so many fake Buckeyes. Couldn't believe how many fans had left with 5 minutes remaining agains MSU. 

This season sucks, but it's a bit romantic. When we're back on top, we'll all know that we stuck through it...and this will make that feeling all the more rewarding. 

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Great perspective. Go bucks!

jack's picture

okay sure, and do we have to wait nearly 23 years like we did last time ('78 - '00)?  The louder we bitch now, the sooner we get someone in there who raises expectations back to where they were during the Tressel era.  I do not want to endure another Bruce and Cooper era. Those were painful years

RBuck's picture

We've all taken our shots at Bollman and Siciliano and they deserved all of them plus. I think last night showed that it's not all just them and Bauserman. So, here's my darts at other coaches.\

Heacock___The Bucks only rushed more than the DL's a few times last night. It seemed to me when they brought a 5th they pressured Martinez into a bad throw or got to him. The linemen did make penetration but they were no way fast enough to get to the QB. I blame that on Heacock for the scheme.

Vrabel___A great player in college and the NFL does not necessarily make a good coach, especially a rookie coach. The LB's were constantly out of position in the 2nd half and no adjustments were made. Fickell should have stepped in.

Drayton___I lost track of how many times I saw receivers give up on their routes and not even try to help out the QB, especially with Bauserman in. Hell, other than the primary, the others just ran to a spot and stood there. No coming back to the QB, no running across the middle to try to get open even when the QB had time. They just effing stood there! Pathetic...and that's coaching.

Well, I'm done. Go Bucks.

Long live the southend.

theDuke's picture

RBuck-- i don't recall a baus pass that was catchable besides the one philly was lucky to grab. i think it is absolutely deplorable that with a 14 point lead and your starting qb out, that you continue to throw the ball towards the sideline. Either joe is not allowed or he is programmed to throw everything to the sideline. This is not good strategy when you're protecting a lead. In doing so, our offense litterally lengthened the game for the Huskers and our D. Where were those 7 min. drives when it counted? Where were the short routes around the outside of the line, or a slant? ANYTHING would have been better than a ball thrown incomplete or where our receivers are basically out of bounds STOPPING THE CLOCK for the other team.  

I have to say though, they did represent us pretty well all in all. I mean we were double digi dogs. This bunch will continue to fight. You have to like that. GO BUCKS.   


RBuck's picture

One receiver was running a long route and two others ran short routes. Bauserman always threw the bomb because the other receivers were just standing at a spot covered. I not saying he would have hit them if they were open but he never got the chance. When this happened with Brax in the game, he just took off.

Long live the southend.

theDuke's picture

yeah, i saw some of the same stuff you are talking about. a little dissapointing. but i feel like whenever baus comes in, someone on O coaching staff is like, "oh, here's the guy with an arm, no passes less than 20 yards! and definately nothing in the center of the field."


Ethan's picture

Completely agree with this

Freshman in 68's picture

Totaly agree, the coaching staff should not let him throw anything but very short passess unless the guy is standing 20 yards out of bounds.. ole baus can complete those all day..  

Freshman in 68 ( Jim)

Brutus's picture

The only positive I'm drawing from this season is that I've really stopped taking this shit so seriously. Entire Saturdays are no longer wasted watching games I really don't care about, hoping teams will lose so we can jump a spot or two in the polls. I'm actually sleeping through the night after losses and the whole ensuing week isn't completely ruined. I was getting pretty out of control when it came to the Buckeyes. I've been obsessive, superstitious, and generally not a fun person to watch games with. I managed to watch the entire game last night without screaming, played with my kid throughout, and didn't feel like someone died after Nebraska came back to win. I enjoy being passionate about CFB and I sincerely hope that sucking doesn't make me apathetic, but I think I definitely needed to take a step back.

buckeyes33's picture

It's just a game. If we can all step back and enjoy football for the game that it is then its a victory for all.

theDuke's picture

You're right 33. it is just a game. regardless of the fact that we basically just blew what could have been a season changing win due apparently to dumbness, it happened. it's over. now lets get ready for division play where all the chips are on the table. I'll be watching with my jersey on for sure! LET'S GO BUCKS!


Brutus's picture

And one more thing, i used to scour all the CFB sites to read the articles and comments about OSU football. This is literally the only football site I go to now. I have no idea what everyone else is saying about us and I couldn't care less. Despite the embarrassing losses, this is actually the least stressed I've been during football season in years. I just hope I can remain as chill once we start getting good again.

Menexenus's picture

I feel ya, Brutus.  I'm in the same boat.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

Yeah, I think we've all been there. I think I'd be able to enjoy it a little more if I didn't have a couple of ND pricks on my back at work. I can't believe they have the audacity to give me hell; worse than Michigan fans, I swear.

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

biggy84's picture

tOSU was the saving grace of my sports passions. I have been a loyal Browns, Cavs, and Indians fan for my entire life. I have played and watched sports for as long as i remember, and enjoy doing so.  For too many years the Buckeyes have been the one team that actually gave me joy to watch. Now, that is gone. I am not smart enough to develop a cure for cancer or write a novel, so watching sports was a good way to unwind.

RBuck's picture

We still have basketball for this year.

Long live the southend.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

I'm used to division play in the MAC, being a Toledo alum and living here. If you lose two conference games in division play, your chances of winning the division are very, very slim. Oh, hell, nonexistent. That's where the Buckeyes stand now. And I know OSU can't beat the Cheeseheads in three weeks; Illini will be tough to beat, too, now that they know the Buckeyes are very beatable and they have a shot at winning the Leaders. That's two games in a row for us where the offense bogged down (mostly Bauserman's and Bollman's fault). Now the defense loses its poise in the second half and plays like the offense. Wait til next year.

Iron_Buckeye's picture

Someone please explain to me why Jordan Hall is the starting running back, let alone returning kickoffs. Does anyone else think that he looks like he's running in sand?

“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

Defend Youngstown's picture

Carlos Hyde is really coming into his own. The pudgy fullback from Florida no one paid attention to has a bright future. He runs faster and with better vision every week. I'm glad he's going be around next year.

BuckeyeChris's picture

....And has anyone else noticed the return of the Michigan gear all over town? Nice to see the dust blown off the Driesbach jerseys. Welcome back, tools. 

gravey's picture

Not venting.  Nobody would listen anyway.  GO BUCKS!  I'm bleeding scarlet and gray and though it's a lot more than I have bled in years, I've been with you since the day I was born.   I'll be with you until I die.  Get better and beat that orange annoyance from Ill.

Buckeye Chuck's picture

Going over the game drive-by-drive like this, it tends to give the lie to the opinion I've seen expressed several times since last night, which is that "you can't blame anything on the defense because the offense kept them on the field too long." The fact is that the Huskers weren't exactly grinding out the yardage methodically. The longest of their 4 second half scoring drives was only 7 plays--the same length as the Buckeye drive that ended with the punt from the 32 yard line (and that drive was interrupted by the quarter break, which gave our defense an extra amount of rest).

The defense was on the field much longer last week, and managed to not collapse. The only explanation for how things could have been so much different this week is that teamwide panic set in.

I almost feel bad for not getting in on the Bauser-bashing because rest assured I dislike his play as much as anyone, but the offense didn't give points back. If the defense did its job, Bauserman wouldn't have mattered.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

Menexenus's picture

This x100.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

theDuke's picture

Chuck, you make good points, but if you look at the stats, our offense kept the ball for all of 3 MINUTES IN THE 4th QUARTER!!!! when you are protecting a lead, you better have longer T.O.P. than that, surely.


theDuke's picture

Wait, our offense held the ball for 3:15 in the 4th quarter.  oh crap that's bad. 


GOMUDHENS's picture

Even though I bleed maize and blue, I was hoping you guys would pull out the upset over Nebraska. It reminded me of sitting through our 2008 season. Believe me when I say that the Maize and Blue faithful want you guys to return to form. Nobody likes a pointless game in November. I hope you take the swagger out of Zook this weekend.