Tuesday Skull Session

By Danny on September 20, 2011 at 6:00a

Good morning Buckeye faithful and welcome to your Tuesday Skull Session. I've finally come to realize, the sun is still rising every morning I wake up, and the headache from the hangover of OSU's loss this weekend is starting to fade as well.

There isn't a lot left to say about OSU's loss that hasn't been written already. Whether the words pitiful, lousy, subpar, or just plain ugly come to mind, I've come to terms with what happened on Saturday evening, and I realize that time (and some wins) will heal all wounds.

Patience and experience will only make the Buckeyes a stronger football team going forward, and I'm excited to see how hungry this team is moving up and on after a tough road loss. 

Let's get moving: 

DEPTH PERCEPTION. Ohio State has released its official depth chart going into week four of the season for the game against the Colorado Buffaloes.

After last Saturday's debacle at quarterback, which saw Joe Bauserman complete 2/14 passes for 13 yards and Braxton Miller go 2/4 for 22 yards and an interception, both Bauserman and Miller are still both listed as the number one quarterback with Luke Fickell's favorite "OR" listed between their names.

In my opinion, Bauserman has shown what he can bring to the table, while we still know so little about Miller. It will be interesting to see Fickell's approach to playing both QBs this Saturday, and hopefully he's able to trust Miller enough so the coaching staff can get a better look at him. There's always the chance Fickell is leaving Bauserman as a potential starter to keep his decision a mystery.

After an impressive performance against the Hurricanes, Jordan Hall has moved on from his past philanthropy endeavors to be slated in as the number one running back along with Carlos Hyde. This running back combination can be explosive, with Hyde providing a tough, physical running style to compliment the more finesse style of Hall. Can you say thunder and lightning, anyone?

The return of Hall also means we'll be seeing a lot less of butterfingers enthusiast, Rod Smith, and we likely won't see too much Jaamal Berry either. Berry will handle kickoff returns along with Hall, but has not been used often at tailback and didn't really see action there in the Miami game until Hall left with cramps.

Despite poor play thus far this season, Marcus Hall is still listed as the starter at right guard. Corey Linsley continues to work his way back into the rotation after being suspended for violating team rules earlier this season, but looked excellent in relief of Hall against Miami. If Hall's poor play continues, look for Linsley to get a chance to replace the former Glenville product in the starting line-up.

With  Nathan Williams suffering from a leg injury, J.T. Moore will get another start at the LEO position, with freshman Steve Miller backing him up. Defensive back Travis Howard will also make his second start at cornerback after serving his suspension for receiving improper benefits. Those are really the only things to note on the defensive side of the ball, as those hoping for Orhian Johnson to be outed in favor of Christian Bryant are highly disappointed.

ESPN'S CONTINUED FAITH IN OSU. In a recent B1G conference power ranking by Adam Rittenberg of ESPN, the Buckeyes are listed at number six in the conference behind Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, and Michigan State. 

I expect these numbers to change in OSU's favor by the time B1G play opens up against Michigan State on Oct. 1. Yes, Ohio State had a major meltdown against Miami, but this team will get better if the offense can gain some consistency coming out of this week's game against Colorado.

Rittenberg's rankings are pretty reasonable with the way the Buckeyes have played up to this point, but I expect to see OSU ahead of at least Illinois, Michigan and Michigan State later this season. Ohio State has endured much hardship stemming from last December, but this team is much better than sixth in the conference and time will prove that.

BAUSERMAN BEWARE. An article by Columbus Dispatch reporter Bill Rabinowitz raises some similarities between when Jim Tressel yanked starter Todd Boeckman in 2008 for Terrelle Pryor after the USC loss to OSU's current quarterback situation after the Miami loss.

Rabinowitz does point out that Fickell's quarterback decision should be easier to make than Tressel's was in 2008, as Todd Boeckman lead OSU to the BCS title game against LSU the year before Pryor had come to OSU, whereas Joe Bauserman has never been more than a backup.

I know it's only been three games, but I've seen enough of Bauserman. I think now is the perfect time to showcase Miller's potential. Pryor, love him or hate him, had success at OSU because he was able to get starting experience his freshman year and make plays with his legs when things broke down or he wasn't experienced/talented enough to do it with his arm.

Miller is going to make mistakes, every young player does, but if there was ever a time for him to shake off some of that inexperience the time is now, this season, when OSU desperately needs an offensive spark. OSU not only needs to think about how effective this offense will be this year, if they choose to stick with Bauserman, but also down the line when Miller will become the eventual starter.

And, like Pryor, Braxton has the tools and natural ability to make things happen, even if he's not ready to be an elite passer at the collegiate level just yet.

EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT. Conference expansion is what all the cool kids are doing nowadays. Whether it's the ACC, the SEC or the PAC-12, every school is looking to make sure they are not the one left out of this larger than life game of musical chairs.

But what about the Big Ten conference? Should B1G commissioner Jim Delany sit back while all this shifting takes place? If some of the alleged rumors come to fruition, such as Texas and Oklahoma to the Pac-12 or a Big East-Big 12 merger, then Delany should at least flirt with the idea of changing their stance on expansion, which as of now is to remain at 12 teams.

Why should the rest of the college landscape be swallowed whole by super conferences while the B1G remains at 12 teams? The conference has always been a premiere football conference, but how long will this hold true if it doesn't evolve into a super conference?

If the Big Ten does change its mind on expansion, be on the look out for them to pursue Missouri and possibly that tease of a school, Notre Dame, to balance out the conference.

LOS LINKS. Look who else decided to join the vacated wins party... There's always room for more on the NCAA's naughty list... Just how bad was OSU's passing attack last Saturday? Let's just say it involves a blizzard... Your full-league schedule for B1G conference play week one... The St. Louis Rams' Stephen Jackson runs it back.




Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I agree with the 11w'r who posted that Miller should get the start and majority of play. I would plan on putting Baus in after three drives depending on how successful those drives are. If Miller looks good, leave him in.

It's really easy to sit here on my couch and make that call tho.

It doesn't make any sense to me to not try to grab some of the bigger football and basketball schools. Allowing them to move to the PAC 12 and ACC while not doing anything seems kind of dumb. I was excited by what someone posted on here (from a Northwestern blog I believe) regarding potential expansion.

I did hear on sports center, that they were in no hurry. Delaying might be a strategy.

Hoody Wayes's picture

The ND to the ACC notion, is gaining steam.

When it comes to ND, its deep, dark secret may be that it questions how competitive it would be, in the B1G. Do we believe ND would have won the B1G Championship, this year? Looking back over the past decade, how many times would ND have won or shared, the B10 title?

As a national franchise, Notre Dame may feel the safer move is to a comparitively, weaker, ACC - wherein its prestige would loom larger than in the titan-rich B1G.


BED's picture

That makes sense, but as bad as ND has been over the last decade or so, don't you think they'd flock to the equal revenue-sharing conference?  (Does the ACC share equally?)  They aren't bringing enough to the table to get a sweetheart deal anywhere else.

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they could win more games in the ACC, that's for sure. also they'd probably be able to keep their NBC tv deal, which would mercifully die in the B1G.


as much as people like to say "they had their chance" i would still like to see them joing the B1G with 3 other, yet to be named schools.

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I'm not knocking Miller, as I'm sure there is exceptional talent there and things really can't get any worse than Baus, but all these demands that he be the starter coupled with the belief that we'll get good once that happens seems unrealistic to me. It's sort of like the fascination people have with Berry despite the fact that he's accomplished very little thus far. Like Berry, there's a reason Miller hasn't won the job yet, and that might be because he's just not that good yet. I agree with the sentiment that he could do no worse than Baus so we may as well get started on the future, but I'm really not expecting things to get better for a while, potentially a long while.

rkylet83's picture

I don't think we'll be great on offense this season with Miller, but we might be good by the end.  The offense might work a little better because teams will have to account for him running and extending plays which will let our inexperienced receivers have more time to get open.  Unlike Berry, I think Miller not having the job at the start has more to do with not knowing the playbook and grasping the full offense more than it does with his ability to make plays.  It should be a pretty easy choice for Coach Fickell.  We know what Bauserman can do and its not good...we don't know what Miller can do but what he's shown isn't worse that Bauserman.

I actually think we have a really good team developing for the next two seasons.  There are young players at almost every position and playing early will do nothing but make them better.      

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See that's the crux. We are at a crossroads. We either have a young team that will have an average to bad season this year but improve and be great the next two or three years OR we have the beginning of the darkness where we lose or coach which in turn causes us to lose recruits which causes the coaching carousel to start to turn a la UofM/ND/MSU in recent years. Personally, I'm scared it's the latter.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Right now this looks like it could be a long season of disappointment. However, there is still hope that a big leap of improvement is made in the next three games and we are solid contenders after that. I'm still hopeful but not optimistic.


I'd play the kid Miller and I'd make a few other changes too, but I don't want to pile on anybody so I'll stop there.

Hoody Wayes's picture

My picks from 08/04/11. 8-4, then. Now, maybe...7-5:

    Sat, Sep 3    Akron    12:00 pm    -- W
    Sat, Sep 10    Toledo    12:00 pm    -- W
    Sat, Sep 17    at Miami (FL)    TBA    -- L
    Sat, Sep 24    Colorado    TBA    -- W
    Sat, Oct 1    (14) Michigan State    TBA    -- 50/50 W/L
    Sat, Oct 8    at (20) Nebraska    8:00 pm    -- L
    Sat, Oct 15    at Illinois    TBA    -- 50/50 W/L
    Sat, Oct 29    (7) Wisconsin    8:00 pm    -- L
    Sat, Nov 5    Indiana    TBA    -- W
    Sat, Nov 12    at Purdue    TBA    -- W
    Sat, Nov 19    Penn State    TBA    -- W
    Sat, Nov 26    at Michigan    TBA    -- L

From hereon, road games will be the roadblocks. It's Miller-time.

Note: Ohio State will need its own, "Mr. October."

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Michigan is bad.  Real bad.

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rkylet83's picture

Michigan looks decent at the moment, but they are showing the exact same problems that they had last season.  Denard won't survive running 20-30 times a game in the Big Ten and their defense secondary will get slaugtered by a good passing game.  

Their not good, but due to us being incredibly one dimensional on offense as well its going to be a very tough game.  We just have to hope our defense can keep Denard hemmed in like last season.  We have to show some threat of passing the ball to stop seeing 8-9 guys in the box and get our running game on track. 

BED's picture

I was talking more specifically about their defense.  Kovacs is almost the only player worth anything.  And he's a (former) walk-on.

Brady Joke will get Michigan back to form, but it won't be this year.  Hopefully Miller Time will be in full force by then, and it's a blow-out in @nn @rbor.

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Buckeyejason's picture

That defensive tackle they have is pretty good, don't remember his name..the ex wrestler I believe.


Nappy's picture

This guy?


I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

BED's picture


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741's picture

This picture reminds me of Maryland's helmet from last week.

Qujo's picture

Akron - W

Toledo - W

Miami - L

Colorado - W

Mich St - W

Nebraska - L

Illinois - W

Wisconsin - L

Indiana - W

Purdue - W

Penn St - W

Mich - W

9-3.... I think we have the offense uch more efficient on the back half of the year (not great, just efficient) which with our Defense will be enough to win against Ill, Penn St and Mich... I will take 9-3 this year after watching the Toledo and Miami games


"Tough times don't last, tough people do" - Gregory Peck

BED's picture

I think this is worst case.  I say Wisky is a win because of home field.

We may pull out Nebraska, Go Bucks!

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buckeyechad's picture

I'll have what hes having

BED's picture

MAXIMUM HOMERISM! I love my Buckeyes, and always count on them winning, no matter the odds.

We just have to believe!  It's like when you revive Tinkerbell with your positive vibes.

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BucksfanXC's picture

This sums up my feelings exactly. Hopeful, but not optimistic.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Jack Fu's picture

I agree with this sentiment. I don't think the offense will get appreciably better with Miller, but 1.) Bauserman is what he is: a backup, 2.) it would be hard to perform worse, and 3.) Miller is the future. Might as well start it now, considering (I believe) his redshirt is already burned. Throw him out there and let him learn on the job.

So yes, regarding Miller, I'm much more in the "we might as well" camp, rather than the "the offense needs a spark" camp.

Irricoir's picture

I hear you Brutus. I don't expect Miller to be the cure all for our offense. The top two reasons to put him in there is that his eligibility for a redshirt has been burned so lets let him play, grow and learn. Maybe he can rewrite some of the records that TP set so that we can put that guy behind us. When comparing the two quarterbacks performance on Saturday, Braxton was at least moving the ball. Bausersuck has had 5 years to prove something to these coaches. I am sorry, but some people are destined to fill the back up role all of their life. I am sure somebody in an attempt to show how football wise they are or how fast they can google will counter this comment, but if you are a Quarterback at Ohio State for more than three years and you haven't earned the starting role then you have no business on the field unless it is clean up time or an injury occurs.

I am on the Berry bandwagon, not to say that i don't like Hall. You ask what has he achieved? How about 8.1 YPC. Yeah, it was against bad teams and or in cleanup duty against their lower tier players but as I have pointed out before, when your up big and widdling the game away the defense knows you are running the ball and stack the box. He has still achieved that YPC. How would we know what he can do with our number 1's against an opponents number 1's when we don't see him in the game. I have seen what every one of our backs can do on the one's except Berry. Hyde isn't bad but he is no Beanie Wells, lacks vision and a nasty stiff arm. Smith is young and raw, and the obvious fumbling issues. Hall looked explosive and agile and he even delivered a boom like punch when engaging a defender. He has the best vision of any of our backs including Berry. Hall lacks top end speed, not to say he is slow. I have not been been overly impressed with Berry's return game thus far but how many carries has he been given this year? Where has his opportunities gone? (I know he has had a nagging hamstring and thus missed some practice time but if he can return KO's then lets see what he does carrying the ball) Hell, we needed a home run threat against Miami not a power back giving us 3 yards and a cloud of dust. I am no coach and these guys probably know better than I do, though after the game against Miami I am starting to wonder.

I only comment because I care. Am I fanatical about this team? WELL, HELL YUS! Ohio State football is a representation of where I was born and raised. It is the one constant thing that reminds me of home. When we do well on and off the field, I point to my team and speak proudly of my heritage. When we are enveloped in scandals and play like shit on the field it hurts me deep inside. It stirs the anger and the pain with no outlet for that energy. Next Saturday is my only hope for remedy.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Denny's picture

'The top two reasons to put him in there is that his eligibility for a reshirt has been burned so let's let him play, grow, and learn.'

Absolutely. At this point let the kid learn - if we don't, his redshirt was burned for absolutely no reason other than a coach trying to save his job.


SouthBayBuckeye's picture

you two agree on something?!?!

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Nappy's picture

I cant believe it either

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

BuddhaBuck's picture

Bauserman is the Busch Light still in the keg from last year's toga party. It's Miller Time.


Don't text while driving.

Qujo's picture


"Tough times don't last, tough people do" - Gregory Peck

BuckeyeSki's picture

I honestly wanna see what Guiton has to offer. He at least deserves a shot, IMHO. I've been a founding member of Team A.B.B. since the beginning, and would love to never see him touch the ball again (except for mop-up duty)

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jfrank373's picture

Bausersuck has gone two straight weeks with completely missing receivers and throwing balls that look like they were shot out of mid-air. He looks more like the rattled under classman than Miller. Braxton will make mistakes but Joe Beardo is gone after this year so what is the point of playing him... at all!!

cronimi's picture

Exactly.  Unless Baus is going to win us a B1G or BCS championship (he isn't), use the time to get Miller into starting-QB form.  Just like Tress did with Pryor.

cal3713's picture

Yeah, but he doesn't turn it over.  I think that's the rub that makes the decision difficult for Fickell.  So far, Miller looks a lot like Rod Smith, he plays well for half a series, but turns it over right when we're starting to get into scoring position.

Buckeyejason's picture

Turns it over or not...Bauserman isn't doing anything!! ANYTHING!! We gotta stop playing scared and grow some balls.


millertime2011's picture

I also think Miller is in better shape than Pryor was when he was inserted in as the starter as a freshman. This has nothing to do with physical abilities, but rather mental ones. A worry about a true freshman QB is he will crumble mentally, get down on himself, etc. However, unlike with Pryor, there have only been good things said about him as a mental warrior. He seems calm in interviews and, though his INT was an ill-advised throw (even though it was tipped), he seems to have a better football IQ than Pryor. Like everyone has said, we gain nothing from starting Bauserman. Miller isn't any worse, and why not get him experience and possibly the ability to prove he is better than we have seen (it's hard to be a good QB if you aren't allowed to get in a rhythm).

timdogdad's picture

right, there's nothing we can do about the players and coach being out or gone. it would have been another excellent year if nothing bad happened. top 5, maybe 12-1 big ten champ bsc game,etc.   so lets get the future started now. we'll endure a 8-4 or hopefully, not much worse, beat scum and ramp up towards next year.  i say if we hire meyer, than fick takes back over when meyer is done.  you know meyer won't last that long. the fans shouldn't panic, we just went through this cycle 3 years ago.  

Colin's picture

One thing I worry about when comparing this situation to the USC game with Boeckman and TP is that if TP couldn't find anyone open or couldn't read the defense properly...he was still a hell of a runner, big, strong, ridicously fast. We've seen Braxton take off a few times now and all I can think about is I hope he doesn't get hit and break something or I hope he doesn't fumble. I never worried about those things with TP, and the fumbling is something we actually have to be concerned about because it happens whereas the other is just paranoia.

RoweTrain's picture

I may be the only one but everytime Pryor ran the ball I held my breath waiting for an injury to happen.  He was obviously very important to us and as the New Mexico State game from '09 and Illinois game from last year show, he was not completely immune to leg injuries.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Bucks's picture

For me the absolute bottom line in regards to the QB deal is this:


Bauserman has reached his ceiling. Miller has not. Joe B's abilities at that ceiling really aren't impressive & certainly don't outweigh the potential gains with Braxton.

Buckeyejason's picture

All Miller needs right now is confidence. And he won't get that unless he plays.

Bauserman(uggh I can't even stand to write his name anymore) is done..we've seen enough of his amatuer hour b.s. To last a lifetime.

The reason Berry isn't playing? Well Hall is obviously better..and Hyde is starting to show he's capable. There's no reason he shouldn't be the #3 back at this point though. Should be getting more touches than he has, no excuse. Just another question mark for our terrible O.C.


Transylvaniabuck's picture

Unfortunately for Bauserman, he looks like he is playing to not turn the ball over.  His favorite play right now is to throw the ball away so he doesn't get intercepted.  You just can't win with that mindset.  I have no hope for an offense where the quarterback doesn't trust his own pass.  I truly feel for Bauserman, but I have to think his time is over.

madhatterhater's picture

I would be ok with a "Safe QB" like Bauserman if OSU was actually winning.  Make no mistake that was not a good Miami team.  Heck if OSU was able to pass for 100 yards they probably would have won the game.  Does it really matter is you lose games close or lose games trying to get better for next year.

go bucks

RBuck's picture

I do trust the coaches (just a little) to know who the best players are. Just makes me wonder how bad Guiton and Graham are.

Long live the southend.

Bucksfan's picture

Starting Miller is a no-brainer.  I didn't play football, I've never coached the game, and I probably will never coach the game.  But when you see a team perform the way that it did on Saturday, knowing full damn well that there is a nationally ranked talent just sitting there on the sideline as your starter completes 2 passes, just a week after that starter sucked against Toledo, and given the fact that this has happened not once, but TWICE before (Zwick-Smith, Boeckman-Pryor), you MUST MUST MUST start thinking that this coaching staff DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO PUT THE BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD.  Whether that has to do with preparing them to play, or just making terrible personnel decisions, something has to change.  We can't keep spinning our wheels on a national stage hoping for a once-in-twenty-years type of QB talent that can pick up 3rd and longs like they're easter eggs.  And that's having to wait another 2 years for him to "develop" to that point.

A team with this much talent should be able to breathe the ball into the endzone at least twice a game against any opponent.  Losing the game 24-20 would have at least been respectable, and you could potentially blame the loss on 1st-quarter special teams gaffes.  24-6 just 3 years after a similar situation left you with 35-3 in the Coliseum, and a TD-less game against Penn State, means there is a breakdown from the top-down and these coaches simply can't get it done in the week leading up to the games.

Buckeyejason's picture

I agree, really wondering about what this staff is doing with personel.

The stiuation with Miller

Continously playing Hankins on the end, where he make no impact at.

Hall over Linsley?

Carter at Left Tackle in fall camp?

Hardly getting Berry touches on the ground.

keeping O.Johnson in at safety over C.Bryant.

The lack of imagination on offense

Never making Stoneburner a target in big games.

I can go on and on...


Sgt. Elias's picture

all these things make me crazy as well.


"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

OSUNeedles's picture

I think everyone has nailed it... Miller hasn't shown me much of anything, yet... But, Baus has certainly shown me plenty... & I don't want to see it ever again. I fear the level if booing that will occur if Baus comes out as the starter. I know u can't make coaching decisions based on fan reaction, but it could be ugly...

Sgt. Elias's picture

I'm worried about this too. You know if the Baus trots onto the field 1st series Saturday it's gonna rain boos.  We can bitch about booing being uncouth or whatever but Bart and Betty Sixpack in the stands paid 70 bones to be there, and if they feel it's their right to boo crap football what are you going to do? I never boo unless it's a ref making a bad call (or Meatchickedn takes the field in The Game) but I would have to stuff my knuckles in my mouth if I had tickets next weekend. At some point the coaches may need to hear 100k voicing their disapproval to get it through their thick skulls. Hopefully the depth chart is gamesmanship on Fick's part. One can hope...

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

Qujo's picture

IMO I would start to rotate Guiton and Miller. What we saw at Toledo and Miami is Bauserman is not the guy... So I would like to see what Guiton can do while Miller is getting more and more confidence... Probably the same playing style and then turn it over to Miller (if he proves it) in the second half of the year. Lets see what Guiton can bring to the table... He could provide a spark... God forbid Miller gets hurt you have Guiton who will also have some experience and confidence and not revert back to Bauserman who is a known commodity that he cannot lead this team.... I think another QB needs to be developed as well... Maybe Miller first then Guiton coming in for a couple of series...

"Tough times don't last, tough people do" - Gregory Peck

btalbert25's picture

The only option is to play Miller in my opinion.  This offense is horrible right now.  Not bad, not mediocre, it's garbage.  Bauserman has a lot to do with that.  His throws aren't great, he bails out on plays way to early, and is reluctant to pull the trigger.  I understand the team needs a game manager, but c'mon, let a play develop before chucking the ball at the mascott.  Instead of bailing out. Tuck it and go, y ou may lose yards you may not but one thing is for certain, launching it out of bounds means you are look at 2nd or 3rd and 10, instead of 2nd or 3rd and 7 or 8. 

Miller is the future of this team and in my opinion gives the team a better chance to win now.  He throws a better ball than Bauserman.  Hell he throws a better one than TP did.  He's not be monumentally improve the offense, but maybe by game 12, the team actually is competent on offense.

This team has been forced to play a lot of very green players at key positions, they need to add one more to the mix.  This team is going to take it's lumps no matter who is at QB.  I think 9-3 is very very optimistic and quite frankly, I don't think we have the coaching staff to pull that off with this team.  Tressel would have a hard time acheiving 9-3 with the current squad. 

As for fear of losing the coach, I have a pretty good mind to think he was only getting the job if something extra-ordinary happened this year anyway.  Unless the team drastically improves, and fast, I don't see anything wildly successful happening.  It's just me being honest with myself.  This year Ohio State rebuilds, not reloads.  That being said, if Fickell isn't retained, there's a pretty good chance that the new coach will be named by signing day and especially if it's a big name, the recruits will come still.  I don't see the team losing anyone who has committed and others who are very high on the Buckeyes.  May lose a couple of guys who were on the fence like Kalis, but that happens. 

O-H Kee Pa's picture

Either every fan on 11W is bat shit crazy, or Fick knows something we don't know. He said that he doesn't know what the plan is yet at QB.

Buckeyejason's picture

The fact that we aren't even giving Guiton or even Graham for that matter a shot is [censored] baffling!!

YOU HAVE TO BUILD FOR THE FUTURE LUKE!!! Playing Bauserman is like setting your team back in some catostrophic back to the future type of way..Doc Brown "it could change the futre and destroy the entire universe!!"

Not that dramatic obviously but you get my point. Playing Bauserman and not playing Guiton/Graham is basicaly showing that you want those two guys to transfer and will be fucked depth wise next year relying on Cardale Jones to make it to campus and be the #2 guy..which isn't a guarentee.


acBuckeye's picture

Speaking of S. Carolina..... I actually used to like Tom Luginbill over at the WWLiSR...... until he said yesterday, "How does South Carolina get hit with a Failure to Monitor, and Ohio State doesn't?!?" REALLY?!?!?! And i used to think you actually had your head on somewhat straight and knew what you were talking about, Luginbill!! Now you sound just like the rest of the DERPs who work for your employer.

Any person who took the time to actually study and read the allegations against OSU already KNOWS why we didn't get hit with FTM. South Carolina got it...... B/C GUYS WERE GETTING LAVISH HOTEL ROOMS FOR 15 EFFING BUCKS A DAY!! Almost 1/4 of what everyone else had to pay. Compare that to a few hundy here and there for our guys.... NO COMPARISON, YOU IDIOT!!

Sick and tired of people making snap judgments about the program i love, just based on media perception. Especially coming from a talking head i actually used to respect.