Your Final Four Open Thread

By 11W Staff on April 2, 2011 at 5:40p

Forever alone on a Saturday night? Then this open thread is the friend you've always wanted.

The opener is the cinderalla match, featuring Butler, attempting to reach its second-straight championshihp game, facing VCU. If you're going regional, Butler is your team, but VCU does have a freshman guard from Gahanna (G-Town, represent!).

Next up is a battle of blue bloods playing under a cloud of allegations and sanctions. Officially, this is John Calipari's first Final Four and he wasn't pleased when a bold reporter reminded him of that at yesterday's presser (this question came on the heels of another, from an Israeli reporter, where Cal was asked if he was the Jerry Tarkanian of the aughts). We're not sure where you stand on this one, but it's going to be tough to pull for either team.

Nantz, Kellogg and Kerr will be calling all of the action tonight.

Tip (ET) Net Game Favorite
6:00PM CBS #8 Butler vs #11 Virginia Commonwealth Butler (-3)
8:30PM CBS #3 UConn vs #4 Kentucky Kentucky (-2)



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BuckAlum75's picture

Hope the Yukon Huskies represent well.  Their women's team is pretty good, too.  Still, it's a shame that they feel the need to take the name of an entity in Canada.  




BuckAlum75's picture

Just a regret that the U of Conn is so ashamed to use its American name and resorts to absconding a Canadian province.  Go Yukon.  


Jason Priestas's picture

Mental note: Final Four open threads only work when Ohio State is playing.

Pam's picture

Good observation.  While I would have preferred the roof to collapse, I guess Uconn winning is better than UK.

Dean's picture

Amen - I can't stand the thought of UConn winning it all, almost as much as I couldn't stand the thought of Kentucky winning it all.  Go Butler!

Chris Lauderback's picture

I wish Knight employed the same shot selection against us.

cal3713's picture

God, I thought that all game.

ih8rolltyde's picture

Hate to do it..... just have to.

In da backseat of da Uconn.

I sure hope Butler wins.....

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

BuckAlum75's picture

So Yukon Huskies made it.  So maybe a Canadian province wins the NCAA basketball tournament. ??? 


nickma71's picture

I want Butler to lose real bad. The problem is, they are playing a team that managed to go 9-9 in their confrence. As long as they keep calling it the tournament championship and not just championship, I can probably stomach the game.

Chris Lauderback's picture

I get your logic but I'd rather pull for the underdog especially when the alternative is that lying ass Calhoun. He's gonna get exposed eventually for his sketchy ways. If Tress can't avoid it, it'll definitely catch up to Calhoun. Plus, I man-heart Brad Stephens as a coach.

ERIC OSU's picture

You can make that 2 man-hearts.

Pam's picture

Don't forget that our very own Thad Matta is responsible for Stevens being the HC at Butler having hired him as as coordinator of basketball operations when he was the HC. 

Go Bulldogs!

ERIC OSU's picture

Good point Pam.... and dont get me wrong, Thad is #1 in this guy's book, represents our university very very well.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Butler beat a 9 seed, 1 seed, 4 seed, 2 seed, and an 11 seed to get here. They've proven that they're championship caliber.

When you look at Kansas (a traditional power and a very good major conference team this year), they had a 16 seed, 9 seed, 12 seed, and an 11 seed and couldn't even make it to the final four.