Tuesday Spring Practice Videos

By 11W Staff on April 12, 2011 at 11:29p

More footage from spring practice and again, we were limited to a 30 minute window in which to shoot. The team ran in shorts and shells today.


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Buckeye in Athens's picture

Thanks for filming this, guys. It's pretty awesome to see what a normal practice is like. What were your general impressions about the battles? Was anyone standing out in particular? 


Aside from that first bobbled snap on the qb drill, I thought Braxton looked accurate and threw with plenty of zip. Berry ran hard in every opportunity - you can tell he's ready for a bit of spotlight. Philly's hands looked good and he had a nice little spin move around a defender at one point. 


I also love the screen and UF-esque offensive stuff we were drilling. Two true power runners + getting certain shifty guys the ball in space = a very off base defense. Mix in a quarterback that will gain confidence completing shorter passes, add a bit of a downfield threat in Philly, and you've got a decent offensive gameplan. 

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Here are some of my nuggets:

Baseman, Graham, Guiton, Miller is the pecking order at qb as of now. Yes Graham is #2 but keywords are as of now.

Berry has looked the best so far this spring at RB. I think if the season started today you'd see Berry with 12 carries, Hall with 10, Smith with 8, and Hyde with 4-5. The ball will be coming to these guys through the air as well.

All 3 tes have been beasts thus far. That 3 includes Jeff Heuerman who has shown excellent blocking skills along with some fine athletic ability. Expect a bunch of 3 Te sets early on this fall.

Jack Mewhort is a stud and can play all 5 positions on the line. Marcus Hall and Andrew Norwell look really good also. Once Adams gets back this line will have at least 7 different players features in every game.

The defensive line is even better and the following will all see the field this season; Simon, Hankins, Goebel, Williams, Bellamy, Hale, Baldwin, Moore, Thomas, and Durham.

Looks like Sweat at will, Sabino at mike, and Bell/Klein at Sam with Newsome as a will/sam hybrid. At star you have Moeller, Bryant, Oliver, and Hagan with McVey on the mend.

Howard and Clarke continue as 1-2 at corner with Barnett and Johnson at safety. Allen, Roby, Wood, and Domicone are the respective 2nd team for now.

Basil is your kicker and Buchannan your punter. Mark that as done.

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Thanks for the insight.  "Baseman (is this a JB meme I missed? Oh wait, he played stickball, nm), Graham, Guiton, Miller is the pecking order at qb as of now". Don't like that part but that's why I'm not the coach.  I think this defense may destroy solar systems if one of the corners unlocks the "lock-down" achievement (hint: it's the Konami code).  I must admit, it would be sweet if we're all: "we're going to run Dave until your head explodes and you can't stop it" and it actually works for 5 games.  With the current depth chart it sounds like that's the recipe barring one of the QB's having an epiphany. Woody would grunt in approval of Infinity-Dave. Stupid forward passes, how do they even work?

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here."