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By Johnny Ginter on March 31, 2011 at 1:00p
May and Gordon, doin' work

Being a sports writer or commentator isn't all that it's cracked up to be in Everybody Loves Raymond or Colin Cowherd's upcoming CBS sitcom. For one, there are far fewer daily innuendos about breast implants, and for two, it's actually a job, rather than a vehicle for an occasional guest spot from Keith Hernandez or Lou Ferrigno. It's also a job that invites a lot of criticism, and in the last few weeks, we've seen lots of it directed (both justly and unjustly) toward the men and women who cover Ohio State football and college football in general.

This is deeply ingrained in OSU fandom; the fact that 90% of us subconsciously spell every instance of the World Wide Leader in our mind's eye as "ESPiN" or "E(SEC)PN" is a testament to the kind of distrust that many OSU fans have toward the sports media world. When you feel your team has been unfairly treated it becomes increasingly easy to see bias from all directions, and the worse the scandal that breaks, the more one might be offended.

Now, beginning with the initial Yahoo! Sports report by Dan Wetzel and Charles Robinson, which many OSU fans initially dismissed out of hand, it seems like there has been increasing anger with the sports media as they continue to report on the Jim Tressel story. Some of it is justified; professional trolls in the vein of Bruce Hooley make a living trying to anger fans and attract more attention to themselves. These people aren't making any sort of effort to add to our information about a subject; they're simply trying to manufacture outrage from a group of people already primed to be angry and wanting to vent about it. Any fan anger directed toward these people isn't going to make me lose any sleep at night.

What interests me more than that is the reaction of fans to legitimate reporters, people whose job it is to learn about and uncover aspects of Ohio State athletics. I've noticed in recent weeks, as each new revelation is unfurled before our disbelieving eyes, that some fans seem to be getting more and more hostile toward the people pulling back the curtain. In a certain respect I can understand this. No one liked the kid who told everyone in 3rd grade that Santa wasn't real. But the range of reactions, from apathy to outright hostility toward the writers involved in the reporting of this incident both surprises me and interests me, and that's the question I ask of you today:

What has been your reaction to the reporting of the Jim Tressel story, and why do you feel that way?

I will say this: one of the most difficult things about writing for a website like Eleven Warriors is trying to strike a balance between being a fan and being a writer; every guy who writes for this website is a fan of Ohio State sports, especially football, but we also try to bring you real insight and analysis. When we read or hear about something negative in any Ohio State sports program, it sucks. Everyone who writes for this website are great fans of OSU, and any black eye to the university hits home particularly hard.

Still, we also try and be objective in the face of adversity, and Eleven Warriors being a fan site grants us a certain amount of immunity when it comes to criticism of how we approach a story. If we criticize Tressel one day, an article the next day lauding the triumphs of the basketball team might act as a salve for people who might be irked by how we approached the first item. It's not intentional, but the point is that our medium allows us to show our love for OSU sports without compromising our integrity.

The last point that I want to make is that I'm not trying to call out fans here. Lazy and inaccurate reporting definitely exists, and oftentimes fans are right for pointing it out. But I think that in this case, the reporting of OSU violations has mostly been on point throughout, and when I read posts and comments saying that reporters are reveling in the problems in the OSU football program, it makes me wonder how many people actually feel that is the case. So if you could, in the comments section, tell us your thoughts on the subject and help provide a little insight into the current state of the mind of the fans.


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I think the Dispatch has done a fine job to this point IMHO.  I haven't seen any hyperbole or judgements being issued.


vacuuming sucks

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Whatever. I was surprised Ohio State hadn't gotten in trouble before Tatgate. In fact, I'm happy that this all that's come out. It could have been worse. If it continues to play out as it has so far, I suspect the Buckeyes will be staying home this bowl season (which might not be a big deal for a 7-5 team) and Tressel will step down. The result will be a hungry team, ready to get back to an elite level, led by a guy I think is the next great Ohio State coach in Luke Fickell. I'm writing off 2011 and am watching to see who emerges with potential to be a star of the future. My expectations are low for this upcoming season. Any success will be a pleasant surprise.

Plus, it sounds as if Yahoo has two more bombs to drop on other programs. Ohio State's problems will be forgotten by August.

In other words, I have no ill feelings toward the press. I don't live in Ohio anymore and don't see a lot of what the media there is saying. So, it's had little effect on me. Once more comes out on another major program this summer, all will be forgotten.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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7-5?  really?  

I don't get how anyone would have any ill-will towards the local guys.  They are awesome at their job.

where I think it's legitimate to find fault is with tha talking heads, who do no actual investigations and take strident positions in lue of actual work.  Though I don't blame them, they are just doing what they are told to get people mad/fired up to increase ratings. 

Dan Isaacs

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From builderofcoalitions on 31 March 2011 - 1:27pm #    

If it continues to play out as it has so far, I suspect the Buckeyes will be staying home this bowl season (which might not be a big deal for a 7-5 team) and Tressel will step down. The result will be a hungry team, ready to get back to an elite level, led by a guy I think is the next great Ohio State coach in Luke Fickell. 

What? Really? You believe our team will go 7-5 and want the coach to step down? This is  man that has given us a large portion of his life and racked up an unprecedented record with wins against Michigan. You must be the guy pulling the silver spoon from your mouth looking for the gold one. I am not ready to turn my back on Tressel for this lone mistake. I appreciate what he has done for my team and our program. Let ye' who hath not ever lied be the only one to cast stones at Tressel. Yeah we hold him to a high standard and I never thought him capable of the act, but no one knows exactly what he was thinking when this took place. Poor judgment yes, one mistake doesn't mean that you have poor character. For folks to attack his character after one mistake that has been made public in over 10 years is with out warrant. It is the media dramatizing everything to make story. This is a flower of a story but they are turning it into a bouquet to garner more attention.

This is still this years senior's final season. They have put in 3 or 4 years of service thus far. I am not writing anything off. I appreciate what they have contributed to this team and accept their mistakes. I hold them accountable but I will continue to support them. You don't sound like a fan of my Buckeyes that I would want to know. Go Buckeyes! Represent with pride on and off the field. I have been preaching this in previous T.Pryor discussions for over a year now.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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....slow clap.....

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This guy is retarded. One of these tOSU fans that will never be satisfied.

This team goes 5-0 in that stretch next year. And probably 11-1 in the regular season with a win over SCum.

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7-5?? Radiation levels high in your ground water?

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I hate the people who say he should be fired. I hate comparing JT to Pearl. I hate people who say this is Tressel finally getting caught for breaking tons of rules over his career (some of which I had never even heard of until now) like MoC, Troy Smith, AJ Hawk claiming money stolen from his apartment, yada yada yada.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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ESPN pretty much has the full range of reporter types.  SportsCenter for the most part just tries to deliver the facts (although they do get some minor details wrong here and there).  The shouting shows do what they do, and as a fan, you have to learn not to take them seriously.

What bugs me the most is the constant repetition of things like "11 of 12 coaches who have violated 10.1 resigned or were fired" without mention of the fact that 11 of those 12 also were guilty of a wide array of additional wrongdoings, while Tressel (at least as of now) appears to have ONLY violated 10.1.  That's a big difference and could change a lot of people's opinions on the issue.

I don't think that ESPN as a whole is "out to get" Ohio State (or anyone else), but I do think they have hired a lot of people who dislike us for one reason or another.  I also feel that their TV deals (a response to the success of the B1G Network, a direct threat to their bottom line) make them less than trustworthy as a journalistic entity.

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EVERYONE thinks ESPN is out to get them.  Penn State fans have thought that for years, and probably always will.  We're a society with a victim mentality, whether it's sports, cable news, or whatever.  Every perceived slight results in irrational outrage.

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I, for one, am pretty sure ESPN is sending Penn State fans on here to make us look bad!


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No one here has said ESPN is out to get "us." But ESPN has hired a plethora of analysts, and journalists who do show disdain for Ohio State. Such as Mark May, Pat Forde, Mark Schlabach, Bruce Feldman, Chris Low, Jim Rome, JA Adande, Bomani Jones, Colin Cowherd, either of the Griese's, and Desmon Howard. In turn how many Ohio State alumni on ESPN show disdain towards other schools? Herbstreit only shows disdain towards Ohio State. Robert Smith does not show disdain towards any certain school, neither does Chris Spielman.

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YOU JUST BASICALLY SAID THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU.  One sentence after you said they weren't.  Good Lord.

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??? Different commenters, I believe.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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No one has said ESPN is out to get us, ESPN doesn't have an agenda against any single unversity or conference, I merely pointed out that many people may believe that ESPN is out to get Ohio State, for there are several prominent analysts and journalists who do regularly show disdain for Ohio State.

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As a former sports journalist who left that industry due to an increasing reliance of Hard Copy and TMZ type "reporting," I generally hold my contempt for those who troll ceaselessly (though these are usually bloggers and columnists, rather than reporters) and lazy journos who either borrow talking points or merely cite other news sources as if they were presenting something new. I respect those guys from the Dispatch and Plain Dealer and recognize how difficult their job is, because that used to be my job too. It's never fun to present unsavory news that you know will piss off your readers, even if it's not YOU they're pissed at (because people misplace their anger all the time).

I'm one of those who was skeptical at first about Tresselgeddon. I'm reluctant to trust a story that quotes only one unnamed source. As more facts were revealed, it proved that Wetzel and Robinson were correct and I revised my opinion accordingly, though I still think they presented the story as some hardcore piece of investigative journalism on their part, when it appears that they were simply tipped off by someone at the NCAA with knowledge of Ohio State's already-ongoing internal investigation.

I'm hopeful that Gee and Smith were telling the truth in their "no more smoking guns" remarks and that the NCAA doesn't go HAM on JT. I still think he runs as clean a top program as it is humanly capable of running in this society and this was a DERP moment on his part. We're all human and we all do stupid things, even The Vest. Let's do our time for the crime and get back to winning B1G championships and BCS bowl games. 

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Well-said. The sensationalism angle of reporting is the worst.


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Often times it's hard to step back and parse whether or not news is noteworthy on our own.

It's even more difficult when some forms of media (talk radio, on-air bickering segments on ESPN) are very good at saying IF this then CLEARLY that, taking initial information and projecting into the future with an extremely limited data set. This leads to a lot of initial condemnation and hyperbole.

Journalism is important, relevant, and things ought to be drudged up - it keeps the world (somewhat) honest. But, the really difficult part is determining which journos deserve our trust (it almost never corrolates with salary, in fact, many times it's inversely proportional), especially now that there's a 1440 minute news cycle and an ever-increasing number of data inputs we, as fans, have to choose between.

The 'inside guys' like Gordon, May, Lesmerises, etc. rarely are the ones to break big stories and stir the pot, but they also rarely miss. The outside guys like the Y! reporters are good at what they do, but it's amazing they actually get people to talk given their reputation as investigative sports guys (aside: if you're a really good investigative journalist, aren't there more important things in the world to report on than NCAA violations, given how absurd the NCAA is as a whole?).

It's easy to write things off, but it's silly to do so. It's easy to take everything seriously, but doing so is great way to go insane.


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For some reason, I haven't engaged in as much hand wringing or bemoaned the supposed destruction of our football program as other fans have. In the ocean that is OSU Football history, this will be a blip on the radar. I love Ohio State, and I don't NEED Jim Tressel at the helm to love my alma mater. There will be football in the fall (and we'll probably be 4-1 after the first 5). There will be Script Ohio. Sure, we might not go bowling, and that'll be a tough pill to swallow. But, with our facilities, coaching, and talent base, we're one of the few schools that can shrug off NCAA sanctions and move forward without taking two giant steps back.

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Just curious, but where is that 1 L coming from? Miami? Please.....MSU? I doubt it...our running game alone will win the first 5 games, and I even took my scarlet glasses off when I typed that. Nebraska worries me on the road however, I think that might be the first L....

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O-H Kee Pa's picture

I was being conservative. But, would 5-0 shock me? Of course not.

BuckeyeSki's picture

I see. Everyone is getting all up-in-arms about Tresselmania....I personally still think tOSU is the clear-cut favorite to win the B1G this year

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O-H Kee Pa's picture

+1, and it's not even close to being a stretch.

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I'm worried about our QB situation, not when TP isn't in there, but once he comes back.  I'm concerned that he will have compromised his leadership role and might end up losing the team during a close game or during a comeback attempt.  I know if I were playing, I'd be fucking pissed with the extent to which he's actively hurt Tressel and the rest of the team. 

And he sold his god damn gold fucking pants.  In fact, I kind of hope he doesn't play all season.  I don't want him to set any (additional) school records if he doesn't care about shit like that.

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I've wondered how Brewster must feel in all of this. The kid was a major reason OSU had such a great recruiting year, that year.



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I don't blame the media for jumping on this story and riding it until it falls over.  Yeah, teams will have the occasional issue with a player doing something stupid, a starter breaking a rule and having to sit out.  But let's look at what's happened...

Have to sit 5 of your starters for half the season because they sold their trophies and uniforms, a coach that knew what was going on and claimed he didn't, lied about doing nothing, lied about the reason he did nothing when he actually did tell someone making every apology and explanation since December an empty one, and then self-imposing a half-season suspension...all from a program that claimed to be as clean and transparent as it is, involving the coach that wrote a book called The Winners Manual...These things do not happen every year on this scale.

To boot, let's throw in a very large, vocal, comsuming fanbase that claimed none of this was true, crucified a former OSU QB for outing the guys on the air before any real facts had come to our eyes, and every step of the way claimed that each subsequent revelation is "no big deal because everyone runs a dirty program."  It's so hypocritical of our fans to pride itself on a clean ship, then make excuses for it when it's completely not true.

There is ZERO reason for Ohio State fans to feel they're being unfairly targetted.  The fact that you're mad, if you are, is evidence enough that you deserve a tough pill.

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I appologize in advance for the length of this post...

If I had to pick on any one, it would be ESPN.  All of the above listed talking heads are just that: talking heads.  I think May is still pissed Cooper dropped 72 on uPitts back in 96...

So, does ESPN have a grudge against OSU?  As an organization, that would be hard to prove, but do they have people working for them that do...?

Well, here's my example:

In Europe, American sports are covered on many channels, but the main one where I watched (in Prague and Paris) was ESPN AMERICA (can't remember what it was called before...)

Anyway, during the 2009-10 season, ESPN America would routinely show an OSU themed commercial. All of their commercials are either related to their own programing or sales, no outside marketing I assume do to legal issuses related to product rights in USA vs Europe, etc.  This add ran during the entire 2009-2010 season.  I saw it at least 3-5 times per gameday, even when they weren't showing tOSU games.

I was going to write my description of the add, but I've found a video link to it.  Go see for yourself.  Listen carefully to the opening lines....

They showed this add 10 times, 1O TIMES during the Iowa game.  It was one of the adds run on almost every commercial break. I got so f@ckin pissed off at one point, that in a full room, I walked up to the tv, dropped my drawers and preseted my backside to the screen show my disdain.  And the add cut out.  No shit, I have witnesses!  (I was wearing my Troy #10, maybe that had some mojo left in it, either that or my ass scared the shit out of the tv...) The add, however, did come on a few times later in the game. The best part, of course, is we won that game and then the Rose Bowl.  I think they even showed it then once or twice too.  They've even showed it during basketball season...WTF??  At the same time, there was also a uM vs ND add where they showed the last few matchups going down to the wire...with uM winning the last one.  Not totally biased, but certainly projecting uM in a favorable light.

In 30 years of playing, watcing/following and being an all around sports junkie, I have NEVER seen anything like this done by a network, paper, or radio station that is so disparaging towards one specific team, before or since.  I wrote an email or two to ESPN to demand an explanation for this add, and guess what I got:  no response.

You be the judge, does ESPN have it out for tOSU?  Well, at least some guys who work there certainly do...

As far as the rest of the reporting world, I'll say this:  I think they are saturating the market with any kind of Tressel related news for one simple reason:  People outside of Buckeye country hate our teams. Plain and simple.  Any negative news surrounding our programs sells...period.


"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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Wow.  That ad is fucking out of control.  I would go insane.

Bucksfan's picture

I don't understand what you'd want them to show.  Ohio State crushing Northwestern?  Indiana?  Michigan State? en route to a 4th straight Big Ten title?  By Iowa of 2009 the biggest story regarding Buckeye football was still how Ohio State still hadn't beaten a top-10 team in 4 seasons.  And it wasn't just that we lost those games, we got CREAMED in most of them.  Couple it with the fact that the Big Ten didn't provide any chance for Ohio State to redeem itself, with the loss to top-10 Penn State in 2008 as basically the only chance in that time span.

Are you suggesting that this wasn't the story?  The national sentiment, which even crept into conversations on this blog, was a general dissatisfaction with Ohio State's big game performances.  You COULD NOT TALK about Ohio State without talking about their choke streak.  I was almost brought to tears leaving the Rose Bowl stadium out of shear relief that I didn't have to listen to it for the first time in a long time.

BuckeyeSki's picture

I was almost brought to tears leaving the Rose Bowl stadium out of shear relief that I didn't have to listen to it for the first time in a long time.

Stiffen that upper lip up....

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Scott K's picture

I'm not questioning that the Bucks sucked eggs in a bunch of big games prior to the Rose Bowl Redemption, including all of those in that add.  We all know what happened.  What I'm questioning is a deliberate, big giant F@CK YOU from a major sports/news network directed soley at a team's fan base.  I mean, come on.  There were no hillarious commercials over the past 3 years about how much uM sucked. or ND.  Or all the opportunities to make fun of Les Miles, etc.  Fair and balanced, and that add is neither.  It's a call out.  And yes, I lost it. A few pillows were launched at the tv during that add's running...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Bucksfan's picture

I don't think the ad makes fun of OSU at all, and this is what I mean when I say that OSU fans are taking this personally when they shouldn't.  The first half is very flattering, building up the program as a power.  The second half shows the disappointment the program was dealing with.  There are dozens of fan-made youtube videos using footage from those games as a way to pump us up and I don't hear you complaining about that.

Every idiotic thing Mark May says about Ohio State is counterbalanced by a positive comment by Lou Holtz.  Of course we dwell on Mark May, but rarely do we absorb the positive stuff.  Jay Crawford on ESPN First Take is about as big a Buckeye homer as they come, and he gets to present himself honestly as such.  Rarely does a week go by when he doesn't talk about Ohio State sports in a positive light.  He goes to all the big games and makes a point to mention he's going.  I can only imagine what it's like for, say, Arizona State fans who tune in and have to deal with how annoying that probably is.

Scott K's picture

I completely disagree with your reasoning here.  It's not a fan made you tube video.  This is a professional add made by network.  It's calculating in the way the message is delivered, starting with the build up, tradition, etc....and then the slap in the face of the dissapointing losses and the Tressel frown.  Everyone who's watched a game with me, and seen this add agrees it is done as a deliberate insulte to OSU.  This is coming from Kansas, Washington St, Alabama, Texas A&M and Michigan fans. They all agree on this.  Now, did the Bucks need calling out on their performances?  Absolutely.  Does it need to be done by the network?  Come on..."it's getting ugly folks, real ugly."

I'm not worried about Mark May.  He's a talking head and an idiot.  No one takes that guy seriously anyway. 

What most likely happened was some SEC or uM homer got the creative opportunity at ESPN America to make an OSU add, and this is what he/she came up with. 

I'm interested what others have to say about this video.

When I see other adds calling out other teams for their poor performances in big games, like Oklahoma, or Kansas bball, then I won't take it personally.  Until then, I do.



"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Bucksfan's picture

Go to the right hand side of the page you posted, Click on the one entitled: "ESPN Ohio State 2010 Spring Discussion (April 10, 2010)"

Here, I'll save you the trouble...

So, there.  I have countered your ESPN link with one that gave glowing praise to OSU just last spring, starting with a highlight reel of the Rose Bowl narrated by Musburger adoration, and said they're led by the "best in Jim Tressel" and that it's a "great time to be a Buckeye fan."  Desmond Howard goes on to say he's cautiously impressed with Pryor's progression, said the sky is the limit.  They even had to tone it down in order to be objective about Pryor's deep ball.

The perspective video you saw might very well be somewhat of a slight.  But it's also just one example.  All OSU had to do was stop blowing big games, they just rattled off 2 wins in their last 3 against top-10 teams, and no one's complaining about OSU being highly regarded as a strong football team anymore.  But how they got to that point is going to be under a lot of scrutiny now that there's all this scandal.

Scott K's picture

"I'm interested what others have to say about this video."

That was directed at you Bucksfan. We all get your view on this.

Yourk link is from April 2010.  AFTER we won in the Rose Bowl.  Wow, what an amazing turn around ESPN made. Give me a break. If anything, it was a nod to them surprising Oregon, especially Pryor's performance in that game.  Besides,  if they hadn't done that kind of preview, they'd look stupid.

My point was that ESPN ran that shitty F-U ad for THE ENTIRE SEASON 2009-2010.  Not once or twice.  But every Saturday, 3-5 times per game day regardless if the Bucks were on or not, and during the week as well. If they were being showed, it could be up to 10 times per game.  No shit. No other ad shown on their programming was even close. Plus, your spot was taken out of a show during a preview of teams in 2010. This isn't ESPN in the states, where there's tons of commercial ads. The only ones shown are in house ones. If you know anything about marketing and advertising, you'll understand that a 1 minute ad played over and over is viewed and digested by an exponentially larger audience than one watching a specific program once. Ads that are played like that influence viewers.  Get it? 

Besides,  I didn't say that ESPN as an organization is against the Bucks. That would be too hard to prove, and I don't really care to be honest. If people hate you in sports, it's because you're successful.  See: Yankees.   I, and others however, speculate that there are some inside the organizaztion that certainly have no problem painting us in an unflattering way. And others here make the good point that OSU is a ratings juggernaut, and they will take every advantage to ride our coat tails to higher ratings, whether that paints a postive or negative picture of OSU's program.


"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Buckeye Black's picture

Woah wait, Santa Claus isn't real?  I couldn't even finish the article....

gravey's picture

I think ESPN on the whole is biased against Ohio State.  I'd have to do some content analysis to show it, but I think it's there.  The problem is that they are both a "news reporting" organization and an entertainment enterprise; and they are commercial, so they must rely on ratings and ad revenue.  There's a fundamental conflict of interest.  I recognize it and take what they do with a grain of salt...even though they like to put that salt on wounds.

As a news organization they can't be taken 100% seriously.  As a source for opinions, they are entitled to those, even if they are biased. 

Ohio State is a ratings monster.  They need us; but they also need controversy surrounding us, so they do what they can to fuel it.  I'd be happy to never watch ESPN again if the Buckeyes were always on the B10 Network...but of course they are going to biased as well.

I'd rather get my news from a legitimate source, but there really isn't a good non-commercial, reasonably unbiased source for sports news.

Denny's picture

I've read a few things (apologies, don't remember where or when) that there's a lot of internal conflict at ESPN as they've grown - the age-old struggle between the journo-types and the entertainment types.

Luckily, douchebag marketers run the world, and so we (as news-gatherers) get a bunch of crap. But, then again, ERIN ANDREWS !1!1!!!


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and now, its all about Auburn being a bunch of good kids that did the right thing, which everyone else in the state of alabama knows how far from the truth that is, as well as the state of mississippi, and got their first national title without an asterisk (lulz). the only reason espn is out to get us now more than ever is that we beat one of ESPN's cherished SEC schools with class. No 4th down conversions to win the game, no true trick plays, just regular football, and they're mad at us for doing so. Maybe ESECSPN should just wake up and get with the times, saying that a good coach can change his playbook to adjust to the nickel defenses and spread offenses of our time.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I agree with the commentors above that the local guys do a really good job.  I live in central Florida and my Gator alum coworkers are always spouting off incorrect info about OSU like the other day when I was told Tessell's job depends on beating UM this year.  Ken Gordon and the like always provide good, reliable information that I use regularly to correct all the misinformation I hear from the local SEC masses.

I think ESPN has gotten to the point where everything is sensationalized to the maximum degree the same way the cable news channels have gone recently.  All the talking heads make it seem like this is the end of the world for Tressell and OSU.  Unless the NCAA docks the school scholarships or bans it from the postseason, this whole scandal should is not that serious, in fact, it could help recruiting.  If you were a top high school recruit, how would you feel about playing at a school where the coach won't rat you out to the NCAA if you commit a violation, receive money handshakes from boosters, and sexual favors from girls?  My 18 year old self would definitely be onboard.

ps: What's up with the podcasts?  They are perfect for my commute.

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Unfortunately Tressel has armed his critics with plenty of ammo - to the point where it has become difficult to defend him.  Obviously some members of the media have become idiots with the story - but that's the bitter harvest one reaps and must endure with this sort of crappola.

tampa buckeye's picture

It is the world we live in. Only negative stories get played.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

So I knew DiLilo was not on the team, but what happened to James Jackson?

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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As a Buckeye fan, I have long ago come to the realization that people either love Ohio State or they hate us. So it goes...
As far as the media is concerned, I hate most of them. The "reporters" always seem to include their opinions and speculation. Don't need that crap! Just give me the facts and I will form my own opinions and speculate myself! Of course, then their articles would be much shorter, (and much more palitable!)
So...JT and 5 players broke the rules and they are being punished for their crimes. No doubt the NCAA will want to join the party. Let's hope the damage is limited. Life will go on and so will Ohio State Football, thank God!

Peter "Pete" Peterson

"Recruiting is like shaving, if you don't do it everyday, you look like a bum!"  -Jim Tressel


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* the Apollo moon shots really went to the moon, the govt doesn't have a fleet of black helicopters and eSPN isn't out to get us.  ESPN hates everyone equally and does all it can to stir up every fan base, create friction and cause people to tune to them to see what they'll say next that might infuriate you.  witness the endless "Vote for the Top Ten _____" polls they take.  That's nothing but subjective nonsense that they throw out there to inflame people and get folks on the message boards to talk about them.

* blaming the media has been around a long time and is just a way for losers to avoid responsiblity.  why does JT have media problems?  because he lied and broke NCAA rules.  that's not subject to debate.  them's the facts.  you can debate what kind of punishment is deserved, were their mitigating circumstances but if JT calls the NCAA boys as soon as he gets that email he isn't in the hot water he is in right now.  for certain our season would have been very different but it wouldn't involve the Senator's job security.

* you can sign me up with the "Fire JT" boys.  I'd hate it, wouldn't want to do it, but he broke the rules (knowingly).  if he got canned (or better, resigned) we'd still be one up on the SEC.  yep, our guy did wrong (and did only a fraction of what the Sabans and Auburns do regularly) and he paid the ultimate price.  that would day tOSU still stands for integrity and winning the right way.  that's just my opinion but JT needs to be mighty glad I'm not the AD.  he'd be gone. 

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* and I forgot: Ohio (and the north) won the NC in 1865 under Coach Sherman and AD Grant and Pres Lincoln... and the south has been mad ever since.  it won't ever change.

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Within all these posts are some good points and some interesting points of view.  It gets people thinking and talking - usually a good thing.

It's why I've chosen 11W as my primary OSU blog.

I bleed Scarlet & Gray.  And, I hate speculation.

By and large, ESPN is in the "entertainment" business of sports programming.  They aren't the BBC News of sports reporting.  Their primary business goal is to get people watching and talking about what they broadcast.  That makes their customers (advertisers) very happy. 

Looking through these posts - they achieved their primary goal.  ESPN doesn't care if people are complaining about or complimenting their programming - so long as people are talking about ESPN.

The reporting has been about what I expected.  Some of it over-the-top.  Some of it factually based and to the point.  The whole spectrum.  Regardless, the coverage tends to be one or two news-cycles, then the media is on to the next breaking news.  The story only stays in the news cycle if you give it legs....a bad press conference, releasing emails showing Coach Tressel forwarded information, etc.

Barring another revelation - this story should sit quietly until the NCAA announces its position on the issue. 

I'm focused on the facts, and I tend to ignore the media, the speculation and the fans/talking heads who've lost their objectivity.

The players and Coach Tressel broke NCAA rules.  For the players, The Ohio State University and the NCAA passed down their punishment, and they'll have to deal with it.

For Coach Tressel, The Ohio State University handed down its punishment (yes, hoping to preempt the NCAA punishment) and Coach Tressel has to deal with it.

I'll wait to hear from the NCAA about its final decision on Coach Tressel.

In the meantime, the players and Coach Tressel have to decide how this will impact them long-term and how they'll address it.  Hopefully, they'll learn from it and avoid issues like this in the future.

The Ohio State University and the Athletic Department better be focusing some time on reviewing its processes for educating coaches and players on these issues and the right way to handle reporting suspected violation of school/NCAA rules.

Admit the violation, make your apology, suffer the consequences, fix the problem and work on making sure it doesn't happen again.

You can support them, you can blast them or you can ignore them.

I choose to be supportive.  IF they accept responsibility and work to overcome their mistakes - I'll give them a second chance.

Regardless of how this plays out for the players and Coach Tressel, Ohio State football will return in September.

See you there - Go Bucks! 

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I'm really starting to resent SPORTSbyBROOKS. The dude thinks he's in the know, but he couldn't be farther from it.

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All this talk of ESPN coverage, and little discussion of Tressel's conduct?  I don't particularly care about how media outlets have spun this controversy.  I do care about Jim Tressel's malfeasance and the response of fans to it.  Brushing it off as a "mistake" is absurd.  The man knowingly cheated, and people are rightfully coming down on him for it.

Jim Tressel has crafted the public image of a person for whom integrity is more important than winning, and reality has now been shown to contradict that persona.  If I saw some fans saying that his victories over Michigan, his BCS success, and his Big Ten championships matter more than the methods he has utilized to accomplish these things, I'd at least respect the honesty.  Instead, I find a bunch of apologists who want to pretend that this is not an example of intentional wrongdoing in furtherance of competitive success.

I've been spending Saturday afternoons in the 'Shoe for most of my life, and have been a strident supporter of Tressel ever since he replaced Cooper.  I can no longer stand by that position, however.  I find it troubling that people call for his head after a loss to Purdue but talk about how upstanding he is in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

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We don't know why Tress didn't come forward, or maybe he did and he was asked to fall on the sword.....

He could have tried to handle this within the team somehow by making the kids do something shitty or embarrassing to teach them about their mistake. We don't know if he did. Maybe he dished out his own internal punishment to keep the kids in the games to better their NFL chances. Not to just win. We don't know so we shouldn't judge.

I've seen great leaders put themselves in harms way to protect their people, maybe Tress is doing the same.

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I've shared this exact same thought.  We may never know, but maybe Tressel is playing the role of the 'Dark Knight' for some higher ups at the University.

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Let's wait until the NCAA finishes their investigation, shall we?