Five Teams That Would Be a Great Fit For Ohio State Wide Receiver Devin Smith

By Tim Shoemaker on April 29, 2015 at 10:10 am
Where will Devin Smith get drafted?

Former Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith will likely hear his name called at some point during the first two days of the NFL Draft. At what point, though, is part of the mystery.

That’s the life of an NFL draftee. They wait and wait, hoping that with each team that passes, the next team calls.

Smith is slotted to be taken anywhere from the end of the first round into the second round. That’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding when he would be expecting to hear his name called.

At 6-foot tall and 196 pounds, Smith lacks elite size at the NFL level. What he does have, though, is blazing speed. Smith ran a 4.42 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in February and has a proven track record of being one of the best, if not the best, deep threats in all of college football.

Last year for the Buckeyes, Smith had 33 catches for 931 yards and 12 touchdowns. That’s a whopping 28.2 yards per reception. His ability to run by people and track down the deep ball is extremely unique.

“That’s what teams need. They need guys who can go and get it. I think I have that ability,” Smith said in February at the NFL Combine. "I’ve shown it plenty of times in college so I’m just going to translate that to the next level.”

Smith has to find the right fit in the NFL, though. If he gets on a team with uncertainty at the quarterback position (i.e. a team picking early in the second round) Smith could struggle for his first couple of years in the league as he tries to become a more well-rounded receiver. If he lands on a team solidified at the quarterback position, though, he could make an instant impact as a rookie for a really good team.

Here are five teams who could be a great fit for Smith based on team need and Smith’s ability.

Carolina Panthers

Where they’re picking: First round (25th overall); Second round (57th overall)

Breakdown: Carolina ranked 19th in the league last year in passing yards per game (219.4) and part of it was a lack of weapons for quarterback Cam Newton. The Panthers drafted Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida State in the first round a year ago and, as a rookie, Benjamin caught 73 passes for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns. Pairing Smith up with Benjamin is certainly intriguing and could give the Panthers a really potent 1-2 punch of young wide receivers.

Houston Texans

Where they’re picking: First round (16th overall); Second round (51st overall)

Breakdown: While the Texans need to get their quarterback situation settled, they are still an intriguing spot for Smith. DeAndre Hopkins is a rising star at one position and the thought of pairing him with Smith is certainly something Houston would think about doing. Cecil Shorts is the Texans’ No. 2 wide receiver at the moment.

Sixteen is probably too early for Houston to draft Smith, so they would likely wait until their second-round pick if they were to take him, should he fall that far.

Kansas City Chiefs

Where they’re picking: First round (18th overall); Second round (49th overall)

Devin Smith
Tom Brady to Devin Smith?

Breakdown: The Chiefs need a wide receiver so it all depends on who is available when their spot comes in the first round. If one of the top wideouts is still on the board, Kansas City likely jumps at that chance and, as a result, wouldn’t have a need for Smith. If several of the top choices are gone, though, the Chiefs could fill another need in the first round and snag Smith with their second-round pick. Jamaal Charles is smiling at the thought of Smith and the newly-arrived Jeremy Maclin stretching the field for him.

Baltimore Ravens

Where they’re picking: First round (26th overall); Second round (58th overall)

Breakdown: Let’s call it a Smith for a Smith. The Ravens are looking to replace their speedy wide receiver Torrey Smith, whom they lost to the San Francisco 49ers in free agency. Baltimore can replace him, though, with arguably one of the fastest players in the draft in Devin Smith, giving quarterback Joe Flacco — who has one of the strongest arms in the NFL — an instant deep ball threat.

New England Patriots

Where they’re picking: First round (32nd overall); Second round (64th overall)

Breakdown: Why not? Let’s plug Smith in on the defending Super Bowl champions and allow him to catch passes from one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The Patriots do have a glaring need at the outside wide receiver position and drafting Smith would fill that hole and make their offense that much more explosive.

Honorable mention: Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys

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