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April 20, 2014 at 3:48am

Just cause the article was written about the SEC doesn't mean it doesn't happen elsewhere. I think I saw elsewhere that the guy who wrote the arcticle stated it happened else where. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in the B1G. Especially Ohio State. I'm not trying to rip on Ohio State at all, I jus became a fan last season during my sophomore year but this last few months Has just made me crazy about football. Personally I think the bagmen story is blown out of proportion, but even if it is true, I think it's kinda crazy to think it's not happening at Ohio State. Not to say we wouldn't have gotten elite talent here if it weren't for that, but if everyone is doing it at this point, everyone gads to participate.

edit:sorry if i wasn't clear but I'm pretty fucied up right now (thank god for mac autocorrect) but i think the message i was trying to get across was pretty well stated

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