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OSU vs. Michigan State

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October 6, 2022 at 7:38pm

Tressels, Fickells, Urbans, Days, Johnsons and Days,


Maybe my new context is 49-10.


In fact, go ahead and look at the bottom of this email.  I like 49-10, so let's run it back.


The number 10 sticks out to me this week.  Since Ryan Day became head coach, Ohio State has ranked in the offensive top 10.  Offensive firepower has not been an issue.  The issue the last two seasons has been the defense.  


Well, I'm happy to see the 2022 Ohio State defense is currently ranked 10th in the country.  It's been an amazing turnaround.  I actually enjoy watching the Silver Bullet defense this season, whereas the last two seasons I had to make sure I wasn't holding anything that could become a projectile when the OSU defense was on the field.


Amazingly, my new context with the 2022 Ohio State defense comes without at least half of the defensive backfield each game...and that hasn't mattered.  In fact, the assumed star of this Ohio State defense and a member of the defensive backfield has been one of the worst performers...and it hasn't mattered.  (...and I think he will turn it around soon.)  The linebacking corp may include the Butkus award winner this season...and the way Steele Chambers (fittingly named for a Silver Bullet) played last weekend, it may not be a given that the winner will be Tommy Eichenberg.  The defensive line includes potential first round NFL draft picks, and the player I'm most bullish about, Mike Hall, is a redshirt freshman that I didn't see coming before the first series against Notre Dame - and it was immediately obvious he's a game changer.  Moving Zach Harrison inside last weekend was very interesting...and led to two turnovers that Zach induced.  


The Ohio State defense appears to be a worthy complement to the Ohio State offense finally.  They play fast, play gap sound, play fundamentally sound and the scheme is aggressive.  Thank you, Jim Knowles.  The Silver Bullets seem to be gaining steam each week and playing as a team.  I'll hold every game to 66-0, 77-21, 52-21 and 49-10 context and I still know that's dumb. But, I think it's there this season.  I'm still in.   



Touchdowns: Miyan, Emeka Egbuka, Marvin Harrison Jr., Marvin, Julian Fleming, Julian, Cade Stover


OSU 49 Michigan State 10


Go Bucks! Beat Michigan State! Josh Proctor for Heisman!


Stout Pops

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