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Hypothetical Questions For Next Season

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August 20, 2014 at 8:05am

First and foremost, I'm going to keep praying for Braxton and his recovery.  It absolutely kills me to see a kid like Braxton going through something like this.  As a former JuCo pitcher, shoulder and elbow injuries are obviously pretty terrifying and tough to fully recover from.  

Looking ahead to next season, suppose JT or Cardale step in and absolutely light it up, does Braxton automatically get the nod to start next season, or does he have to fight for his job back?  

Say we do win the B1G Championship and at least make the playoffs, would you take a chance at potentially disrupting any rhythm and chemistry built this season by putting Braxton back in?  

Obviously Braxton's leadership, especially by next season, would be invaluable but I have to imagine the coaching staff would be in a pretty tough predicament should the replacement QB step in and knock everyones socks off ala Tom Brady/Drew Bledsoe. I suppose it would be a good problem to have though.  

Go Bucks!

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