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Realistically Looking at 8 Team Playoff

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June 6, 2014 at 3:08pm


The playoff is finally here, I already can't wait for January 1st to watch the first games, even if my Buckeye's aren't playing... but they will be.  Right now there will be four teams that make the playoff.  Personally I think four is good, but I want an eight team playoff.  But I thought about it and asked myself, would an eight team playoff be better?


For the players? No.

I dont think so.  If you make it an 8 team playoff, teams would have their regular season (12 Games) then Conference Championship, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and then the National Championship.  A 16 game season for College Football, people need to remember that these kids still have school/finals.  I dont think it's in the best interest of the players.  DJ posted an article today  about the end of the season for Ohio State, imagine adding in another game against a Top 8 team.  Can the players handle that?  I know all the teams that make it will have to handle it but football is a lot different than basketball, it's hard to play that many games.

For the fans? Maybe?

Yeah we get to watch another four football games between great teams and I think that those games would be incredible.  However, unless the Quarterfinals are at home stadiums, traveling for four post season games (B1G included), all of which have enourmous price tags attached to them, it would make it very hard for Buckeye Fans to get out to see them play.

For College Football? I say no.

College Football is the one sport in the world where the regular season truly matters.  Every single game matters.  I think with four teams the regular season is still preserved.  The most you can have is one loss to make the playoff (I hope) butif you expand to 8 teams I think you allow a two loss, maybe even a three loss team to get into the conversation.  I don't think that's right.  The fact that UConn can enter the NCAA tournament with 8 losses, losing their Conference Championship, and still win the National Championship against an even worse resume Kentucky is not what College Football is about.  It works for Basketball, I dont think it works for College Football.

Thoughts? Am I not thinking clearly or do you guys agree with me at least a little bit?

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