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Zach Case - Unsubstantiated Rumor From Twitter (But Interesting)

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August 2, 2018 at 7:00pm

This is rumor, folks.  But then rumor has swirled aplenty in this case.  Have seen this on a couple sites - If it has already been posted, then MODS please take it down.  


SoCalBuck said... (original post)

I don't know if this is true, but it was shared with me, so I'm doing what the media would do and sharing the information without all the facts...

*Urban is looking at a 3-4 game suspension

*Many members of the University have known about both Zach and Courtney for quite some time

*They never acted on information because there was never any proof of guilt one way or the other

*Photos are from 2010 (prior to OSU) and there is no proof the harm was caused by him

*He and she are both drunks.

*She called 911 (66) times in 90 days.

*She got pulled over 3 times for DUI. On each time they let her off and escorted her home.

*Each time she began crying and stated Zach was chasing her and she was afraid. Each time Zach was at practice.

*911 actually stopped sending squads because they stopped finding her credible. They came numerous times with 911 verifying Zach was engaged in Ohio State activities.

*In Zach's and her court hearing the Powell police are testifying on his behalf.

*She has come to OSU practices numerous times drunk, chasing after Zach, threatened to blow people up and other various threats.

*She never worked and when divorced lived off of Zach's child support. When Zach was fired she realized she would lose income and freaked out. She reached out to anyone. She was asking 6-figures for her story.

*They decided to suspend Urban with pay to separate the media frenzy from the practices.

*Apparently there is no proof of anything. Just two crazy people who should have never been together.

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