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What's the Biggest Trap Game Facing Ohio State?



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I'm still haunted by the close calls from both Cincinnati ('02) and Navy ('09), but I too keep looking at that Minnesota game. 

Looking at their schedule, I can see six or seven wins under their belt heading into the game, their last home stand of the regular season. If they have momentum (and Jerry Kill's team had some of that last year) in the last half of the conference slate this could be a tough game for the good guys - post Sparty let-down or not.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I said other. If we come to play every week, we should beat everyone on this schedule. And I expect nothing less of an Urban Meyer team. 

i don't see how any good team with a good record will be a trap game. I would be more concerned about everyone taking Rutgers or Indiana as a gimme. They are not. You have to come to play. 

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I said Navy, but I completely agree with you here.  I don't feel the same sense of anxiety with Urban at the helm as I did with Tress, just because it wasn't Tressels style to put 50 up in the first half.  Tress would get up 14-0 and sit on it for the rest of the first half, and take a 17-10 lead into halftime.  Urban gets up 14-0, and it turns into 28-0 before the 1st quarter is over.

With that being said, I did choose Navy, just because of the question marks that the team has.  If for some reason the offensive line comes out flat, and Braxton is rusty and off his mark early, Navy could take an early lead, and with that offense, coming back is extremely difficult.

I'll be there, so I am praying I don't witness it, but in the end, I really think the biggest chance for a loss is MSU.  There isn't another L on that schedule if Urban has the boys ready every week.

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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I agree. Navy presents challenges we won't face the rest of the season. Breaking in a new DC and losing some studs on that side of the ball against a scheme like the triple options is no easy task. If we don't come out clicking on offense and let Navy string together a few long drives, expect a long frustrating game.  Rutgers will be well coached with Friedgen there now, I expect them to be solid.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I know it's a home game, but went with Cincy here... Seven though Minnesota is an improving team, Cincy is the "trap" game, since it is the week after our huge home opening night game vs Va Tech.. Human/college kid nature will be present in a slow start, and say what u want, but Tommy Tuberville is a good coach and will have that team ready to play... 

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It's Maryland. 

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I agree. Been saying this for a few weeks now. Maryland has legit big time WR's and are well coached. They will be fired up for us that is for sure

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Not a trap game, because they won't lose it, but one they might not play well in is Indiana, which follows two road games at MSU and at frigid cold Minnesota and is then followed by The Game. 

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