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Would you cheer for another Big Ten team if they made the playoffs?



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IF the Buckeyes weren't there, and it wasn't *ichigan, I absolutely would. I'd much rather have the B1G win it. 

Thankfully this is a just a hypothetical off season time filling poll, ......with options, as if *ichigan was going to return to national relevance......

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I've tried rooting for the Big 10 in Bowl Games and non conference games.  I can't do it, not unless its like Northwestern or Indiana playing.  I guess I'm just too used to hating every other B1G team other than the doormats and OSU

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Got to admit, I rooted for scUM like it was my job in Lloyd's last game against Urban and Tebow in 2007. We already bet them, of course, and it wasn't for a Championship. I couldn't root for them in a national Championship situation. 

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I did too. Funny how things change though. Ever since then I find myself always rooting against them. When they played for the basketball championship I couldn't even watch because the thought of them winning sickened me.

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I rooted for them too that game. They had already lost to Appalachian State and Ohio State, so I don't think things had to be much worse for the season to be considered a failure.

Also I really, really, really hated Florida.

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I'd watch MSU or Nebraska and might even cheer for them. Wouldn't break my heart if they lost though. Scum and Ped State though can crash an airplane in the Andes for all I care.

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I think you hurt somebody's feewings, DannyBeane. Now say your sorry.



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Nope Scum and State Pen can go suck toes for all I care.

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Probably Dantonio's squad over others.  Except Indiana.   That probability of Indiana going that far would drive me to root for them.  Their color scheme is close enough too.  Plus, it would be interesting seeing the bifurcation of the entire state with half clinging to basketball whilst the other half turns to the pigskin.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

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I root for IU in every game except against Ohio State.  Otherwise,  I'd probably pull for any B1G team except Michigan over an SEC team because I'm sick of  all the bootlickery from ESPN and others.

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I'd hope for anyone but Michigan to win. But I wouldn't puff up my chest if they did (well, maybe a little if we had happened to beat them that year).

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I'm going to be too focused on Ohio State advancing to care either way.

I'm going to be...

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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It's highly situational. If we suffered a painful loss against that team en route to the championship, I wish them nothing but the worst. But if they were going to beat Bama or LSU or something... idk, it becomes murkier. 

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I'd root for any B1G team to do well, but most importantly, I'd root for any B1G team to NOT get blown out. The perception of the conference needs to change.

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I hate conference pride. That said, this is a different era and perception is everything. I would cheer for any B1G team because its better for my team. 

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I have respect for MSU and that's about it.  I would never root for scUM or State Penn.  

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I would also have a hard time rooting for Wisconsin although not as hate-able without bert

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There is no way I could root for PSU (due to disgusting fan base) or scUM.  I would like to think I could root for Wisconsin, since Bert isn't there, and MSU, but I doubt it.

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We all have way different perspectives.  I grew up in Reno then went to college in Utah.  Got to medical school at tOSU in 2001 promising myself I wouldn't fall in love with Buckeye football.  Now my list of love goes like this.

1. 4 month old daughter 2. Buckeyes 3. everything else.

I read this site everyday.  I count down to football games.  My weekend is ruined when we lose.  I live on the ASU compus and get harrased at the sports bars wearing my scarlet and gray.  I travel to 2 games a year. The only true arguments I ever really get in is when people dog anything about our team.  I love tOSU football team as much as anyone I have ever met.

But, I root for everyone in the big 10 every game except for 1 each year (when the play us).  I haven't seen a whole lot of the heartbreak (except for last year).  All I know is us crushing Michigan every year.  I don't hate them.   Id love for 4 teams in the conference to be in the top 10.  I'm tired of ESPN calling us overrated and licking the balls of the SEC.  Id rather we were all good and gain the credibility we once had.


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How exactly does on root for another team? Not sure what constitutes that. 

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Sure I would root for a B1G team as long as it's not TTUN or PSU.

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No way I would root for TTUN in a playoff.  Most of the other teams I would probably pull for just because I get tired of the SEC crap since I live down here in Florida.  All I want is an OSU National Championship so bad!!!

Go Bucks!!

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This year I couldn't if it were Sparty either, cause that would likely mean they beat us again and I could only root for them (like last year's Rose Bowl) if I felt it were an anomaly. In 2014 any team outside of that state up north I could root for because we've owned them all in recent history. I don't think I could ever root for the blutards. Ever.

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I would certainly cheer for any B1G team to beat an SEC team.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture long as they're not TTUN!  HAHAHA

Class of 2010.

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The SEC chest puffing and national media trash talking over the 8 years, has forced me to start rooting for other B1G teams.  I just want them to shut up.