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Who will be the starting quarterback in 2015?



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Cardale had a bad game, but I still start him over J.T. Once J.T gains more experience I think he may take the job over due to Cardale consistency. 

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I, as well as most people, agree that Cardale is the better quarterback, but most people, including myself, also believe that JT will gain valuable experience in the next year and emerge as the starter.

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Nothing against Cardale, as he's taken his game (and his approach to it) up a few notches, I just think Barrett has the higher ceiling and eventually progresses past CJ.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Just remember, JT has to focus on school, too. Cardale didn't come here to play no school.

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I don't care if the 2015 starter is Cardale, J.T., or Stephen Collier. They all bring different weapons to the table. Any one of the three could end up being the most prolific passer by 2015, which is what the coaches are looking for. Its all about who has the best understanding of the offense, takes command of the huddle, shows poise in the pocket, as well as making all the throws. Ohio State recruits the best dual threat QBs in the country to man the position, so being able to scramble or go ham on a defense on designed runs is a given for all three players. Its the other facets of the quarterback position that need to be honed and polished in order for a true starter to emerge.

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