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Do you believe Braxton Miller's claim he runs a 4.36 40-yard dash?



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Without pads? Sure.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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exactly what I was thinking

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No. He is fast, but not nearly as fast as Roby who runs in that range. Roby has speed you can see, Braxton doesn't.

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Of course I do, I saw it on the internet.  Duh!

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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If it were on tv, it would be a lie???

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Nobody lies on TV, nobody...

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Urban made him say that.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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We'll find out at the '15 combine.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  I'm sure he's much faster without pads and a healthy knee.

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He reminds me of Pryor.  It's that sneaky type of fast because they both run so smoothly that it fools you.  It looks like there is no effort and they are just gliding along.  Next thing you know, 6 points.

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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His running reminds me nothing of Pryor, personally. Braxton doesn't glide like Pryor did, in my opinion.

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Pryor was more of a sprinter as well. Pryor as fast as all hell, but he uses it more for escaping pressure than anything. He has speed and his primary method of shedding defenders is the stiff arm. Miller is more of a running quarterback who uses his shiftiness to avoid defenders. He uses juke moves and spin moves, which Pryor would almost never do. Pryor is fast more than quick. Miller is quick more than fast. 
Having said that, you really can't go wrong with either.

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I wish that he has Dan Marino accuracy passing the darn ball.


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I've heard the WHAC is a fast track.

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I think his acceleration is top notch, so yes I do think he is telling truth. How many times did we see that stutter step of his? That is because he can get to his top gear very qucikly (quicker than most people). We will see at the combine.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Braxton is like Emmit booth speed.  He can stutter/change gears/juke/accelerate with the best of them...but not sure his top end straight line speed is on part with the Roby's of the world.
Guy can move no doubt, but I see him as a combination of size and quicks versus world class Teddy Ginn straight line stride speed.

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"Braxton is like Emmit booth speed" Good points, Chief. I can see that. SO what would you put him at? Like a 4.45ish?

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I believe that without pads he runs an Urban-Meyer-timed 4.36. This will be a 4.5ish at the NFL combine.

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I believe he has run a 4.36, on OSU's track, once.
That doesn't mean he can do it on demand at the combine.
He doesn't have the highest top end, but his acceleration is world class.

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That's like saying you expect Usain Bolt to run his world record 100m time every time out. If he's done it once, then he can do it.

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I'm a sprinter and know a few guys that run 4.5s. Its a lot more impressive in person, but I suppose 4.36 is possible,

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Sprinters generally don't have top flight 40 yd dash times. A sprinter is still getting to their top speed well beyond 40 yds (36.5m), they generally reach their top gear at 50-60m.
That is why there was actual debate when Denard Robinson said he could take Usain Bolt in a 40yd dash.
The 40 is about rapid acceleration and getting to your top gear as quickly as possible a la Bo Jackson.


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I think he was timed at a 4.36, but when they posted players times last year they were all really low.  I think it's the way they are timing it that makes it different and an NFL combine.

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Who cares as long as he just runs. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I don't think he runs an auto 4.36; maybe hand timed.  Honestly watching his foot form (how his feet contact the ground) I'm really shocked at how he can be so fast.  I think a 4.45 auto would be in the ball park, which is still amazing for a QB.  

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When you look at a lot of his longer runs, he seems to just glide away from people for the first 30-40 yards.  Yes, he has been caught from behind a few times, though usually those are more indicative of a guy having the angle on him.  And, generally, it is because he has slowed down after burning those first 30-40.
I'd tend to say I believe he has run a 4.36 before, but will probably run more in the low 4.4 range at the combine.  I think he has tremendous burst and acceleration.

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Sure, why not.
Two B1G MVP awards and counting.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I'm saying no. We need a thread to predict his combine 40 times next year. I'm going with 4.46

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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That is what I just posted below! I voted yes only because I will take his word for it. And I also don't think it matters to awfully much for a QB (a 4.36 to 4.46 range..still balzing fast). I would rather it be "Can Braxton throw a football 50 yards into a tire" type thread.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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What does this question really mean?  We tend to calibrate all of our 40 times to what is run at the combine, but those conditions aren't necessarily ideal.  Run the 40 in track spikes on a hard track and you'll run faster than at the combine on that turf, especially if it is outside with a legal tailwind.  Look at the 100m dash times for the top sprinters.  They run 3-4 tenths slower or faster depending on the conditions and their training at the time.  
Are there conditions where Braxton could run a 4.36 40?  Probably.

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I'm sure everyone here would have answered the same way he did if they were in his position. He gave his best 40 time at OSU which was most likely on a track. Idk if it was hand or laser timed but I bet he'd probably run pretty close given healthy and the same conditions before. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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who cares what is actual 40 time is? we need to be more concerned with braxton calling his own number before the snap when the play call is to read his keys.  how many times have we watched a run play get stuffed for a few yards where if he would have just given/kept, 20+ yards easy?
i also would love to see more development on braxton's touch.  we know he can sling it long & we know he's got the fastball... but i want to see this kid "throw the curve" for strikes.  the throw where you have to deftly drop it over the LB's and in front of the safeties... the pump fake to get DL's in the air, then dump off the easy screen pass.
braxton has the physical tools, but he isn't there mentally yet.

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I agree some touch on the ball and we beat Clemson 

Wherever you are, there you be!

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I'm too much of a fanboy to vote NO.  If he doesn't run that, I would guess pretty close.

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He is extremely fast..  But I believe it is his elusiveness both in the open field and when going through the hole that makes him such a unique runner.  However, I am more concerned with winning it all! idc if our qb runs a 3.9 or a 5 flat. 

pat cozzens

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These are Uban Meyer 40's we're talking about here; I think this board also had Stoneburner running a 4.45 haha. That was a good one.
I think Roby is a legitimate low 4.3 guy but I'll guess Braxton's 40 is around the 4.47 - 4.51 range at the combine officially. He's definitely not a burner; it's his acceleration and lateral agility that makes him such a deadly runner. His straight-line speed is good as well, but not 4.3 good or anything.
I'll say:
Roby - 4.33, Miller - 4.48, Grant - who knows, Smith - 4.39, Shazier - 4.48

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Wow, Shazier has more speed than I thought.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Posting these photos is awesome. Never seen them before.
I don't know why some people are so convinced they can't run these times. Can they do it every single time out? No. Like I posted earlier, people don't expect Usain Bolt to run a World Record sprint every time he runs 100m. Maybe the 40 times you're guessing at are what they would run more frequently but if they've ran those times once, they're legitimately what they can run.

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Chris Rainey = 4.24 = 4.36 (official combine electronic time)
Louis Murphy = 4.25 = 4.32
Percy Harvin = 4.28 = 4.39
Joe Haden = 4.33 = 4.52
Jake Stoneburner = 4.45 = 4.62
So basically everything on those boards are all hand-timed and about .8 - .12 of a second too fast, but not too exaggerated. If you're in the top 5... you're fast. I'm surprised if Miller really does legitimately run around 4.42. Some guys time out faster than they look on the field, and the opposite also applies of course.
Like someone said, we should do a "guess the 40 time" thing before the combine. I've gotten pretty good at it from years of being really into the whole draft process and watching a lot of prospects, ha.

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Braxton is going to be a mid 4's or 4.5.  

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I bet his 40 time is around a 4.45-4.5 

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No way he runs a 4.3 he doesn't have breakaway speed and is always caught from behind. That doesn't mean he is slow or a bad runner but 4.3 speed is blazing fast.

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I dont think you guys realize how fast a 4.3 is. I luv Braxton but no way in hell he runs a 4.3! A 4.3 is BLAZING speed!! Ted Ginn ran a 4.3 and Brax is no where close to him. Seriously lets be real...

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Who really cares how fast he is, as long as he is faster, more wiley and elusive than the guy who is currently chasing him.

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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What is a flying 20?

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obviously from a few years ago as it features Beanie Wells as a Buckeye but here you go

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Good stuff, Gonzo. I like how they break it down at end of video.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Good find, Gonzo.  Thanks.

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Im sure his numbers are inflated as they always are with in house football numbers like height and weight. I'm also sure that I'm sick of all the anti Braxton crap on this board. Would the haters rather have a rookie QB, our maybe Bauserbomb than the Heisman candidate they have in Brax. Maybe just maybe if OSU had fielded a competent defense last year, Brax would not have had to score more than 30pts to win ANY game.

Talk about spoiled fans. SMH



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If it's in Rolling Stone, it has to be true
it was in Rolling stone, right?
what year is this?

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No, but I don't think he's exaggerating by much. 

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